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Date of publication:2003-08   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Wang Zijin   Pages:523  

A textual research, we think of Qianlong and Jiaqing period primary school; the thought of primary school, we have a headache. Differentiation of symptoms and signs that every single word or phrase, and judgments of the textual research, trivial information, method of stupid cow type, see small and forget the big disadvantages...... Not only ordinary people, a lot of scholars, I really have to hate, only lazy in the above time, naturally or half unconsciously to bypass it in academic research, even in a bad mood also write some small batch to export gas. But with the spirit of textual criticism methods did not die. On the one hand, criticism, after all, left us with a lot of achievements; on the other hand, seek truth from facts "“ ” “ &rdquo is not 守墨; and the spirit of the method for academic research, after all, there are a lot of useful things. A textual criticism of the results, a difficult to do. As we all know, the rise of textual criticism, originally not for textual research and criticism, but rather to accurate reading, and to correct understanding. Bible reading and for self-cultivation, family, country and world. But the final results obtained are not limited to the textual research, firstly, textual object expand, relates to the Chinese old aspects, therefore its achievements not only in the hand, also in history and son, set, and with the political from the initial desire to become a purely academic activities. Secondly, through the textual research, carding a lot appear wrong documents, to identify a lot of people and future generations circulate erroneous reports. Can say, Sheng Qian Jia textual research is a system Chinese traditional culture of cleaning and recovery. Although the “ five four ” the criticism on the old culture has shaken the foundation of textual criticism fundamentally, the textual criticism by the past school gradually marginalized, but some scholars still use since the history of literature, culture relics found in the newly unearthed cultural relics and the minority, were very fruitful research on traditional culture, has achieved many new achievements. These results, we have the organization published "Twentieth Century China textual research paper on" one book, give some summary. But this "interest" in the textual research, can be said to be a foundation, another way to these results summary. The so-called &rdquo “ another way; refers to writing for scholars to see, and this book is for readers to do. Therefore, our design idea is: the article try not cumbersome and tedious, research content as close as possible to the life, language use as vivid and not pedantic, and strive to make book knowledge, interesting. For the above principles, we associate it with life to pay special attention to the selected articles research object, through these articles, let people find out about basic necessities of life such as hidden behind common sense culture. Through the understanding of the culture, to improve our feelings on life, found in the life of fun. Can say, seriousness, we use object close to the life of the resolution to the textual criticism at the same time, with serious connotation and academic criticism to replenish life. The editor in the compilation follows the basic principle of our. In addition to individual articles still have a lengthy and too academic fraud, most of the articles are highlighted interesting “ ” two words. Just to name a few article name, features visible our purpose and Book: “ &rdquo, “ the origin of chopsticks; another quiz, ” “ &rdquo, “ dress; an invention, ” “ China's ancient name — — in &rdquo, &ldquo spine Jue; play women; · and · &rdquo, dear; author; “ ancient China buffet, ” “ drug toxicity of a ” … … it can be seen, we find a connection point between the two, through this association, the reader can take it as Xianshu, in order to chat and hypnosis; can also be used for academic, to help the living culture research. In the end, this book is to give readers a what kind of mood? Not give you a headache, but you can not bear the light of life to give you some you like heavy.
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The problem of peanut tofu origin and incoming time Chinese in Qin and Han Dynasty kitchen facilities and cooking activities in ancient Chinese buffet chopsticks origin tobacco into wine and vinegar, Sui and Tang Dynasties China origin of wine in Shang and Zhou dynasties, the five generation of men. Women's costume in the Nvbannanzhuang cap “ ” quiz "a dream of Red Mansions" clothing. Chinese ancient detergent foot binding of women with a history of ancient Chinese eyebrow Wei Jin era of “ Xiao ” the main and hair claw is thought to have the same ancient China business card - Prince in thorn said poison and voodoo “ Meng Han Medicine ” puzzle “ drug ” further to bu. Homology of medicine and poison a five stone the invention of an abacus Zhulong and Aurora Borealis cold and changed Fire Dragon Boat Festival races on the torch festival of the Han Dynasty had admitted bucket beast and beast … …
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