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Date of publication:2007-6   Press: Jincheng press   Author:Song Lida   Pages:203   Words:200000  

The brilliant culture is a part of the roots of a nation, has become one of the labels Chinese, became a continuation of the same blood. People gathered in the unique and rich auspicious culture in every detail, can be a strong message to the US: we are Chinese, along with ancestors, the ancestors desired world to. Book in accordance with the traditional auspicious culture in the most typical several sections Fu, Lu, Shou, happiness, wealth, auspicious, ya, He Shun, security classification, each section and cooperate with relevant patterns, paintings, pictures, layer upon layer, the surface Union, in order to make the readers in a relatively short time, on the formation of knowledge Chinese auspicious culture is intuitive and emotional, improve the reader in daily life in the interpretation and application of the auspicious culture content literacy and ability.
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Fu "Fu" and "Fu" the legend of related things characterization "Fu" pattern, legends and beliefs and "Lu" related things with "Paul" the auspicious patterns to cause words life and "Shou" about the legends and things and the "life" of things related to such auspicious birthday birthday words like the legend and the custom wedding etiquette birth customs and "Hi" things about love and marriage marriage auspicious patterns on class word descendants multiplied kinds of auspicious patterns rich allusions and legends and "property" that is related to the characterization of wealth pattern convey auspicious meaning Xiang Xiangrui legend patterns represent auspicious thing Ya and Ya related things and "Ya" related pattern and Shun Shun legends He Shun symbolizes peace and security pattern related items Yansheng custom square God patron safety kind auspicious patterns to pray for peace.
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  •   The original Bertelsmann's time, I went to the store to see very well, the color is very good. From the Internet to buy one, found the color difference is too much, the quality of the paper is not very good. But the contents of the book is also good, some folk culture China speaking, it is worth understanding.
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