Date of publication:2002-11   Press: New World Press   Author:Chris (UK)   Pages:247   Words:140  

Have a look the directory will know, this is a rare, interesting and thought-provoking book. "With the decline of God's gone and the church, people seek salvation Canon props were destroyed, celebrities and wonders to fill the void, thus creating entertainment worship, but also led to a shallow, flashy commodity culture rule. Therefore, to cover up the cultural entertainment worship collapse. Commodity culture can not cause complete culture, because it is in every article made brief and entirely irreplaceable brand, the same, the culture of celebrity can not produce excellent value, because any a kind of trend of excellence are commodity culture strangle in the cradle." Although we know, our life is full of celebrity phenomenon, but if not a celebrity, our newspapers, magazines, television, news, daily life and even commodities, our social structure and sound will be paralyzed, but so far, we haven't been able to fully appreciate the true situation in the celebrity age human.......
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The first chapter: celebrities and celebrity 1 celebrities, mass media and celebrities of 2 kinds of 3 celebrities celebrity second chapters: the reliquary celebrities and religion Shamanism and religion 1 2 celebrities, collective excitement and celebrity 3 celebrities and the ritual of death 4 Thomas effect 5 celebrities and 6 Death stalker 7 rock music and movie culture. The 8 famous ascension ceremony 9 celebrity status and recognition falls and failed 10 sin 11 entertainment celebrity worship 12 13 celebrity culture in third chapters: improve waste celebrities and aesthetic 1 public image of the 2 British drama 3 self-help and 4 celebrities on stage 5 and stage 6 celebrity photography celebrity culture 7 Cultural manager manager the fourth chapter: business celebrities and crime 1 violence and celebrity family 2 achievements and results of 3 anti hero 4 hungry just killing 5 notorious charm fifth chapter: celebrities and celebrities 1 celebrity culture prior 2 celebrities process 3 life politics and celebrities of
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  •   Boring the value of celebrity in the television advertisement

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