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The copyright page: illustration: Malay Archipelago of Indonesia and the East African coast between since in 2000 before the Rome empire is a straight road, it is a reason to suspect, the East African coast is not before eighteenth Century began to plant perfume? Clove, nutmeg and how to eat pepper that is both practical and delicious fragrance products, open up is a big money road. The spice trade history is a fight for the Spice Islands hegemonic struggle history. The spice trade brings is the conquest, competition and conflict. In many countries, merchants sail in never sailed across the ocean, looking for spices, looking for new country. Oriental influence, more than the fate of a nation; political, diplomatic and even conquer all doped with how to eat pepper, nutmeg and clove odor. All empires rose and fell, but do not have any thing to prevent the growth and stability of the spice trade; also it is this trade to consolidate relations between nations, the East West exchanges prolonged. Some people therefore joked that the new era of world marine so-called spices to create, is gangs men began to Long Yang once and for all and a great battle. Psychedelic and control there is no doubt that the essence of ecstasy is to control the human nature through the psychedelic. Spice in Europe has such a huge waves, like the amber, silk, gold, silver. They are greatly in life to make European nobles have great change. Flaunt wealth and luxury, and then show the beautiful, charming, jewelry, jewelry a lot of help, but the appearance of vanity and ultimately to into real pleasure makes sense, then, the spice stage. Found the Europeans in meet the appetite, and these spices are used as a seasoning is simply overkill. Because, they can also be used to purify into ecstasy, contribute to the energy to make life colorful. So, as a seasoning spices became so expensive, a few grains of how to eat pepper almost requires a few gold the same volume for. Ecstasy, is to the myth of the vertices in this period.

Mike. Miller
1957 was born in Pittsburgh, 1976 studied at the Department of Oriental Literature at Indiana University, a doctorate in literature. In 1982, the Ford Foundation Institute of anthropology, has published "Hindu Kush mountains nomadic history", "magic and culture", "Southeast Asia Buddhism history". "Ecstasy" a book formerly known as "take wing God: doping culture", published in 1999. The author also served as U.S. ambassador to Turkey embassy.
Author brief introduction

Knowledge, as a way of improving people's wisdom and ability of social resources, has always been good Qiu pursue unceasingly, and the so-called new knowledge, because they are in a secret state in a certain period of time, so more often evoke endless reverie explorer. This book relates to knowledge, it is long-term since human spiritual mysteries a psychedelic knowledge. Our reason actually contains such a feature: everyone knows something is the truth. So we can understand why most people's feelings are ashamed of personal privacy. Feel ashamed, prove that there is indeed a pressure from all sectors of society. A person's privacy than another person more, it seems a bit immoral, because this is advocating a "gentleman" of the society, at the same time, people in the heart of long-term things in reality living become unreal, we often say, "in the past, I have a dream", the real this exclamation with some sad. Our heart is often generated image of fantasy and dream of getting rich, famous and immortal beauty, heart's desire is to become lifelike picture in mind, since it has not yet been thoroughly understand the physiological mechanism of the medical profession, but "dream" as the most secret enjoy, is the most monotonous and boring life outside of work. In ancient times, people self-taught and learn to use in the chain of certain hallucinogenic and excitement of the efficacy of plant to stimulate themselves, to summon unattainable dream came to the front. These plants irritation and infection produces the illusion is not the sky, but our hearts desire to enlarge and strengthen. Be magnified and intensified the inner beauty and the real world is what relation? What kind of a secret path leading to the Enchanted Garden body between them? From ancient times to now, people have been looking for quickly realize the dream of. Ancient provide help with this wizard now, people turn to medicine, but this book will uncover more amazing and secret of the fact. You will also see a lot of people early how pious use plants in pharmaceuticals, hallucinogenic ingredient that stimulates the body and mind, to temporarily change the reality feeling, let heaven on earth. A secret or small groups, to avoid in the social rationality, mutual support, experiment and more adventure. We know a lot of things, but they never become a reality, these are the psychedelic. For example, hope. Hope love happy, hoping to create, to obtain the truth and so on, people use natural resources to help you complete the hope produces ecstasy. A lot of ecstasy use examples, proves the love to wonderful state secrets: not just intercourse, but about the rhythm, the last outbreak comprehensive feel the atmosphere, sound and vision, imagine the accumulation. From a lot of medieval manuscripts, pictures, tell you strange ecstasy, and the effect of using methods and incredible dropping. At the same time, there is the famous artist little-known use ecstasy enhance imagination and creativity and to create great classic story. Vivid narration, ecstasy historical unheard of, a lot of finely carved, detailed notes and a unique picture will provide you a like browsing Museum of visual enjoyment. This book describes and presents things also relates to contemporary, to reveal a lot of pictures today our business machine continues to make some ecstasy, one can directly produce physiological effects, such as Viagra can cure impotence; some provide only the excitatory role, let the user to strengthen their own desires and fantasies, such as doping. Of course, all of this should have a proper index well using the law to control, which is in the affirmative, but we should clearly recognize this point: magic itself from the people, no one could persuade people to give up seeking satisfaction from the self feeling. These have long been ignored, distorted, so he just pictures and text today was finally allowed to spread, prove that the society is in progress, but they have not may be the true. You will seeThey were forced to wear the mantle of myth or legend, but we have to tell you, please don't use the rational attitude to despise their untrue. Like God, once he is defined and described in the human world, he is the real existence. Today you may be a materialist, tomorrow you may find, as a dream in the heart of the show, you can become a fully understood his idealist like god. Because the desire for magic is so widely and deeply in you and the other person's life, in the cultural and artistic depiction and praise, we called the spirit of things, has revealed its many psychedelic nature. Readers can through the "Ecstasy" human inner text reading, resulting in a small amount of Psychedelic; feel happy surreal reading.
Catalogue of books

