Hong Menzhi

Date of publication:2010年1月   Press: Jiangxi Education Publishing House   Author:Zhu Lin   Pages:258  
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"The Hongmen Chi": complete return China first gang. Reduction of rivers and lakes the truth, to reproduce the freemason grand occasion. The door opens to the sea, three river million years flow. Seismic high hill, a mountain 千古秀. After the first oath since entering the Hongmen, parents, my parents, my brothers and sisters that my brothers and sisters, my wife my sister-in-law, nephew, I, as the oath, five ray backlash destroy. The second oath if parents and siblings, a hundred years to the life, no money to bury a white silk, fly to, in order to help, immediately copy. Money money, no money to output, as many do not know, five ray backlash destroy. The third oath overseas Hong Jia brothers, regardless of scholar, farmer, artisan and merchant, and all the guest arrival, have meal, as many do not know, to strangers, died in under million dollars. Fourth sworn brothers Hong home, although not met, when hung about grades, speculation, and do not recognize, died in under million dollars. The fifth oath Hong family, his brother, and six: four dependents, any private biography, there will be a shirt waist with the bottom, private education and private grant money, greed, died in under million dollars. Sixth sworn brothers do not flood, private eye, take their own people. The old enmity Lodge hate, when summoned all the brothers, to judge right and wrong, will not grudge. In the event of a misunderstanding to arrest, should immediately go, if violated, five ray backlash destroy. Seventh sworn brothers difficult case, the necessary help, silver pin money, regardless of how many, the force. If there is no cares, five ray backlash destroy. The eighth oath as there are fabricated brother incestuous, against the master, to assassinate the murderer, died in under million dollars. The ninth brothers sisters as rape women swear, five ray backlash destroy. The tenth oath as have embezzled money. Brother, or support not of pay, died in under million dollars. The eleventh oath as brothers and sustenance of his wife and children, or important events, don't try to, five ray backlash destroy.
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, and then the implementation of. Article fifth: making friends is also optional. The new member, shall be introduced by the old member two people, the board of directors may find its bright, has the loyalty, patriotism as their parents' heart, willing to publicly state, bearing the willing to initiate, wholeheartedly and faithfully, Anobu Yatada, a total of pull China crisis; dear filling roster, and that payment will bottom silver five yuan by the Association issued a receipt, receipt, whereof, is for members. If all of the members, by temporarily send receipt, we will pay daily bottom silver always, to permit, then exchange. Article sixth: branch of Yi Guang also. Where a person of noble aspirations can be modeled on the Quartet, articles of association, everywhere - will. But may not be in a place where the discrete NPC and CPPCC, whether the members to geometry, must be made one. For each new stand for a while, at least fifteen people may be established. At the beginning of the establishment, all paid collar as matter, must support near the old members to convey always, always give according to recognize properly, then the branch can and will communicate news. Article seventh: personnel should be set. The only hole urgently, both Chinese and foreign people, if want Yishi, willing to China effort, all income will be in the future; for, can book introduces each will always, in order to help. So today's widely collected, but each branch shall also.
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  •   Black history? Also want to see the sea.
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  •   A secret society of historical materials, should be good
  •   Not a novel, relatively dry, but in general,,,

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