Cultural Studies

Date of publication:2004-1   Press: Henan University press   Author:Jin Yuanpu  

In twentieth Century 90 years, Chinese ideological circle rapid differentiation, chaos cloud Feidu, fan Yong thought, thinking of the "new era" coming true. Ideology is no longer clear "left" and "right", and show the original ecological thought as a kind of spiritual activities, even those who seem to feel irreconcilable hatred for sb. theory such as modernity and post modernity, liberalism and the new left is no longer able to draw a right and left, and with no fighting body new Confucianism globalization, intellectual, cultural studies, media, gaze, philosophy and so on, a problem may even with all the other problems as the context. All of this is the modern movement and the current globalization product and ancient China met. This book is the idea of text archive since ninety, finishing, they are our past or reach a milepost, is the China intellectual thought records, they have important reference significance as historical data, as the mind map is a important indication.
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