• Chinese spending and traditional culture

    "China money and spend the traditional culture" is a collection of the author in the last century ninety's in London has collected, usually buy by Britain, France, Singapore's money or auction house, also in Beijing, Shanghai Chinese, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Macao and other places to buy some, there is a part of,

  • History China Customs: the primitive society Vol.

    The custom content is very extensive, involving many aspects of material life and spiritual life, relevant research works on the range has been quite different, we after many discussions, on the basis of draw on the previous research, try to make a breakthrough. With its content and form, which is divided into food, clothing, housing, transportation, marriage,

  • The Egyptian civilization

    "BGYPT Egyptian civilization" editors carefully tailoring and design, in the context of history, religion, culture setting, city and architecture, art, education, science and technology, folk custom such as plates, each plate with graceful appropriate words, each side concentrated display of Egyptian civilization outstanding achievements. The book is both to egypt,

  • Not as much as the Analects of Confucius

    "Not as much as the Analects of Confucius" (version): like watching a work of art on the classic interpretation of meaning, perception and image interpretation will always differ from man to man. How to interpret the classics is a problem worth discussing. "Not as much as the Analects of Confucius" (version) based on its solid foundation, Ancient Chinese Literature Search keen realistic insight,,

  • The Maya civilization

    "MAYA Maya civilization" with the gradual development of Archaeology and anthropology, the mystery of the Maya civilization have been the world's attention. Now, the Mayan hieroglyphic decoding is closely linked with our understanding of the ancient civilizations of the world, the Mayan civilization to the entire central development and the future is not to be ignored in the guide for,

  • Sinology in the early history of Europe

    This book in ancient Greek, Rome on Chinese understanding as the beginning, start from the great geographical discovery, missionary work in China, understanding and imagination from two angles, from the interaction and exchange of view, combing the early European Chinese about knowledge and image formation as well as in the process of Chinese and Western cultural interaction. The author thinks that interactive communication,

  • Said Chinese.

    "Said China in English: Culture" is composed of eight chapters, respectively is: Chinese traditional culture, Chinese Festival, China historical stories, myths, fables, China China Chinese folklore, Chinese cultural classics, China folk art. The Chinese nation created a broad and profound of the Chinese culture in the long history of development. For thousands of years,

  • Study on Guangdong ethnic and regional culture

    "Different people and groups of Guangdong Han study" Guangdong ethnic and regional culture and ethnic culture, and focus on the former. Through these studies, see clearly between the different national Guangdong and the different culture, between different local groups or the same nationality as well as the different culture, the,

  • Hong Menzhi

    The first complete return China Gang, in Hong door as the source, the triad, triad, Gelaohui, and even today Hongkong Taiwan area new Nghe An, the bamboo Gang, a history of the development of the secret society China. Method to the case, the Hongmen is the earliest origins of modern secret societies China. The origin and development of the book details the first big gang "Chinese Hongmen",

  • Culture and human development

    "Culture and human development" is the combination of cultural psychology and development psychology, including developmental psychology, cultural anthropology and comparative cultural studies the interdisciplinary field of view and knowledge. The author studied the human development from a broad cultural vision, focuses on the problem of methodology development theory and Research on human. And explain the,

  • Cultural impact case analysis

    This book to cultural differences between the impact of focus, the basis for many interesting cases, detailed analysis and comment on the cultural impact the causes and possible solutions. Through this book for comments on cultural impact phenomenon, so that readers can read and understand one aspect of culture, not only can enhance the reader's cultural significance,

  • Hongshan Culture

    Discovery and research series China Archaeology in twentieth Century, "Twentieth Century Chinese archaeological discoveries and Research Series" is a set of discipline development history and research history books. It includes a comprehensive description of the general situation twentieth Century archaeological and cultural relic work; for some important archaeological culture and ancient regional culture study of narrative; the study of cultural relics of the weight,

  • Ecstasy

    The temptation to course 4000, "Ecstasy" content brief introduction: human delirium delirium Road, sometimes it is free and creative way to. "Ecstasy" for you about the witch with the odd spirit history. Vivid narration, ecstasy historical unheard of, a lot of finely carved, detailed notes and a unique picture will provide you a like,

  • Research on the development strategy of Chinese culture industry

    In recent years, the development of cultural industries, highly valued by all levels of government, has also become a hot academic research. To strengthen the strategic research of the cultural industry, grasp the development of China's cultural industry, clear thinking, the development of cultural industry, the cultural industry development goals, is a foundation to promote the development of cultural industry,