Order a psychedelic journey
the first chapter ecstasy fog
second temptation chapter history
third chapter the God of vegetation
fourth chapter magic and ecstasy road
fifth chapters with culture and art in full strength
sixth chapters of ancient civilization psychedelic gate
seventh chapter African wild
eighth chapter American magic
ninth chapter devil angel
tenth chapter passion, how to eat vanilla and fascinated by
eleventh chapters in the art of magic
twelfth chapter of plant @##@ temptation Human delirium delirium Road, sometimes it is freedom to stimulate creative path. This book tells you the witch with the odd spirit history.
vivid narration, ecstasy historical unheard of, a lot of finely carved, detailed notes and a unique picture will provide you a like browsing Museum of visual enjoyment. These have long been ignored, distorted, so he pictures and text today was finally allowed to spread, although they are myths and legends to reducing dye, a mystical, but full disclosure of the illusion of history, and the use of scientific and artistic aesthetic principle is interpreted, the book has the incomparable charm.
this book myself like ecstasy, let who reads it is caught up in it: sometimes happy, sometimes trembling, sometimes confused, then unaware and well back to reality. Swim in the human spirit world, you can get much more than a house of gold and Yan Ruyu, in thousands of years of human civilization in the forest, there are numerous plants, can let you enjoy the fun of spirit.
Chapter excerpt

If you get stuck, if your spirit is always you are not satisfied with the state, "Ecstasy" can help you get through an exit from the state, so you get contact with another &hellip possible world; … ecstasy in the past, now, future will continue to exist. If you are not so afraid to touch this topic, this book is very interesting book. — — Kevin Tsai who is the head? People born just to take the bitter fruit? In full bloom in the mortal feet for whom the flowers bloom … … indulge in God that all the happiness of us, but to please God, we need is derived from her rule, and our desire is from her inspiration. — — @##@ Epicurus Who is the head? People born just to take the bitter fruit? In full bloom in the mortal feet for whom the flowers bloom...... Indulge in God that all the happiness of us, but to please God, we need is derived from her rule, and our desire is from her inspiration. -- Epicurus it (tobacco) there is a negative pleasure, this attractive force that smoking be extraordinary. This kind of happiness is a kind of evil beauty, because some hint of eternal and become unavoidable bitter happiness. Not good, not beautiful, but "extraordinary". Kang De Tum on, turn in, drop out! (open heart, return to self, detachment of world!) - the United States in twentieth Century 60's psychedelic culture Godfather 提西 • Leary ecstasy, my lover, my life. American musician, the velvet underground singer Lao Reed world is starting from the trance during orgasm, only in the drinking of Jacob, people see the true reality, realized what is the origin of the beginning of time and the founding myth. Tucano mythology -- ecstasy existed in the past, now, future will continue to exist, if you are not so afraid to touch this topic, this book is very interesting book. -- Kevin Tsai
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