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Date of publication:2009-11   Press: Oriental Press   Author:Xiao Er   Pages:303   Words:200000  

I think the three book I have seen the best news articles. Of course, if you think you every day over the newspaper article is good article. I have nothing to say; in my opinion, there is a possibility, the moderate calm and moderate enthusiasm, moderate wit and moderate sophistication, moderately accurate and elegant fit into a cup of cocktail, I never expected China reporters to write articles, the cup is not, where cocktails? Xiao Er in the newspaper reporters must also not say, now, she just wrote this article, worthy of her interview. -- the famous literary critic, "people's Literature" editor in chief Li Jingze

Xiao Er, female, writers, media. In recent years, in the way of Shanghai, journalists, fashion magazine editor and news editor. Had a number of literary journals, magazines and newspapers wrote a column in the Zijin Mountain, "", "everybody", "Shanghai literature", "Macmillan" literature journals, short stories in a variety of. Publishing a novel "to the left", "the second sex film essay" @##@ elements Write a sequence of human is the author of the guests, he has the obligation to talk about the author. But for Xiao Er, I know very little about. Where is she? I met her in Hangzhou, she is a newspaper reporter, later, to see her, she was already in Shanghai, the chief editor of a magazine -- the name of the magazine, to be honest, I forget; this once again proves my memory like Gobi is dry, but I promise, I remember that magazine huge folio, plain to the arrogance of the binding of one one yes, arrogant, the magazine always seems to go a thousand miles away, whether to play with you, it will bring you to conjecture several eyes. Meng Xiaoer not to leave, I have to send the magazine, the two years, I pass it on to another life, because I know it is not for me, it is for a handful of people very few people, imagine the look, and I unfortunately not in the. As for those few who actually, I will talk about. Then for two or three years without a message, then, is now, Xiao ears out of three book, but, for no reason, "she ordered me to write a preface". The above is I know all of Xiao ear. I want to talk about this three book now, they are, on twentieth Century Western bistro, about the West in twentieth Century 60, about the twentieth Century western female artist. Through these three books, I finally told Xiao ears have than to resume some more understanding, I found her: she was in Paris, New York or London, it was twentieth Century 30's or 60's, she was steaming in the Jazz floating smoke pub sitting, the Chinese women, she and a bunch of foreign women whisper to one another, they may talk to their husband or lover's one one Fitzgerald, Hugo, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Muller, Henry Miller, there is a one-sided China poet Xu Zhimo...... Discover this, I know no more than I don't fit the preface to this book, I'd live in not elsewhere, such as the Song Dynasty and the late Ming Dynasty, such as Hangzhou or Suzhou, if you have forced me to living abroad and can choose, I would rather go to the purple - like Department or the Edo Japan; I have a little like London in nineteenth Century, but to really there, I think I won't and Shaw ear friends hang out with, in short, in their own imagination, I and Xiao ear will not encounter. But, I really went to also won't come back, waved his hand, what have I to do with clouds. Xiao Er, I believe, she will come back in the middle of the night, far away, she went back to the hotel room, by yellow light on a typewriter to transport means, such as, she sent a message in the time before: the newspaper Paris news...... She took the news back in twenty-first Century China. She is a journalist, wrote the three book, she is through the time reporter. I think the three book I have seen the best news articles, of course, if you think you every day over the newspaper article is good article, that I have nothing to say; in my opinion, there is a possibility, the moderate calm and moderate enthusiasm, moderate, moderate and moderately sophisticated wit the precise and elegant fit into a cup of cocktail, I never expected China reporters to write articles, the cup is not, where cocktails? Xiao Er in the newspaper reporters must also not say, now, she just wrote this article, worthy of her. Interviewing. But what I find interesting is, the reporter why we think interested in her reports the old Western gossip? This is the beginning of the twenty-first Century night in Beijing, looked out of the window, the bright lights, people bustling about, doing most of the eating, entertainment, watching television love "Xiao Shenyang", in the print job application letter, wondering if his or her company is under the economic crisis, thinking about tomorrow's stock to buy or sell, in fear why Zhao's dog saw my one eye, why leaders today face does not look good, urgent, anxiety, full of vigour to his face that day, we are in the world, in the logic of life given to success, we are full of fear and anger to fail, we never imagined we would but such life, we put anything outside here are regarded as lazyThe idler, failure, not reliable -- the Spring Festival this year, I spent in Nepal, successful people along the way a face bleak lack of sleep at the Nepalese people lazy, eager to spread the truth in the hometown of Shakya Muni: on how to progress, how to GDP, how to build a dam and power station in Himalaya River, the idle. Cut off money...... Then, by chance, you see this three book, a female reporter in the far distance, the news in the past, this is about a group of strange news people, those people in a variety of ways to "be misfits", they in the pub for positions, alone make risks, in the rock, wine, of poetry, meditation, mobilize all forces itself -- mind, body and instinct, they got themselves, constantly treason, death does not progress, it does not progress as the gateway to the glory and the road to happiness, all this just to rush out of the world, that an individual can become their own. They therefore become a "hero" -- the "Modernity" hero. The theme of this book are the three, but also concerns the "hero", the heroes xiagurouchang, their struggle and sacrifice. But frankly speaking, I still don't see why we are interested in the "hero", after all, "Forbes" magazine also never had compiled a "cultural heroes", a report on the imagination, courage and character list. Maybe we just caught the "Modernity" fur, we die not to let go but don't know how to do next, at this time, the reporter sent a message, saying "Modernity" has been "anti", "after", you say this to us? Of course we don't talk to her, or we'll have a talk with her, we told her, she is a dangerous road to walk, she is the mass consumer market to sell an expensive luxury, so she won't succeed is doomed to failure. However, we may have -- probably what I said at the beginning of that very few people -- in a dim light of night, suddenly remind of the hair to remote message "crazy reporter, she will remain in Paris or London, typewriter sounds like rain beats in the lonely world? At this time, we may think of all of a sudden, she actually not far from us, right next door, in the light of the opposite upstairs......
