"Franklin biography" and American spirit

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In contemporary Anglo American academia, autobiographical research has become a hot spot. Some critics even think, "in the literary criticism circles, it seems that all critics and theorists are talking about autobiography." Indeed, as the biography as a genre has criticized the industry recognized, study of autobiography has been more and more attention. Autobiography can provide readers insight into the country's history and culture, religion and morality, personal experience and social characteristics provide high perspicacity. Autobiography writing is always around a culture bound self as the center of the figure, it is self discovery of a behavior and self transcendence. Popular culture mode restricts the form and content of the autobiography, autobiography, reflected in a specific role and mature personality changes in the self and society. As a great writer biography, "Franklin shared the glory of creation of modern autobiography with Rousseau. Two classical form of autobiography memoirs and confessions that they title." However, the form of autobiography and content are the Americans and the French to the secular, personal, democratic and psychological mode, they are expression of literary form changes in their respective social revolution. Franklin began writing "autobiography" from 1771, to the end of 1790 before he died, "autobiography" wrote in 1757, it usually according to the time of writing is divided into four parts. The first part was written in July 30, 1771 to August 13th. The then 65 year old author is St. Asaph bishop Jonathan Simpre's country house, he started the "autobiography" writing in the folding paper, use the first half part of the paper writing, leaving the other half space to add and modify possible. The summer of 1782, Franklin's friend Abel James sent him an outline and urged him to complete the "autobiography" writing as soon as possible.

Yuan Xuesheng, male, was born in 1973 in Jiangxi, Ruijin, in 2005 received a doctorate in literature from Nanjing University. Currently associate professor of English, School of foreign languages of Nanchang University, master's tutor, director of the center for the study of English and American literature, National Research USA literature association. Mainly engaged in British and American Literature Teaching and research work in recent years, published twenty papers, presided over the completion of provincial level topic three items.
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Dr. Yuan Xuesheng "(Franklin's Autobiography) and America spirit" is published, the Chinese academic circles, is a timely book. Western autobiography, usually from Rome at the end of Augustin's "Confessions" calculate case, this is a western classic, but is not a strict sense of autobiography, because the author's life story is subject to his philosophy of religion, self confession to the glory of God, did not write a complete life experience. Appear in the strict sense of autobiography, is after the Renaissance. By eighteenth Century, the western advanced countries has entered a peak period of Autobiography (biography too), such as: autobiographical works appeared in large numbers, long autobiography and memoir has become popular; the range extends from the court to the folk, mainly in the lower origin of intellectuals in writing; the author describes their rich life experience, also left a distinct personality and broader social and historical pictures, literature is also getting higher and higher levels. This is a milepost in Western autobiography created three great figures, in France, Rousseau wrote "Confessions"; in Germany, Goethe wrote "poetry and truth"; on the other side of the ocean emerging American, Franklin wrote "autobiography", which marks the Western autobiography into modern form. Autobiography is a hot issue in contemporary academic study, study of Western autobiography, or are interested in Western autobiography readers, can ignore this three works, which indicates the development direction of Western autobiography, has played a profound influence. But on the other hand, Chinese ancient rarely the strict sense of the autobiography, the emergence of a large number of autobiography and memoir is from twentieth Century 20 time only at the beginning, this change, the influence of Western autobiography is one of the important reasons. So the research Chinese autobiography, should also pay attention to these classic western autobiography.
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The first chapter @##@ Preface "Franklin biography" is USA first, by far the most important, American readers most autobiographical works, whether from the autobiography or from the perspective of American perspective of ideological history, all has the vital significance. This book is the new research view series one, is modified to the doctoral dissertation basis, this book from the perspective of cultural spirit USA Biographical Literature Masterpiece -- "Franklin autobiography" to explain. The author analyzes the religious philosophy "autobiography" depicted under the control of Franklin's moral self perfection, discusses the narrative autobiography in their self writing and identity construction, the age of Enlightenment of self realization, discusses the "autobiography" pragmatism, American dream founded and myth contained. The "autobiography" constructed a unique USA myth in essence, showing a new USA spirit, also provides a USA characteristic paradigm of self striving and personal success for the readers.
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"Franklin biography" and American spirit is modified to the doctoral dissertation based on. At this moment, in addition to their own little comfort, more to have helped my teachers, classmates and relatives will know how to be grateful. My tutor Professor Yang Zhengrun of Nanjing University first to my deepest gratitude, thank Mr. three years to my teachings and hard cultivation. It is the teacher's guidance and teachings to my research on American biography began, and select the "Autobiography of Franklin" this part in modern western history of autobiography groundbreaking works as study object. In the analysis of autobiography their unique character and personality charm, more let me unforgettable teacher is indifferent to fame and noble character as well as to the academic pursuit, character and scholarship mentor to my admiration and benefit, will inspire me to go on in the academic road. In the study, and the opening process, Nanjing University professor Yu Yizhong, Professor Dong Xiaofu, associate professor, associate professor, Tang Jianqing ang wisdom et al proposed many helpful ideas; the thesis process in, Huazhong Normal University professor Nie Zhenzhao, Nanjing University Professor Zhu just, Professor Yu Bin, Professor Wang Jiezhi of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Ming et al proposed many valuable comments and suggestions, in this, I to youExpress my deep appreciation to the teacher! At the same time, I would like to thank Professor Zhou Pingyuan, Nanchang University professor Li Haozhi, Professor Liu Ting, Professor Jiang Ping College of foreign languages, during which they teach in my graduate school and school, has been giving me in every possible way in learning, work and life care, support and help. In addition, I want to thank my brother Zhao Shankui??; thank old parents in the countryside, thanks for their fosterage; especially grateful to my wife, for many years she in heavy teaching tasks also undertook the complicated affairs all family, and has been silently supporting my study and work.

"The Autobiography of Franklin and USA spirit" by China Social Science Publishing house.
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