Cultural Studies (Fourth Series)

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Central Compilation and Translation Press   Author:Tao Dongfeng, Jin Yuanpu, Gao Bingzhong   Pages:250  

"Cultural studies" (Fourth Series) is the special culture research publications a, study the special case is the image.
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Topical editor's words: In Commemoration of Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) anniversary of Craig Karl horn Roque Waconde "everything is society": Waipiel Budiopiel Bourdieu "distinction: a social critique" logic judgement of taste, Luo g · Hua Kant interpretation of Pierre Bourdieu's "capital" -- "the national elite" translation introduction 徐贲 Bourdieu scientific intellectuals and the politics of knowledge Zhang Yi culture and differentiation of Zhu Guohua literature Yang: Bourdieu's literary view of literature and culture of J Hillis Miller, the school authority Janet Wolfe culture research and Cultural Society of Chen Long Xie Shaobo Wang Fengzhen to redraw the map China modernity Yi Guo Zeng ceremony resistance: Youth sub culture and "human literature" character Gong 浩群 public domain the dual requirements -- "9.11" incident and the Chinese media event case of Zhang Yiwu "hero" image: the new century metaphor Zhang Jin silent river -- cultural meaning of Chinese and foreign Deaf Film the group from program to program formulation recipe -- the type of the popular texts and new Song Xiaoping says / said: two space in the "Ji Lingyu "Tang Hongfeng in the post modern context -- on Zhou Xingchi's comedy Carnival Utopia carnivalization in Xu Yanrui's daily life --" meteor garden "interpreting interviews Roque Waconde field by Bourdieu -- an interview with Roque Wacondeluyan, ontology, Chinese and Western culture, Deconstruction -- studio Derrida running in the Shanghai database Roque Waconde sociologist Pierre Budiorok Waconde Sociology: action" of social cultural studies of science "contribution requirement
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