Gen Gi Khan and Mongolia culture

Date of publication:2007-07-01   Press: Liaoning Nationalities Publishing House   Author:The Ren Oqir, Sai Indelgen   Pages:304  

Gen Gi Khan unified Mongolia ministries, played a progressive role in history. Attack Jin Xia, laid the foundation for the establishment of the yuan. His military talent, the strategic importance of joint standoff near, to avoid too many enemies. Only pay attention to detail exploration, surrounded by the enemy division, remote surprise, feign retreat to lure the enemy, movement in the body, tactics, known as “ deep and accurate work miracles in manoeuvring troops, ”. On the other hand, he fought with the brutal massacre of residents, characteristics, destruction of urban farmers, large damage. In thirteenth Century the main feudal country social crisis, providing favorable conditions for Gen Gi Khan to implement large-scale military expansion. Also played an indispensable role for the development of Mongolia nationality.
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