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Date of publication:2007-9   Press: Chongqing Publishing House   Author:Zhang Hui   Pages:220  

...... We surprised the desolation here, more surprise here is full of human civilization. Blackstone was engraved with the cattle, sheep, horses, camels and other animal paintings, there is a strange image, make us difficult to guess: drawing the character head in a ring shape, with a dot in the middle, both hands surrounded in the chest, chest below about two arc is wrapped completely unmasked, feet. The whole picture and the grotesque, far greater than the proportion of the surrounding animal pattern. We have the question: "what is this?" After careful analysis, it is very likely that the seventh Century BC, ancient Greek scholars said Al Taishan "one eyed man".......
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Zhang Hui, assistant researcher of Xinjiang Museum researcher at the Guilin University of Technology, Guangxi post China Cultural Creative Industry Research Center, Macao "Macao Taiwan pictorial" reporter. For many years engaged in the museum exhibition, Xinjiang human geography, history of Western science and technology, the mysterious culture, wine culture and local chronicles of the excavation work. Once created, organized throughout, written more than ten museum exhibitions and Exhibition report. He published "foreign" mysterious "" Xinjiang Museum "Bortala civilization". "Western" secrets "arimaspea Valley" and other seven books, in the preparation of "Xinjiang cultural relics" and so on many of the books, published more than 70 papers. The ancient Urumqi city found ring stone will be located in more than two thousand years of history in advance. In Qinggil, the series found, cause social widespread concern, Qinggil county were awarded "honorary citizen" title. Autonomous Region in 2005 was awarded the museum exhibition, tourism planning the highest award "Xinjiang Master Planning Award" by the central six ministries: awarded the "2006 most influential Chinese creative talents award". About his story and found reported Xinhua news agency, CCTV, "China cultural relics", "fair Youth Forum" and other media.
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The introduction part sweat elegy -- Secret domain Qinggil Tianjiao generation home mystery Long Qing Ge in the vast Altai discovery -- "looking for Gen Gi Khan" West Road station troops Valley shocking giant heap your by Khan died in Qinggil puzzle leads to archaeology paradox "arimaspea" ghost party big tribal chiefs found the tomb the artificial mountain Yelu Chucai and Qiu Chuji Kublai dispatched inspectors around the emissary -- Marco Polo -- three Haizi Valley Valley The great form has no shape. chariot Tianjiao -- Gen Gi Khan buried cable suspected al Taishan history in recent years abroad in search of a mausoleum Revelation -- Japanese and American Kravitz Egami Namio to found the angel's prints? "The one eyed man" and the mysterious three Haizi monolith reactors building "ghost" where on earth? Al Taishan frozen tomb and Shi Zhong Xinjiang archaeological circles al praise of three Haizi ancient megalithic heap cultural qualitative -- sacrifice of Shamanism sanctuary Obo, Mani DUI and the ancient stone pile culture find the mystery of the world -- the crop circle shaped ancient stone pile of buildings the crop circle -- an ancient mystery appeared in Xinjiang for the two time "crop circle the phenomenon of fake" mortal crop circle -- be overbearing "once this month according to the ancients" Northwestern University "day dimensional Whitsunday" Wadang Cypriot stone pile and the riddle of the Stonehenge. The United Nations Conference on the human response to the crop circle phenomenon research bulletin the British government declassified crop circle investigation file China science circles sure crop circle not man-made phenomenon crop circle culture China -- social sciences should not be academic outcome -- dead wasteland rock burst day hunting for Deer Stone mystery where? Zhao Baogou culture in the Tianlu worship -- 6000 flying deer diorama revelation from continental to Tibet shenlu the culture and Deer Stone mystery who is the deer hunter -- from Orion? South Siberia Taiz Ming culture stone column -- God deer stone culture crack problem of a key deer stone culture area fire "lecture" reindeer missing event history coincidence which is -- Siberia Tunguska explosion and Deer Stone mystery of God worship -- "one eyed" rock road through the secret? "Suddenly caught one eyed man" mantra, or lie -- the myths and legends and historical literature in "one eyed man" world "one eyed" myth motif from Al Taishan "one eyed man", not "the one eyed" biology of true colors, only the edge of iron mask mask face the harmony between man and nature of the ancient art gallery of Chagan Enlightenment -- Guo Le reservoir rock heaven -- Chinese most North a "six words" cliff epigraph green Gerry Griffin and Jane -- review of gold gold tiger the wandering into the same thing -- Qinggil "silver cattle" and "black" Junggar meteorite rain -- kill "Cara the dinosaur in wheat" the murderer? "Black gold" rock reflection on variable natural moat -- Kalaxiangeer thoroughfare earthquake fault rare with mysterious stone balls -- worship of celestial bodies? Artificial stones? Evaporation -- Qinggil surrounding savage historic monuments continuation day language, people know -- philosophy, historiography, in the view of the science of extraterrestrial exploration Chinese began looking for extraterrestrial civilization in Aletai -- Junggar basin UFO case of 30 geological team adventure Beita mountain UFO over the Junggar basin show parallel "rocket" Fuyun hundreds of teachers and students to see UFO Fuhai fan-shaped flying objects found in Aletai palace lantern shaped UFOUFO frequently visit Qitai Fuyun County -- Al Taishan ten days two see UFO Xinjiang writer chengwanli induced "discovery" in a letter that Kazakhstan border UFO 8 · 25 UFO UFO margin foreign "mystery" economics actual three cases
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Sweat elegy -- Secret domain Qinggil and Tianjiao generation home mystery vast Altai Yo green Gerry entered the new century, following the industrial civilization of global coverage, the post industrial civilization and information civilization is advancing, the world's only remaining fam bit by bit disappear, human insatiable curiosity increasingly disappointed. Some people can not help but ask, how many there remain a mystery of nature around us? If there are not printed on the human footprint virgin let us to yearn for, to explore? We also have the patience to wait for, a death can relive the classical explorers discovered that vision and delight and excitement?...... Al Taishan, vast, powerful, tall and straight, magnificent. Many years ago, Altai mountain and its surrounding area by some foreign scholars believe that "human is the true original, most ancient birthplace of culture", "the human to one of Asia's northern and Eastern mainland mobile ancient center". Chinese and Western literature and history all strokes are in collision. "Chuang-tzu?" recorded in travel: a north of the country, were on "poor"The bald man, china. In the South and the north of Taishan, it was found that a mysterious bald men. Herodotus in the "history", also mentioned the bald man. "Huainan Zi" "" and other books ShanHaiChing al deep in Taishan have "an order of the people". Pliny also wrote that the "mystery man". And we just in the Qinggil mountains found in the "one eyed" rock formation, Qinggil cultural issues and deer stone and stone piles. According to the latest study found that Chinese, often mentioned in ancient literature of Chinese legend of the sacred one one Kunlun Mountains, which is now known as the Al Taishan. Now, when people will look heap, stone, stone, stone, rock carvings deer locking in ancient boulders that widely distributed in the high mountains and lofty hills in Taishan, and unearthed a large number of stone tools, pottery, bronze and iron, can understand that I Taishan extraordinary about.
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The exploration of Altai and Qinggil County, the mystery of the world's most recent findings and crack Gen Gi Khan suspected buried al Taishan; "one eyed" heap of building and the mysterious three Haizi boulders; the mystery of the world crop circle shaped ancient stone pile of buildings; waste rock burst day hunting mystery; Mystery Stone ball -- Qinggil "silver cattle" and "black gold"; Aletai Junggar basin UFO sightings of.
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