• Yanhuang Culture Research (eighth Series)

    "Yanhuang Culture Research (eighth Series)" to "Eighth" series of Yanhuang Culture research. "Yanhuang Culture Research" is the China Yanhuang Culture Research will be a comprehensive academic culture series founded. To practice and reflect their purpose, and can reflect the research and cultural research in the field of academic research achievements, in the column,

  • Study on mass culture and culture

    This is a study of contemporary popular culture new best-selling book. This book easy to understand way to introduce a method to study the theory and contemporary culture, through the discussion of some important genre, to show the development process of cultural studies. Case analysis combined with the book, each chapter focuses on a type of media, and the,

  • Study on cultural and creative industry in Shandong Province

    Cultural and creative industry and culture industry can be used in some extent, but still has the distinction, a detailed analysis of the "study" of Shandong culture creative industry. But I think, emphasize creativity should be is the two largest of the same. What is creativity? Creativity is innovation, creation, is a good idea, good idea, is,

  • Yanhuang Culture Research (Sixth Series)

    "Study" the text China sponsored by the Ministry of education of Humanities and social science key research base of East China Normal University -- China writing research and Application Center, is one of the "Academic Journal of high academic value CSSCI of the source database" included, two a year. The main features include: the study on ancient Chinese characters, the Chinese characters,

  • In the Cultural Studies

    In the cultural studies, ISBN:9787811083378, author of the Lishui University: the culture of Zhejiang Province, the cultural committee,

  • Qiuci culture research 4

    The books of Zhang Guoling, edited by Mr. Pei Xiaoceng is a master of Qiuci culture exhibition in twentieth Century, the 16 in four volumes published, with 400 more than word. "Qiuci Cultural Studies (4)" is one of the books, including "Qiuci music and dance" and "Qiuci cultural relics" of the two most. The book,

  • Research and comment on Chinese traditional culture (Second Series)

    "Research and comment on Chinese traditional culture (Second Series)" the main contents include: the Bayu culture, into the Chongqing toward the end, Bayu culture of Bayu suite, and cultural integration, the regional culture of Bayu culture in China status, on the Ba Culture in the Chinese culture history status and role. ,

  • Study of Yangming culture of northeastern Guizhou

    "Research" northeastern Guizhou Wang Yangming culture is a part of Guizhou regional culture, but also have a certain depth monographs. It reflects the culture, the research of Guizhou province who have not met in the province carried out within the overall study on culture, their attention has been on a smaller range, area, a province to distinguish,

  • From opposition to blend

    "From opposition to mix: a study of" Chinese identity in Australian literature contemporary interpretation of these works from the post colonial cultural identity perspective, to explore through transposition and dislocation of the Chinese to Chinese and Western culture conflict and syncretism, challenges and subverts hegemonic discourse, construction of hybrid cultural identity, found in Australian society,

  • And Confucius dialogue

    The Confucian culture and modern life, "and Confucius dialogue: the main contents of Confucian culture and modern life": Confucius and Confucianism is the most important part of traditional culture, is also "the most basic Ancient Chinese Literature Search" content. Confucian thought and culture is what the significance and influence of modern life. "And Confucius dialogue: Confucian culture and modern life" is a response to this question,

  • Culture notes

    "Cultural reading notes" the main contents include: Aristotle: a historical description of what has happened, the poem but the description might happen, Horace: all creation will be a "reasonable, Luo Dan: art is the highest, the most outstanding mission, Ai Silin: drama is a real human behavior is the most specific art imitating,,

  • Qiuci culture research

    The books of Zhang Guoling, edited by Mr. Pei Xiaoceng is a master of Qiuci culture exhibition in twentieth Century, the 16 in four volumes published, with 400 more than word. "Qiuci Cultural Studies (2)" is one of the books, including "the two part Qiuci Buddhism culture" and "Qiuci Grottoes art". The book will be scattered,

  • The culture of Chinese poetry theory

    "Culture" as the Chinese poetry Chinese poetry science text series one, is another Chinese poetry's works on poetics, after author "Chinese Prosody". The book is proposed from the view of cognition science of culture and study of China's ancient Chinese poetry, and discusses the effects China traditional culture on ancient Chinese poetry. The book is divided,

  • Monitoring and research and the culture of Wuyishan - Wuyishan the world cultural heritage, Zhu Science (Third Series)

    Zhu Science and culture of Wuyishan, "Zhu Science and culture of Wuyishan" is divided into three chapters, including: Zhu Zili study in the origin and development of Wuyishan, the thought of change, from Wuyishan construction science, science system complete, Zhu Science Department, and Wuyishan Confucianism Zhu Science influence of the Wuyishan poetry, Zhu Xi in Wuyishan's history,

  • Cantonese and cultural research bibliography

    This "Cantonese and cultural research bibliography", can be called a turn out fine after success. The Cantonese researchers, as well as the study of all Chinese dialects are concerned, book is a welcome thing. As everyone knows, in various Chinese dialects, Cantonese is considered to be at home and abroad use rate,

