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Date of publication:2000-10   Press: Cultural Relics Publishing House   Author:Yang Quanxi   Pages:245  

The birth of archaeological commonly known as "hoe archaeology" and perfect discipline system China archaeology, the antiquities in the resulting change description to science watch play science of cultural relics, in twentieth Century Chinese academic and cultural event. Two aspects of it from the materials and methods completely refresh lasted for thousands of years Chinese ancient historical tradition, not only open up a wider space for the research China academic and cultural circles, but also for all concerned about the Chinese nation has a long history and splendid civilization of people continue to provide valuable spiritual nourishment and power source. Yang ancient, the ancient, ancient exploration, and archaeology, has always been a significant academic features of Chinese traditional culture. In the pre Qin period, the end of all classes of authors, the Han Dynasty Sima Qian wrote "historical records", "water" Northern Wei Li a note. Their remains relevant, as far as possible, to survey and investigation, which can recognize and repair history history. The root source attitude, set an example for the exploration of the ancient archaeological academic, later on. Since then, Cuba and the study style between the mountains and rivers of the ancient have carried out, especially in the field of the artifacts, the Tang, Song Dynasty culture fashion.

"In twentieth Century Chinese archaeological discoveries and Research Series" is a set of discipline development history and research history books. It includes a comprehensive description of the general situation twentieth Century archaeological and cultural relic work: some of the important archaeological culture and ancient regional culture study of narrative; the study of cultural relics of the cultural relics and archaeology; the important discovery, the case of excavations and research. This book summarizes the important findings in twentieth Century Chu culture archaeological, discusses the concept, the Chu culture origin, main content and research status, equipped with 8 color pictures, 43 illustrations, illustrations, informative, has high academic value and appreciation value.
Author brief introduction

Yang Quanxi, Meixian, Guangdong, one nine four. The year 1965 was born in Malaya in March, graduated from the History Department of Peking University archaeology major, is now the Hubei Provincial Institute of archaeology. Chu Ji Nancheng site, Xiangyang Shan Wan Chu and other important archaeological project has presided over, editor of "Yi", "capital back Xi Deng Jia Wan" and other monographs, published field studies on Chu culture and other academic papers of more than 70 papers.
Catalogue of books

(a) the concept of Chu Culture (two) study of Jian Shiyi Chu culture of Chu culture found (a) archaeological culture in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River (two) to explore the early Chu Culture (three) explore and Study on the early capital of Danyang Chu Chu culture site two (a) the site and other sites findings (two) Chu Ying Ji Cheng (three) of four important cities 1 Dangyang season Jia Hu Chu Chu Palace City 2 Yicheng 3 Huaiyang 4 Shouxian County Chen city of Shouchun city (four) Chu don't, county and military Castle (five) large buildings based access (six) and to explore the Tonglushan and Mayang on the ruins of three Chu tombs found that (a) west Hubei area west of Zhanghe 2 1 Ju Ju east of Zhanghe 3 Gorges area (two) in north area 1 in 2 Yicheng Xiangyang area (three) in the area of middle reaches of 2 Chinese water southwest to northwest of Hubei 1 Dan water and intermittent water basin (four) E Dongyi 1 loss of water 至滠 water area of 2 kinds of water and Ba River Basin (five) southeast 1 upstream region of Huaihe river water to 2 Ru Yingshang water area (six) 1 in northwestern Hunan and Yuanjiang 2 of the Lishui River downstream and upstream of Yuanjiang (seven) (eight) in Northeast Hunan Hubei northwest southeast to the Southeast Hubei Northwest Jiangxi Jiangxi 1 2 (nine (ten) in southern Hunan In the middle of Anhui Province) (eleven) the rest four Chu cultural remains of bronze (a) (two) of iron and other metal utensils (three) paint wood bamboo 1 life appliance 2 entertainment appliances 3 weapons and vehicles with 4 funeral supplies and art (four) silk and ramie fabric 1 paintings, silk 2 linen silk (3 five) Zhu Jian (six) (seven) of jade, pottery, glass and other 1 jade 2 glass 3 other artifacts five conclusion references
Chapter excerpt

Illustration: About Tonglushan ancient copper mine in the state, Mr. Zhang Zhengming will be divided into two stages, some of the ancient Yue (Yang Yue), after the return of Chu, owners of the turning time in "Chu king first Jing's" period (spring and Autumn period). Mayang copper mine sites located in the western part of Hunan Mayang County Park Bay, here is a modern copper mining. In 1982 the archaeological investigation and clean-up work, have been found in ancient mine 14, one for the open-pit mining, the underground mining. See from the opening part of the ancient underground mining, is opening in the reef surface, along the rich lode mining under the slope from the top. Mine is irregular, not the same height width. The copper containing Cretaceous rock is strong and the support of mine is relatively simple, consisting of double column and burden, top only long wood in a crack, most of the mine is left at the top 40 cm thick ore layer of natural protective top. Mayang copper mine sites have been cleared a part of cultural relics, including wood, iron, pottery and other material objects, most of the mining tool, a miner's life. Wood is the hammer, gourd, gourd ladle, prying his shovel, shovel, wedge, cup etc.. The iron chisel, hammer. Pottery cans, beans, etc.. According to these relics, ancient mine in the Warring States period. Mayang copper mine site is not carried out large scale, but it is clearly after the Lake North copper green mountain, a great ancient ruins found. In the not far from this site Chen the waters, the distribution of many Chu tomb unearthed a large number of cultural relics, and chu. The Warring States period of Mayang copper mine, an important must belong to the mining area.
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"Chu culture": twentieth Century is the cultural relics and Archaeology began Chinese scientific exploration of the age. Standing on the threshold of the new century, open the books, relive those discoveries continuously, research achievements one after another exciting time, maybe you can see the struggle, perhaps can touch the sparks of wisdom, maybe you can start a new round of relay at the forefront......
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