Author brief introduction

Illustration: Alice Murdoch, born in 1919 in the Irish capital Dublin, his father was the Royal cavalry lieutenant, mother is Irish vocalist family background, she moved to London with his parents, two college after studying in Oxford and Cambridge, the study of philosophy, science and history of Gu Dianwen. She worked as a British Treasury assistant director, still UN relief and rehabilitation work, placed after the Second World War victims. After returning to Oxford in 1948, St. Anne College for many years to do graduate, and professor of philosophy. Extensive knowledge, rich talent, she also can successfully cross, in the industry as the main philosophy and as a sideline literature as double talented woman, her masterpiece is the novel form to explain her philosophical views. He wrote 25 novels, 6 plays, 1 books of poetry and 5 philosophical works. She is an important philosophical work ethic as the wizard "metaphysics", has established itself as an important philosopher in solid position, in twentieth Century 70 in her diary prose novels "the sea, the sea" won the Booker Prize, before she has because of its reputation as the three Booker Prize Award guests. Her "Italy girl" and "cut off the head" (AServedhead) was adapted for the stage, "decapitated head" was made into a film in 1971. Alice is known as "behavior, so the contemporary British ideological trend". Alice died in 1999, lived to be 80 years old. But in her old age comes, will have Alzheimer's disease, commonly known as Alzheimer's disease, the disease may be viewed as God to mankind's fool, which makes "the most intelligent woman" in old age, his head was like to, become a useless sponge, former England influential man was only 3 years old the child intelligence disabled person, all pipe produced wonderful ideas were blocked, and her husband John Berri had to like nursing child, every day looking at her, he becomes her "father" from her husband, and she couldn't see he will be afraid, will cry like a helpless child. She became a children's program Teletubbies enthusiasts, Bailey had to buy her to television, before going to bed with her to watch cartoons Teletubbies together, so the professor's home first to buy a TV set to move home (once they do not watch TV). Life, day in and day out for two people, became a torture. John Berri in the care of his wife, have mixed feelings to write memories of their forty years of marriage life, called "Alice Elegy", this memoir has the spark of wisdom, there is a man in love with a woman, and Oxford style elegance, mournful but not distressing. Bailey record the true genius of his sick wife after the plight of the western world, a lot of "Ai Lisi fan" sad sigh sigh, even can not bear to face it in the real world, because the idol later too cruel. The movie "Alice" is based on John Berri's memoir by, it was very moving, also of tension. The old genius dementia Alice and youth passion Alice shot continuously flashback, highlighting the Rainbow Night. The images and sonar, philosophical world ivory tower high-end Alice is finally out of the boring esoteric, eating up earthly fireworks, reduced to a special, with vulgaris, a British woman love hate. Read some Alice each period of old photos, she seems never to stay too long hair, short hair is smooth and clean. She is not beautiful, young only looks Zhou Zheng, but wisdom is carved in the face, this point and now the popular actress Susan Sontag similarity theory. But the film Alice by glamorous star Katte Winslet plays, although Winslet is Britain now is very good, and very talented actress, she is playing Alice cut into Alice that outdated in Baotou, a big shirt worn tardy, strongly reducing Alice chastity, a didn't love appearance, but WinsletDeduction or than the old photo real Alice is more sensitive, more soft, especially Oxford friends reception was dressed in red skirt, Alice hand glass, with the music and to dance Carnival dance, the scene that Alice feminine charm like the sun that shines. To China aesthetic expert Li Yu mean, the beauty of a woman focuses on state, now people don't know what it is like to dance to Ai Lisi, but to believe, can let the extraordinary wisdom and beauty of a woman, also make her life with a variety of colors. Alice's husband, John Berri, Shakespeare and Tolstoy of University of Oxford, famous experts, on seeing Alice for the first time, not by her stunning, but not by her stunning and secretly pleased. Berry in his memoirs, affectionate lingering memories of the first met them, that was in 1954, he saw her on an old bicycle, riding around around around in an alley in Oxford, she gave him the impression that looks ordinary, but he fall in love at first sight for her. His angel riding a bicycle came. Then he said: "she was riding a bicycle, waiting for me to walk up, she not only in the past, no unknown now." When the 6 years younger than her man and reckon without one's host, think she is a person for his prepared a lining your face gift, in addition to his own, he thought Alice will not produce female charm of men, the other men could not fall in love with her, he can safely put their gifts well, who knows, Bailey all wrong, female philosophers not only talent proud, private life is also unwilling to remain out of the limelight, untamed, was known as the "flower of Oxford". When the shell theory of less than 30 years old, came to teach in Oxford soon, Alice is 30 years old, not only with the Oxford female teacher development same-sex intimacy, there are many male lover. She is very active, circle of friends is not only on the Oxford academic elite.
