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Date of publication:2008-11   Press: Zhang Jie, Yunnan people's Publishing House (2008-11)   Author:Zhang Jie   Pages:550  

Six years ago I published "ambiguous history -- Chinese ancient gay history" a book, then continue to do the related research, the content can be divided into three. First, the "process" conducted a comprehensive revision, but able to hit it, one from the Chu network reporter will borrow and then send out "manuscript". Half blood once had to pay water, mood depressed not to say. Second, writing more than 20 monographs, published as "Qi", "China Jinlan of ancient people of both sexes" etc.. Third, into a "gay writer -- historical China ancient gay set", the book of one thousand more than 200 300 million words, and illustrations of such picture. By courtesy of the Yunnan people's publishing house servant, can now will "history", the paper and images together.

Bisexuality is that men and women are heterosexual, gay of ancient basically are the performance for this form. Investigate its reason, the modern society is a patriarchal society, men married is a prerequisite for him to stand in the world, the marriage must be. At the same time, the ancient society has two outstanding characteristics, a hierarchical identity system, high and low, distinct. The two is that the male patriarchy, men and women of different potential, husband and wife. As a result, on the one hand, the level can be relatively easily from the grade for boys, on the other hand, the husband's wives is weak against them. In this way, the practice of bisexual in ancient Chinese also had the existence environment, is in a flourishing state. Can see before and after the two dynasties: in the Western Han Dynasty, from the emperor to the emperor Ping, eleven emperors in seven clearly like man, three slightly, the last one was not long adult. Gay or bisexual ratio is so high, one can imagine the situation of society. In the Qing Dynasty, Beijing implemented more stringent ban prostitution policy, all male actor is in some sense as a prostitute. All clients group consists of all kinds of people, such as the official, the merchant, dandyism. In particular, the Beijing lifts on their extra favor, when imperial examinations held in spring of the year, Han Jia Tan area hawk song like reproducing Ming Qinhuai Yan Jing.
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Overview of the history of ancient Chinese: homosexuality is: the pre Qin period inheritance: the Qin and Han Dynasties resounded in the period of the Three Kingdoms: the northern and Southern Dynasties and the Five Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties: extravagant: the Ming Dynasty Qing Dynasty show: the subject on the ancient China gay most China ancient ten handsome China ancient gay ten handsome: under the background of pre Qin Qu Yuan and Chu Wang Xianqin three allusions bamboo three Magi waste three Prince pirate Zheng Zhilong Bi Yuan Zhu staffs sweetie and Xiang Lian Jiang pan of stupid kalavinka poetry and his emotional trajectory in the late Qing Dynasty scholar Li Ciming spirit in ancient city of homosexuality from the perspective of sociolinguistics gay erotic fictions in Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient noun in vocabulary and gay ducks the rabbit, chicken's quiz quiz metamorphosis in the poetry of Tang Dynasty homosexual allusion Ming Dynasty Novels in the Qing Dynasty Novels in the gay gay erotic fictions in Ming and Qing Dynasties in the bisexual "gays" Chongzhen the recurrence after repair and print "a dream of Red Mansions" and its related works in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in gay bishop Alex Hua Tian on homosexuality cultural differences and China homosexual offense in Qing Dynasty legal provisions and in the Enlightenment: Christian Soldiers: Actor: male pornographic Fairy Spirit magic men and women ask women related legislation and installed lesbian Jinlan contract research in the boat song LAN Qi appendix a name directory appendix two appendix three illustrations book catalogue in the world of fantasy gay and easy cosmetology appendix four life value recognition and AIDS prevention and control
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Illustration: overview of the history of ancient Chinese: two, mainly discusses the characteristic Chinese gay of ancient gay characteristics, first of all need to answer the homosexuality in ancient social life is in what kind of situation, i.e., it is a problem how to be treated. The author thinks, China ancient homosexuality generally hold tend to neutral opposed attitude, and this attitude has strong stability. The opposition is mainly reflected in the following aspects. (a) in the political life of the opposition. This can be divided into stages described. In the pre Qin period, there are class a pet, they are the life entertainment company, has close relationship with the private. "Zuo Zhuan" Ding ten years remember song Jing, his favorite pet has been insulted since the king's reaction to, unexpectedly is mournful cry "behind closed doors, as swollen eye". Although the pet is not specifically refer to homosexuals, but from its often and in terms of pet and said, it should be said that there is a certain degree of gay colours. The theory of pet is aimed at the gay men, as to a charm, MI Zixia etc.. These people to devote the body and is often the given to be honored with high official titles, as Sima Qian pointed out: "not only to color Mei, but officials have also, in honor of those who carry on color." ("Shihchi sycophant biography". "The past" refers to the Han Dynasty before) due to confusion and great harm the pet to national political life, fierce condemnation therefore will inevitably be a scholar bureaucrats class. At the time of this speech is more, such as "Zuo Zhuan" Min two years: "inside and outside the pet, pet two political chaos, this also"; "a": "Jin Mandarin, the good doctor, almost; well within their country risk, almost," etc.. According to records: "Yan Jian Gong many favorite pet, to go to the doctor and the spoil people. Winter, Yan doctor than to kill a public outside. Public fear, Ben qi. Book: 'northern Yan Bo, run away together.' The crime of." ("Zuo Zhuan" Gong three years) this event is illustrative of the conflict between the Qing Shi and pet. The Western Han Dynasty still maintained the characteristics of the pre Qin period, then to spoil the sycophant phase step before. They "don't you, too, the result is often the term" left "can not end" ("history, Vol. ninety-three, sycophant commentaries on a biography"). Famous examples such as the Han emperor after the death of Deng Tong, his minions from the first national "did not name a money, send the dead people" ("Shihchi catamite biography"). The emperor after the death of Dong Xianye, his minions and in fear of death Dutch act. During the period of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the northern and Southern Dynasties, against the situation continues to exist, but related records have incomplete fuzzy. Northern and Southern Dynasties, the emperors convergence in Gay's activities, and make trouble for 断袖之宠 politically treacherous court officials who have become rare.
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"InterestTaste: textual research China ancient gay test "is a serious social and cultural history, academic monographs, has high academic and historical. The book through the historical study, the homosexuality phenomenon of different dynasties, regional, class, the crowd, the overall show. At the same time, through compared the western mainstream society's attitude to homosexual.
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