At the end of the central Changle

Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Shandong Education Publishing House   Author:Guo Panxi   Pages´╝Ü182  
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Introduction an ancient emperors like entertainment 1 nature and supreme integrate 2 major political leisure entertainment 3 cast Jun good atmosphere of 4 popular indulgence two actor nodes deep palace Game 1 with humorous take Shi Jun actor 2 palace game fun more than three play colorful dance entertainment 1 Zheng Ji maiden -- Qin Palace dance music 2 wrestling Drama -- the palace entertainment 3 prosperous scene -- the Sui and Tang Dynasties palace singing and dancing show 4 Tokyo Menghua -- 900 years ago -- 5 songs and opera operatic event since the song and Yuan Dynasties Palace Entertainment four front royal ball 1 emperors play cockfighting cockfighting Cuju entertainment 2 -- the world's oldest palace football entertainment 3 polo, donkey, and step play five swing ice leisurely seasons in the spring of 1 court entertainment 2 Summer Palace Entertainment 3 autumn court entertainment 4 Winter Palace Entertainment six Xpress pleasure figure plexus 1 imperial insects entertainment 2 imperial palace and entertainment of 3 cats and pet dog 4 "in the late Qing emperor Luban" the emperor and Tianqi emperor 5 the palace set shop entertainment 6 Xpress enjoy entertainment bibliography.
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