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Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Hunan Education Publishing House   Author:Zhang Chen   Pages´╝Ü211  

Ring, comb, incense, handkerchiefs, wallets, and shoes, perfume bottles, lights, buttons, masks, mirror, these beautiful things, these love things, whether they are going away, still on our side, in which the distant past and present, holding me never stop yearning. I believe, this field has just begun to pursue...... "What" good fortunately the insights of the things (such as rings, comb, incense, handkerchief, purse, shoes, perfume bottles, candle, buttons, masks, mirror) -- physical and human nature both sides of this "coin". Physical property of them is innate, and then by skilled craftsmen meticulously, and beautiful, and the utility, but rare. Their nature is a sticky, such as soul, is a human the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures on them and focus projection. For example, a wedding ring, which may be between the lover the permanent keepsake, solidification oath, may also be beautiful trap, sweet yoke, depending on the human affection depth alcohol thin shade and authenticity utterly different. Author in the "things down, ring" the article said: "the wedding ring means a commitment, means a woman willing to be a man possessed, also means a man willing to be a woman of possession, they must be loyalty to each other, fulfill its obligations. For one individual freedom and independent people, wedding ring this little chains really can not be overlooked. Wearing or not wearing? This is a life and death proposition." A small ring, materials are expensive with cheap, diamonds, precious stones, jade, gold, silver, bone, wood, glass, crystal, its real value is that he is not here, have a genuine and sincere desire, there is love love, she is like this, people driven to distraction now, with its shape, lost their god. Author insights into a physical and human tragedy in divorce, also insights into a material nature and human nature harmony and beauty of all human joys and sorrows, the password is gradually to crack. Zhang Chen wrote "things", is under the foot of the Bo concept and about to take, Fan Masashi, Bai copy, notes, novels, poems, songs, Fu, words, music, drama, and something relevant and interesting information, slip over nothing whether big or small, all in her search range. She has abundant love, infinite interest, on any piece of things in the book, are familiar with the. Their material, their morphology, their use, their values, and their associated the grief at separation and joy in union always love story, the author use talk in an impressive way tone one one traction out, let a person can't help students feeling: these familiar things were so good so remarkable, they are the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures props, can be used as a defensive shield, but also can be used as a weapon attacks. A substance or fragrant or mercy, or sad or sad, though long and no partition, this move is the author skillfully as the medium induced. In the physical world, lovely and valuable local people is not whether they are good and evil Love Hate from feelings Zhixing, no cheating and material, that is no cheating with people, not bully and ghosts. In the human world, lovely and valuable local objects is that they both have no loss of possession of the abandoned it, and people have the edge sub sub poly, insulation from. In the "what" in mind, we everywhere can see people love and hate, what highlight the temptation can not be absolute, them, their function should not be underestimated.
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Ring in the women all accessories, with too much beyond the meaning of decoration ring. For example, necklace, bracelet, bracelets, bracelets, are just a beautiful there, and ring not only exist, but also silent about the master mind. Oh, in love, the middle finger of his left hand is Hyun passionately in love; Oh, in marriage, the left hand ring finger with the siege mark; Oh, no, not the person you love, but always ready for a romantic encounter, his left index finger flashing forward light. There are also women "Bing Bing polite", triumphantly on the left hand little finger a ring, you must place, she did not intend to get married, single is her at the moment of choice, the first she had to tell the truth, don't waste your love on me! There is a legend from nowhere, pernicious influence is very wide. That is, if a girl at the age of eighteen was a silver ring, will be life smooth, happy. So presumably, missed eighteen years old that silver ring girl too much. Most of the girls missed the silver ring at the age of eighteen, but was not willing to miss another profound ring. Today, there is a deep feeling of advertising words: "a diamond is forever, a permanent circulation." To a woman so ring, I do not know the number of the dream, the men do not know how many charges heart. Just because, in the secular ideas, such a ring, is men and women love, marriage is the most promising evidence. How true love, love has many deep, actually in the heart is not clear, however, only the lonely, natural, since marriage between men and women is a legal contract, so, except that a legal document, the wedding ring is more aesthetic function.......
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