"Good friend" magazine and Shanghai urban culture

Date of publication:2007-3   Press: Hunan Normal University press   Author:Wu Guozhong   Pages:387  

The name of the book, from the edge of two meanings: first, for the college living day mountain, a "Qin Shu Shan Road to the mountain path", real or virtual, is the common dwelling of land mark, and is the author of common progress, intentnesses, frequently in the mountain spirit expression. People are emotional thing, one loves what is his own., part self Ming, in the situation full of the mountains, in the water spilled on water. Liu Yuxi "LouShiMing": "our house, but my Dexin. The moss on the order of green, grass green color into the shade. I wanted to let go. Can play Suqin, read the sutras. No Sizhu rebellion ear, no lots of paperwork shape. Nanyang Zhuge Lu Yun Ting, Nishi Ko. Kong Ziyun: 'what a humble home? "' is also put on airs. But now I say, not only "Helou are sacred", and to speak it. That ugly also ugly. Red mountain is located in the 50's, but in twentieth Century, was the old school library, the teaching building of our institute. "Three years, three years old, sewing for another three years." the old wooden rotten brick, as will be on the old clothes. However, the eye of the beholder, scholar like away from the book, the book "Lyric" wrote: "Shu Shan mountain due to deposit mountain. The book title, win no mountain is lack of book of static far, no book is little mountain spirit life. Mountain, mountain, local records, love books...... Quietly the page taking sound, quietly pen go sound, the sound of my teachers, students and sincere heart, constitute the mountain the inexhaustible sound, her life river...... The book is the texture of the mountain, is a mountain of the soul, is everybody feeling! The mountain and tangible and intangible but complement each other.

"The Young Companion Pictorial and Shanghai urban culture" author Wu Guozhong, just after I returned to Beijing recommend Mr. Fu Qiang is in charge of "eighty years" history book written for the friend. For this program in a manuscript written work, she and "companion" institutions President Dr. Wang Lixing, general manager, Ms. Wang Huiru has had many contacts, and develop the corresponding program and plan. The implementation of the plan, Mr. Fu strong due to sudden death, declared at. To the readers of this "the young companion and city culture of Shanghai", was canceled "Liangyou eighty year history" writing project, a case study about the "good" side of history. We chose the "friend" and "Shanghai urban culture" as the theme of research, because the "friend" is the modern urban culture derivatives, at the same time, but also a carrier of urban culture in Shanghai. She was born in Shanghai city cultural soil and atmosphere, but also for the Shanghai urban culture, reproduction, made special contribution to breed, carry forward and develop together. In addition to the domestic and international political, economic, military, diplomatic, literature, art and human geography and other aspects of the content, the relevant urban culture, especially the urban culture of Shanghai records, description, deduction, reports and presentations, is always "friend" for a center for decades enduring content. In the "good" nearly 40000 pictures published in Shanghai, and the content of urban culture has always been a large proportion. In leading the national urban culture of Shanghai urban culture in the new age, "which features a friend", has also become an important reason she is favored by the public.
Author brief introduction

