Wang Xifeng in the red chamber 36 strokes

Date of publication:2005-3   Press: Petroleum Industry Press   Author:Hou Shusen Lu Zhidan   Pages:254   Words:270000  

They can all turn the tide of business strokes, utilize modern operator of rapids and sound towers nostrum. If Wang Xifengsheng in today's world, she is absolutely first-rate women executives, top CE0. Li Wei treatment of trickery, employing controlled by trickery; please the boss smart, win the wrist; opponents poison, protect their tricks; use lively style, revealing her exercise with deep inside their finishing touch; use language, interpretation of the true meaning of her thirty-six strokes with fresh spirit; vivid case, inspired by the modern workplace learning.
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Hou Shusen born in 1960, associate professor, Department of economics of Renmin University of China is now a professional writer, curator. The main works are: "day", "100 years of woe to Harvard to teach students in philosophy of life", "Cambridge taught philosophy of life", "Tang Seng is a good leader", "the pig is a good man".
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First strokes to fire three to second strokes 威重令行 Enwei and wide and tight third strokes to punish someone as a warning to others make an example of sb. fourth strokes Qiaoshanzhenhu diversion fifth recruit kind hands take sixth strokes to shoot up the person to take the horse seventh strokes to sacrifice oneself for another person than eighth bidding the opportunity to offer good eyebrow ninth strokes petty win tenth strokes Gu people face to step eleventh strokes invasion to forgive twelfth strokes on the steel blade touch thirteenth strokes when idle paving left Yuqing fourteenth strokes from smart fifteenth recruit people psychologically sixteenth strokes skillfully with the tears bitter meat inside seventeenth strokes can swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load into the event eighteenth strokes to hide a dagger behind a smile play a double game nineteenth strokes to pretend to be ignorant of sth. feign madness without being insane twentieth strokes camouflage to practise deception twenty-first lucky does not leak white shows poor hidden rich twenty-second strokes substitution using switch twenty-third strokes and three sides knife find amusement when the occasion arises twenty-fourth strokes to fish in troubled water luanzhongqusheng twenty-fifth strokes agencies calculated serial trapped twenty-sixth strokes to lure the enemy in deep upstairs ladder twenty-seventh strokes to afford watching battle twenty-eighth strokes alienate one person from another murder a person with a borrowed knife twenty-ninth strokes to maltreat an injured person a thirtieth strokes while playing third's fire. 1 strokes to save know what one is about thirty-second strokes at large the better to apprehend him in thirty-third strokes to sail with the wind adjust to changing circumstances thirty-fourth strokes to lead away the sheep by the way go to thirty-fifth strokes to retreat a step it's politic to leave thirty-sixth strokes back striking
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