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Date of publication:2003-06   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Xie Shaobo   Pages:282   Words:229000  

This is Chinese Canadian scholar Xie Shaobo and Chinese scholar Wang Fengzhen for foreign theorists written interviews, interviews, a total of thirty-three questions, related to modernity, post modernity, culture, history, ideology, globalization and intellectual, University of. The object is the interview is a batch of famous intellectuals in North America, they selectively answered these questions, the answer in the form of a loose, tolerant and inclusive forum. From these responses, rather than the cultural politics of contemporary issues in these urgent have uniform and timely answers, as they will be a lengthy dispute areas, these areas constitute a worthy of unremitting exploration huge knowledge space, the research of contemporary culture is the history of this space elegant.
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The interviews of 33 Arif Dykteresa Ebertbarbara Flefrederick Jameson Pamela McColl Salem J. Hillis Miller said the husband Bruce Robinsjohn Carlos Rohenry Schwarzychad Tedimanheden Wai
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