Wu Guozhong, born in 1969, Hunan Anhua person, Renmin University of China journalism doctor, associate professor, School of Journalism & communication, Hunan Normal University, main research direction for journalism history. Academic papers published over thirty articles, of which many are "Xinhua digest", "cuaa", the copy data editing argument or reproduced in full text. "Historical evolution of Western journalistic professionalism and realistic paradox" one article is "Xinhua digest" the detailed pick, and as the "Marx project to study and develop Marxist theory reference", by the State Council, the Central Propaganda Department by. Presided over the provincial social science projects 1, provincial education department issues 1, school reform projects 1. Once won the Zhang Deyou Hunan Normal University research excellence award.
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The preface, case study and historical representation two, urban culture: a concept three, review of relevant research in four, "the history of social culture" concept and significance of analysis of five, book theory, analysis framework and method six, study limits first modern city culture in derivatives -- "good friend" pictorial ontology of "friend" magazine published a, the social and cultural background of "Liangyou 1" pictorial birth of the political civilization factors of 2 "companion" pictorial material guarantee factors and 3 "Liangyou" pictorial audience demand factors "Liangyou 4" Bild newspaper cultural market and resource factors two, "friend" the magazine editor and literary, artistic creation group three, "friend" pictorial operation and survival strategy 1 "friend" magazine industry positioning 2 "companion" pictorial space positioning 3 "friend" pictorial audience position 4 in Multicultural Conflict survival strategies in the context of the second chapter of urban culture -- the "companion" production of space illustrated with Shanghai, "good friend" pictorial and the public urban space two, news and current affairs: the national imagination of urban space 1 Kuomintang communist nation The state space of imagination and extending 2 by overseas modern reference national imagination construction of national consciousness 3 cosmopolitan background three, Chinese and Western culture and Art: secular and elegant urban space 1 printing and publishing culture: media technology modernization construction of the 2 photographic culture: between reality and imagination: 3 comic art city space prism four, celebrity socialite and fashion: • fantasy and modern urban space 1 celebrities space 2 beauties star body space and modern 3 fashion and modern consumption five, advertising: the city of modern consumer culture space 1 advertising production context: "force" calendar "and declared" advertising 2 widely: "good friend" the overall picture of pictorial advertising 3 modern space imagination and construction: "means of communication and performance companion" pictorial advertising six, street culture: multiple trait in rural and urban public space of modernity...... The third chapter Chinese news history move mountains -- from the perspective of multi culture in the "good" pictorial references, postscript
Chapter excerpt

The first chapter in the modern city culture derivatives -- "companion" pictorial ontology of "friend" magazine published, the social and cultural background in twentieth Century twenty or thirty's.The sea of people and global overseas Chinese's collective memory, in the Shanghai history of journalism pictorial trend, "good friend" pictorial press symbol, the expression time information and meaning production. "Good friend" become a shining a gilded signboard, with friendly face, friendly image as "omnipresent", "no one is reading" culture consumption role, in the pursuit of historical materials, printing and binding of exquisite and rich with culture, highlights its important position in the history of Chinese newspaper and publishing history. "Good friend" magazine in February 15, 1926 in Shanghai, North Sichuan Road No. 851 was founded, it relies on a year ago friend printing and appear, founder is Wu Liande, two important editor beam, Ma Guoliang was a "friend" pictorial right-hand man. Wu Liande (1900-1972), the word Star Alliance, Guangdong Province (now in Taishan) people. His father once went to New York Chinatown when the laundry. Wu Liande in the early years of Guangzhou south of the Five Ridges middle school from the school to read the matriculation, went to Shanghai to make a living. I like art, in the matriculation when she and classmate Chen Binghong translated the "new painting school" one book, published in 1923 August by the Shanghai Commercial Press, south of the Five Ridges university president Zhong Rongguang referred to as "rare" books, textbooks, south of the Five Ridges University Chinese director Liang Luan in the book "preface" in praise: "still young, often in the development of Western painting. Young Cheng also is rare." Therefore, Wu was appointed as art editor of the Commercial Press, and the Priory light Primary School Guangdong people in Shanghai as a fine arts teacher. In the Commercial Press, editor of "children's education program", and make art pattern words. 1925 July invited a surname Mo colleague or a four single, with children as readers of the "boy friend", "content is drawing pictures, mixed with the juvenile moral education story, cover of pure aimed at children, emphasis on the education of children", although a few period after publication, to sales are sluggish, economy and had expected, but it caused Wu Liande own journal of interest.

This book is adapted based on my doctoral dissertation, also the crystallization me three years of sweat and thought. I wonder if this is a fairy tale. Three years ago, Renmin University of China School of journalism seems to be an academic hall of the fairy tales in my mind, Mr. Fang Hanqi is my soul that respect the mystic symbol words. In three years, I can visit the temple, listen to masters teachings, like a pool of green water moist, it opens a seeker of knowledge flowing youth dream. Teacher -- Mr. Fang Hanqi, my heart will always be the admiration of memory! Remember still? More than three years ago, Snow gleams white. wrapped in a phone booth, a have never met before field candidates -- I got your family like greeting "-- to find the residence?" "Beijing cold ah, want to notice heat preservation." "The examination must be comprehensive review." Foreign guest, unconsciously wandering; cold, do not feel lonely. Teacher, you give the student is fatherly love!
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"The young companion and urban culture in Shanghai" published by the Hunan Normal University press.
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