Date of publication:2005-1   Press: SANQIN Publishing   Author:(Qing) Li Yu, Zhang Ping "   Pages:350   Words:200000  

"Xianqingouji" is a place in work, including theory of drama, aesthetic sentiment, building skills, diet structure, in a leisurely and carefree mood, physical and mental accomplishment and aspects, basically is his social life practice, reflect his personal cultivation and life. Li Yu wanted to others as they did not want to, on what others not on others, happy not happy, the point is interesting, lead a person to endless aftertastes. So once published, it shocked the literary world, much as a legend, the monster. Since Kangxi first published ten years wing Temple engraving, carve many, very popular. "Xianqingouji" edition of name, and "Weng a word", "Weng pair set" etc.. Its contents are basically the same, occasional errors. This arrangement, in 30 years of this century 宝文堂 stone printed to dibon, taking other popular this revision, choose and follow what is good, not for school. The notes to the commentary, listed in each post. Because the margin of generality, free surface comments, it is difficult to distinguish in that part of the sentence, so the comment number just as readers tips. The dictionary of professional and strong, and moved to the rear. Improper, also hope the misunderstanding.
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Li Yu alias: word all fallen, Kasa O: Ming Wanli thirty-eight years Geng Chen (1610) in August and Kangxi died nineteen years Geng Shen (1680) lunar January thirteen (1611 -- 1680), Lanxi (now in Zhejiang) people, author of "Weng a word collection", including poetry and "free love" I send drama, "ten plays", known as Li Shilang, home to a theatrical troupe, performing all over. Words
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Volume is an acoustic capacitance selection of the first second to third position & learning skill fourth 2 bedroom Department houses first window second walls third tablet fourth stone fifth Vol. three playing system first position second which diet of vegetarian first Gu Shidi two carnivorous third Vol. five planted woody herb and third department first Fujimoto Daini Hui fourth bamboo fifth volume six maintenance department 'first check about second SIP third sex and fourth make fifth therapy and sixth volume seven part structure of the first words second rhythm of third volumes eight and fourth men dialogue buffoonery fifth pattern of sixth Vol. nine exercises part selected drama first tone second "Song third teach white fourth off Fifth
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  •   A good book is cheap
  •   Li Yu's "xianqingouji" to find a lot of version, personally feel that this is also good. Content is more complete and reasonable price. The quality of the paper is not thick, no ink smell. Most like acoustic capacitance, also recommend you to have a look.
  •   I love.
  •   Idle down! Write very interesting.
  •   As a landscape class, teacher recommendations, very loving, very interesting, and the price is reasonable. But the book did not comment, something not quite understand......
  •   In reality it is living in reinforced concrete. Reasonable price.
  •   My day is archaic, some local reading quite demanding
  •   Friends of ancient and modern people how much similarity and elegant.
  •   Feel good, can buy, although it is classical, strength slightly better then can understand

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