  • Yanhuang Culture Research (seventh Series)

    "Yanhuang Culture Research (seventh Series)" as "Yanhuang Culture Research" seventh series, mainly divided into monographs; Yanhuang two emperor and age of the origin of Chinese civilization; sacrifice; culture; national culture and regional culture; thought and school; cultural discussions; social customs; cultural exchange; research on overseas Chinese culture; china,

  • Female artist mirror

    "Female artists mirror (the)" content brief introduction: who they are? They are with a girl. Britain's most intelligent woman. Old mental hospital female sculptor. The ugly. Avant garde literature queen and hunter. Bloom and the queen. "The experience of all the experience of the" genius woman writer. Life sentimental,

  • Lu Xun and Chinese culture

    "Lu Xun and Chinese culture (Literature)" content brief introduction: the great founder Lu Xun -- China modern literature, modern Chinese the suffering of the soul, a great enlightenment, the eternal national spirit. His novel is a horn, can arouse the people numb the nerve, the promotion of national self awareness; his essay is,

  • The mountain

    In the eyes of the Chinese famous cultural celebrity, "the mountains: mountains relates to cultural celebrity eyes" in the mountains of Taishan of first, Wanshan convergence Mount Huangshan, must show the world the best in all the land of Mount Emei, and Huashan, as well as the Tianshan Mountains, Mount Lu, Mount Wutai, Yandang Mountain, Wudang Mountains, Tianmu Mountain, Jinggangshan, Wuyishan, the Qinling Mountains mountains, Kunlun Mountains, Ali mountain,

  • Interesting research

    Chinese ancient gay map test, "interesting research: Chinese ancient gay test" tells the story of bisexuality is that men and women are heterosexual, gay of ancient basically are the performance for this form. Investigate its reason, the modern society is a patriarchal society, men married is a prerequisite for him to stand in the world, the marriage must be. At the same time, there are two ancient society,

  • "Franklin biography" and American spirit

    The first chapter "Franklin autobiography" review the first section from 18 to nineteenth Century, "Franklin autobiography" comments "Autobiography of Franklin" in twentieth Century second quarter of section third in the perspective of cultural studies "Autobiography of Franklin" the second chapter of Franklin's moral self perfection first,

  • The old gate

    "The main content of the old Chongqing image chronicles, old gate": in the vast Bayu earth, little scattered stars like dotted with thousands of old city fortress. In the face of these half destroyed and rain mottled ancient ruins, incomplete and a vicissitudes of the former camp, think that a symbol of war in ancient China sword hand, Ming, fluttering banners hid the sun, war-torn battlefield,,

  • Research Chinese ancient culture of wall

    "The main content of Chinese" ancient culture of wall: the wall poem all make felt, come with Xing, sustenance. However, the best non creativeness agile, outstanding talent who can not. Those works spread so far, his political ambitions there, Chi love landscape is, derided political persons, vent heart,

  • The late Ming literature thought research

    This book sets out from the knowledge of history and the history of problems from the angle of combination, explored a very deep in the late Ming Dynasty literature thought, related to the former seven, Wuzhong school, Tang Song school, seven after, police sent a series of schools, the phenomenon has not been well solved many important the problem of historical level and problems,

  • "Good friend" magazine and Shanghai urban culture

    "The Young Companion Pictorial and Shanghai urban culture" author Wu Guozhong, just after I returned to Beijing recommend Mr. Fu Qiang is in charge of "eighty years" history book written for the friend. For this program in a manuscript written work, she and "companion" institutions President Dr. Wang Lixing, general manager Ms. Wang Huiru had several,

  • Chu culture

    Discovery and research series Chinese Archaeology in twentieth Century, "Introduction": "Twentieth Century Chu culture content Chinese archaeological discoveries and Research Series" is a set of discipline development history and research history books. It includes a comprehensive description of the general situation twentieth Century archaeological and cultural relic work; for some important archaeological culture and ancient regional culture study case narratives of cultural relics,

  • See China from the surrounding

    "From the surrounding see China" not only in the concept may lead us to the cognition history and culture Chinese China, in the literature may activate many did not pay attention to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam China related data, extended in the method will also stimulate a variety of language use and academic vision. The contents of this book,

  • All powerful.

    The main content of "Babel": we surprised the desolation here, more surprise here is full of human civilization. Blackstone was engraved with the cattle, sheep, horses, camels and other animal paintings, there is a strange image, make us difficult to guess: drawing the character head in a ring shape, with a dot in the middle, surrounded in the chest with both hands,,

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