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Date of publication:2006-1-1   Press: Guangxi Normal University press   Author:(Qing) Chen Jitong   Pages´╝Ü177  

"Chen Jitong French work: main contents: Chinese happiness" includes: preface, family, religious festivals and holiday music, country people, the eternal feminine, serious music, table, skills of the game, games of chance, public entertainment, the conclusion -- the happiness.
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Chen Ji (1852-1907), the word king like, No. three Cha passengers Hou Guan, Fujian (now Fuzhou) people. The youth attended the Fuzhou shipping school, after studied and worked in Europe for eighteen years, served as ambassador to the French Embassy counsellor. After returning, he played a unique role in the political, diplomatic, cultural activities.
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Sequence of a sequence of two religious music festival preface home countryside festivals and public the eternal feminine serious music table games of skill risk game public entertainment conclusion -- the happy
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A religious holiday and public holiday of Dragon Boat Race weather unbearably hot in the shade: there are forty degrees, but that is just the start of summer! In the lunar May Festival this day, we celebrate the Dragon festival. City posted countless in each and every family door red character completely change the appearance, red paper to a variety of changes in the form of written auspicious words. In these paper aside, and two in the roots with a red rope carefully tying up sweet wormwood, nail in the middle of each door. It is generally believed that the leaves of this plant, like a sword, to ward off evil spirits. After giving the common ancestral tablet offerings, we start the dinner, enjoy the ceremony prepared dishes, and drinking realgar Yellow Wine -- according to a widespread perception, it can be for a whole year, destroying disease root, flooding the plague. When noon came, people quickly in the yard put the bowl filled with water, in order to let the water take was the sun. Reportedly, such as after the water on dystocia, pregnant women is the best treatment agent. After lunch, we went to West Lake lake, to watch the Dragon Boat race. This is a very long and very flat boat -- something like a big boat, equipped with twenty to thirty oarsman. At the bow, stands a huge dragon, or erect other horse. A seaman standing on the bow, holding a banner, in order to maintain the balance of the direction in the rear to change flag. There is a band of the dragon's back, people can hear the drums, which is interwoven with clanging gong. In the distance, can see the competition goal: sometimes a live duck; as long as the ship approached, it into the water, trying to avoid many of the enemy, but it always fall into the most lucky, the most agile hands. The winner will be proud to hold the hands of the spoils of war, and the birds cried, struggling to beat its wings. Most of the time, this is a large bamboo above display provided by a guild of brocade, the first arrivals get it, as the competition winner prize. When the signal is issued, the competition started: flags, dancing, while to the left, then right, pointing the helmsman of the action, he statuesque standing in the rudder position, leading seaman's efforts. In the promotion of the many paddle boat rushed through, on the surface of the water, like the giant centipede, flying people together in color boat on the bridge and moored to the shore, in cross-strait gathered audience cheers, cheers. At this time, people can see that continue to shake the fan, as the audience echo match ups and downs like heartbeat. The boat up billows roll to cross a flooded, lotus and duckweed, and they quickly re emerged. In this short after the baptism, they become more and more pure. Broad leaf, to straighten, hold some water, and let them down like beads in general, and then, again sink, once again re emerge, so in the movement of continuous ups and downs...... This is the water Grand Prix Chinese, lake scene was surreal. You can imagine, the The Paris Opera House balcony, or Longchamp Racecourse grandstand drifting in the water; in the rich multicolored decorations color boat, more transparent glass windows in the mixed color painted window; you add up lady, in this picture look like men, so that you may have a a more accurate concept of such a famous event.......
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At the end of nineteenth Century, in the European culture stage, active in a long braid of Chinese. He frequently goes to the European diplomatic circles and cultural circles of the salon, a political magazine, he also used the French created a number of works, is the first great success in Western China writer. In the middle west history, even Gu Hongming, Lin Yutang can only to fall far behind. He is the late Qing diplomats, Ceng Pu's French Tutor -- Chen Ji.
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