Catalogue of books

Preface preface Zelda Sally series: crackling girl Alice Murdoch: philosophy around the world: Camille Chloe Dale shattered statue of Gertrude Stein: on the left bank of ugly Onais Chaanning: women, politics of the Vennisa Bell: Bloom and queen Catherine Mansfield: women, ghost female, fairy Alma Schindler: and the spirit of Silvia Plath liberation: clock 罩里 female poet Jacqueline Dupre: the strings on the Lee Kleisner Wizard: Canvas colour Salome: I was a devil Hannah Arendt: self, rebellious, pioneer Billy Horry's Soul: on the left, on the right. @##@ Jazz series. Who they are? They are with a girl. Britain's most intelligent woman. Old mental hospital female sculptor. The ugly. Avant garde literature queen and hunter. Bloom and the queen. "The experience of all the experience of the" genius woman writer. Life full of affection "the mother of modernism". The poet Dutch act end. The strings on the odd elves. Updike crazy Brooklyn abstract expressionist painter. Let's love and hate the personal independence of conduct feminists. Independent of the lover of Heidegger thought vanguard. Put all to the Jazz black actress. A total of 14 women, their charm, always want to change the world. They are in twentieth Century for a period of life, in the Western cultural system, all yangmingliwan, they with their existence, they are naturally or half unconsciously to give women is defined "the second sex" hat. Their various sometimes clear, sometimes hidden connections, or historical and emotional inner a certain logic, karma meeting in twentieth Century, that people yearn for, the wonderful twentieth Century.
Chapter excerpt

They are in twentieth Century for a period of life, in the Western cultural system, to the talented woman famous, they in their existence, they are naturally or half unconsciously, to give women is defined "the second sex" hat. Interestingly, in Europe and the United States National Land ladies of the 14 was born, in various sometimes clear, sometimes hidden connections, or historical and emotional inner a certain logic, karma meeting in twentieth Century, that people yearn for, the wonderful twentieth Century. German Russian American writer Salome is twentieth Century the first female aura, have been the great poet Rilke's lover, Rilke and Salome after break up, who worked alongside Luo Dan, his friend and assistant, Rilke and Luo Dan's female disciple Clara had a brief marriage, and Kamil Claudel, the genius of the female the sculptor, is another female disciples of Luo Dan, his lover. The genius of Camille rises and fall of France, Paris is a city for artists to inspire dreams and desires of the city. Gertrude Stein, Zelda Sally and Onais Chaanning for their own French dream, one after another to come to Paris. Zelda Sally, in her left when living in Paris, she is the salon hostess, American compatriot Gertrude Stein's guest, she and her husband Fitxgerald is a close friend of Stein. Later the couple back to USA, Stein went to their new home to visit Zelda. At that time already psychotic Zelda own paintings to Stein, to Stein - A. Fitxgerald later wrote to Stein, thank her to accept Zelda's painting, let the ailing Zelda felt his presence. And left the Garden Street No. 27 by painting and literature hold up the elegant life compared to Paris road home later, Vincent is another some poor artists to shelter, the hostess was Onais Chaanning, her this circle Garden Street Bohemia is more than an artist, they like in the Paris Bohemia block wandering, regular Ning and her friends Paris is also the Coffee hall and small bar, their way of life is wild, sexy, treason. Here is Henry Miller's male taste, the decadence of the Jazz Age into a more modern atmosphere. Zelda can dance ballet, Onais Chaanning is Spanish dance master, this also can be seen, Ning's way of life, her aesthetic taste, Bizerda Sally is closer to the public. After the Second World War broke out, Zelda Sally and Onais Nintu returned to the USA, only Gertrude Stein Miss French cheese and don't want to go back America, she leaned a Nazi friends Bernard Faye help, in the fall of Paris, survived, and Paris. Also because of the reason of the Second World War, the German Jews, Hannah Arendt fled to France, after the fall of France, and emigrated to the USA New York, the women's political philosopher and older than her 3 years of writer Onais Chaanning lived in the same city, though, their input is two completely different fields, but all in the feminist movement, dramatically by Americans as a pioneer idol. Gertrude Stein and much younger than she is Hannah Arendt is Jewish, but because of personal reasons, has connections with dear Nazis, lesbian Stein with Nazi iron friends Bernard Faye's friendship, the great philosopher Heidegger and Ahrendt's love affair with the nazis. After