  • Bronze inscriptions of clan

    "Bronze inscription of" clan is the system reorganization and the research history of the clan. Bronze inscription of "clan" first define the scope of the study concept of clan inscriptions and bronze inscriptions of "clan", the research history and status quo on this issue made a summary. Then analyzes the family,

  • Transcend

    "Beyond: Burma Tagaung Taung nickel project in rotary kiln documentary" vision lead Tagaung Taung nickel project in Burma is one of China's "eleven five" period of overseas investment in the development of five key projects, manufacturing task as the core equipment of large rotary kiln is borne by Shen Ye Machinery Co., ltd.. "Beyond: Burma Tagaung Taung nickel project in rotation,

  • The Vampire

    "Vampire" there is such a legend of terror, in Eastern Europe remote distant Transylvania is located in a medieval castle, it is the owner of dracula. When night fell, the count will reveal their true colors -- he is a vampire, rely on to learn other people's blood to maintain his immortal life,

  • The construction of harmonious culture and research

    "The construction of a harmonious culture and research" to carry out the important thought of "Three Represents" requirement, especially in light of the new situation Scientific Outlook on Development, according to the actual school, discusses the "people-oriented, scientific management, outstanding characteristics, this theme to promote development". He advocated "with a high degree of cultural awareness, strengthen high,

  • Central Asia and Northern and western traffic before ninth Century

    This book in ninth Century before the central North to the scope of time and space, this theme focuses on cultural interaction, exchange and communication, involves things culture of this area in ancient times the exchange; Sai, the early nomads for human communication of different cultures and the Silk Road opened up the contribution silk,

  • A ghost

    "Ghost" is divided into four parts: one is the research on the basic theory of ghosts; two is to study the theory of the ghost; three is the comparison between the Han and minority ghost culture, and Chinese and Japanese ghost culture comparative study; four is the story of. To build the basic framework of the theory Chinese ghost, so that readers can understand that a ghost,

  • Semiotic Interpretation of youth culture

    "Semiotic Interpretation of youth culture" the youth culture as a kind of symbol system, regarded as the "symbolic significance of floating system", from the perspective of cultural or youth culture form level, and through the cultural signifier structure analysis to explore its meaning or the plane structure elements and combination rule. The author thinks,,

  • Zhou Qin Han and Tang Culture Research - seventh.

    "Zhou Qinhan Tang Wenhua Research (seventh Series)", the content of the book is divided into: To investigate, review series, series three series catalog. ,

  • Cultural wonders of Revelation

    "Cultural wonders of revelation" select some cultural wonders, strange, strange stories and phenomena, involving literature, history, customs, entertainment, love and so on, fascinating, interesting. She is so long, and is so beautiful; she is so diverse, and is so common; she is so great,,

  • Chinese genealogy

    "Introduction China Genealogy" content: Genealogy, is a special book form a spectral form of a table to record a kinship family lineage as the main breeding and important deeds. It originated in ancient times, perfect in the feudal era. In the recent four thousand years, were shown in different forms in different times, playing not,

  • Chinese culture industry review (volume ninth)

    "China culture industry review (Ninth volumes)" specifically included: "cultural industry and Chinese modernity", "Chinese subsidiary copyright trade industrial chain construction", "mass culture brand creation and inheritance strategy", "public finance and national cultural heritage protection and development", "create a the government's good,

  • Cross cultural communication

    "Cross cultural communication: the" Chinese hot under the background of "Chinese discipline reform and exploration of" selected papers around the Chinese system and the professional development of new ideas to explore. The basic idea is: Chinese system is not only the Chinese culture, literature, language teaching and research base, should also be spreading Chinese civilization (including chinese,

  • Thought and culture (seventh Series)

    "Thought and culture (seventh Series)" is "thought and culture" of the seventh series, written by East China Normal University Chinese modern ideological and cultural study, the book is divided into Philosophy Forum; ethics, politics and culture; knowledge and tacit knowledge; between the East and the West; modern literature review; Confucianism and Neo Confucianism; history and Si; classical today,

  • "Daily life" and Chinese mass culture

    "Daily life" category origin; theory of Western popular culture in the "daily life"; research Chinese mass culture of "daily life"; the secular meaning of life -- the "daily life" in popular culture in the form of. How to select the main clue, still need to various problems of theory to find. Needle,

  • The memory of history and culture

    Studies on the teaching of history and culture, Hubei University, "the memory of history and culture: Studies on the teaching of history and culture of Hubei University set (set third)" is the third set of "memory of historical culture -- Studies on the teaching of history and culture of Hubei University set", included in the book "on the public spirit and the building of a harmonious society", "Henry VIII marriage with an English school,

  • Colorful

    Chu culture and Greek culture in Rome, "colorful: Chu culture and Greek culture of Rome" is "one of the Chu Culture Knowledge Series", is to popularize the knowledge of Chu culture of the popular books. "Colorful: Chu culture and Greek culture of Rome" includes: the Chu culture and the Greek culture of Rome formation found; Chu culture and Greek culture of Rome, the people of Chu,

  • Text / audience / experience

    Text / audience / experience -- John Lu Daofu research, media culture Fisk, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications press ltd.,

  • Originality

    Wu Xuan editor of the "Original: Modern Oriental culture creation album" included 19 international and domestic literature theory expert about modern oriental culture to create a research paper. Universal value and necessary value; what is the real theory; creative transformation of Confucianism; the three historical innovation idea,

  • The memorial culture Masters

    "Memory culture masters" include: the spirit of Lu Xun is the confrontation, and power class Lu Xun and rickshaw pullers, how is Lu Xun going to be careless about one's dress, speech, Lu Xun Lu Xunqin to do the little things, Lu Xun and his mother, Lu Xun's nickname, the mistake that changed, Lu Xun Lu Xun, Lu Xun finally not actual Xie wrote what, Lu Xun,,

  • Yangzhou Cultural Studies (Third Series)

    "Yangzhou Cultural Studies (Third Series)" the main contents include: the Yangzhou School of Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty "Yangzhou school" news, choose Copy from Huang Memorial Liu Shipei talked about, Gong Zizheng's theory of Qianjia school -- from "the chronicle of Ruan Shangshu the first order", "talk of GuangYaShuZheng" in the collation of Ruan Yuan, written in two volumes "country,

  • Wu Wenhua and the culture of innovation

    Wu Wenhua and the culture of innovation, ISBN:9787807294979, author: Wang Liren,

  • Oriental Studies

    The east of Southeast Asian Studies: 2007 album, ISBN:9787801808721, author: Zhang Yuan,

  • Why the feast

    Characteristics of Chinese traditional festivals: compared with the western festivals, Chinese traditional festival has two characteristics: one is originated from the Chinese farming life; two is it itself is the great Chinese culture specific "show". That is to say, the process Chinese festival itself is "human culture". Don't understand this two,

  • Chinese characters cultural circle of modern language and culture studies

    "Chinese characters:" cultural circle of communication in modern language and culture is undertaken by Professor Li Yunbo from the National Social Science Fund Project "Sino Japanese vocabulary communication history" as part of the research results. In 2009 March, held at Tianjin Foreign Studies University entitled "Chinese characters cultural circle of modern language and culture research" international school,

  • Jiangnan Cultural Studies (first series)

    Jiangnan Cultural Studies (first series), ISBN:9787507727661, author: Mei Xinlin, Wang Jialiang,

  • Cultural geography Chinese

    "Cultural geography" China is a system of cultural geography Chinese monograph. It not only discusses the process and law of Chinese cultural formation, in the west coast of the Pacific Ocean this special geographical environment and cultural center, research angle from the combination of the humanities and natural science, explains China cultural history,

  • As a cultural criticism theory

    "As a critical cultural studies" theory consists of ten sections. The content includes what is cultural studies as a serious industry; popular culture; Marx's culture theory; aesthetic politics of Frankfurt School of school culture; Birmingham; demand, value and cultural criticism. ,

  • To explore the real and virtual social interpersonal relationship culture

    "Inquiry" reality and virtual social interpersonal relationship culture to culture as the main line, from the social reality and the virtual society from two perspectives on interpersonal relationship in contemporary Chinese are analyzed and discussed. "Inquiry" reality and virtual social interpersonal relationship culture mainly involves two problems: one is the typical representative of traditional culture -- confucianism,

  • Study Chinese symbol (Third Series)

    "Studies Chinese symbol (Third Series)" the main contents include: Report on the 10th World Congress of Semiotics, Staff Correspondent, In the Searc,

  • Non material Cultural Heritage Research Journal (Third Series)

    "Journal of intangible cultural heritage (Third Series)" as the research of intangible cultural heritage (third series). The book is divided into strategy report, field survey and case studies of three parts, mainly discusses the research meaning of traditional Chinese holidays and Countermeasures of how to promote the contemporary cultural context; the music remains; zhejiang,

  • Longjing green tea test

    Longjing green tea test,

  • A comparative study of Wu Yue culture and Zhongzhou culture

    "Comparative study" Wu Yue culture and Zhongzhou culture by Wu Yue and Zhongzhou two regional typical regional culture, by two, to a certain extent, shows the regional cultural features of Chinese blew, reflect the China cultural center from the Yellow River basin to the Yangtze River Basin transfer trend, revealing the plural Chinese culture a,

  • Destiny, rites and order deduction

    On the China cultural history, "interpretation of destiny, rites and order: on the" China cultural history while also seize the key representative cultural elements analysis, but its diachronic divergent description and analysis is a significant characteristic, pay attention to the origin, dialectical logical unfolding is the book page. Research methods China culture, a,

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