the Second World War, they have for their Nazi friends help them, so there are some who question the scale. Those involved in the creation of Gertrude Stein Paris to read modern works, Bloom in London Bloomsbury group meet bosom friend. The London group leader Virginia Woolf and her husband LeonardWolf's Publishing House has published the works of Stein, a famous aesthetic critic Roger Fry also like the genius of Stein. Virginia's sister, the painter Vennisa Bell, Bloom is the spiritual leader of the Bloomsbury group, "the Queen", salon hostess, she was the lover of Roger Fry. As a painter, she may and Roger Fry together to talk about the portrait of Stein Picasso's, and remarked on the painter and the man in the picture. New Zealand born writer Catherine Mansfield later came to Britain, also was a member of Bloom Bloomsbury group. She and the circle of the female painter Carrington live together, and Virginia Woolf is his girlfriend, also is the enemy, she is naturally beautiful lady Vinnie's salon, their husbands are art critic. With Vinnie's big beauty, the beauty of Catherine too slim. Her untimely death, regret to end the two woman writer's literature race. In another cultural city of Europe in Vienna, Alma Mahler and Lou Andreas Salome are the local upper class socialite art circles. They all speak German, many famous figures of the time were two ladies friends. Salome had friends in Vienna period, such as the painter Klim, German dramatist Hauptmann, had been the lover of Alma. Although Alma Schindler is British writer, philosopher Alice Murdoch for 30 years, two women and one man had. They were Nobel prize winner Canetti's lover, Canetti first lived in Vienna, and later moved to the UK, the romantic writer unintentionally two outstanding women's private life together. Alice Murdoch's life is a continuation of the elegance and carry forward the British elite culture. 30 years ago, Vinnie Ssha Bell as a female has not logged in British institutions of higher education opportunities, Vinnie's sisters are self-taught, they rely on their own charm and wit, British Cambridge and Oxford elite talk with eloquence moved to his home, after 30 years, Alice Merl g as women have gained to university education power, she has studied in Cambridge and Oxford, and become "the most intelligent woman". America genius poet Silvia Plath had been to the British school in Cambridge, and it was there, she had changed the fate of her life, her husband, British poet laureate Ted Hughes, but the British elite in the circle of Bloom Salisbury type, free men and women, to Plath here has become a deadly insult. Ted Hughes predecessors Clive Bell is Playboy, but maintained and his wife, Sally that friend lifetime relationships to the casual and elegant bearing, Ted Hughes, there was nowhere, because growing up in American Puritan culture environment of Plath, the love is loyalty, Ted Hughes's passionate ruin Plath's life, she only 30 years old, he desperately turned on the gas. Lee Kleisner is a native of New York, she and her husband, Jackson Pollack, as the representative of abstract expressionist painter, for a garden with number 27, Stein's good friend Picasso, Pollack couple is to update the sharp of the painting, is a strong challenge'. They are another Stein type superwoman Guggenheim Paige held the red in the USA. From Vinny Sha to Kleisner, female painters status on the rise, they completed from the imitation of Matisse style of impressionism. Jacqueline Dupre is the fourteen woman in the late twentieth Century. In Alma Schindler for half a century sex not free to show music genius, female musicians finally broke through the gender discrimination was born, British cellist Jacqueline Dupre with his genius tweedle, broke into the cello peak, despite the Great Violin and composition, once regarded as the female taboo. Finally, with the Billy Horry's song for them and their joys and sorrows of the twentieth Century and had to send off. She is black, only fourteen people if Zelda Shan, when he is the symbol of the jazz age, as a cultural symbol, Billy holly, Dai interpretation of jazz with the suffering of life of their own, the door from the rise of black life in art. They tell the world the same way as the desolate. For these reasons, they are written in the same book, indivisible.
Media attention and comments

"Female artists mirror (the):" the famous literary critic, "people's Literature" editor in chief Li Jingze preface recommended! "In the male society, women often exist as a male antonyms." These pioneer, also soft "women image", reminds me of the French feminist film director Katerina breya's words: "man is man. Women want power into a man, and then back to a woman." They were in high spirit, always want to change the world
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