Visual culture, spectacle

Date of publication:2005-12   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:Jacques Lacan etc.   Pages:311   Words:244000  

What is the "visual culture"? What is the spirit of the research? What are the characteristics of the method? If the vision is the main function of watch, then, to see and be seen, and see between machine, see the subjectivity and otherness and what is the relationship? Focusing on these problems, the book list of articles will provide a basic map to everyone, but is not the answer. Jacques Lacan, Jean Baudrillard, Guy Debord's paper, has become the classic literature of visual culture, and Mick Barr, Victor Bergin et al. Words can be said to represent the latest achievements of this research field. This book is the core theme of "visual culture research", included Jacques Lacan, Guy Deb, Jean Baudrillard, Mick Barr, Nicholas Mirzoeff and other famous contemporary cultural theorist in modern and post-modern era of cultural representation, and after the main structure and the spirit of analysis for the study of the dominant framework. They were from the "mirror", "gaze", "the society of spectacle", "simulacra and simulation", "ghost writing" and other different conceptual systems into, around the "visual" problems of the respective states, the relationship between operation and subject to the modern world, the culture construction of representations and visual the practice of in-depth analysis, in order to reveal the human cultural behavior especially the dialectics and be seen in visual culture, between all sorts of identity reveal the dialectics and modern subject.
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Wu Qiong, doctor of literature, is served on the Chinese people in philosophy department, mainly engaged in western aesthetics and philosophy research.
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Pedigree of the mirror stage visual and visual culture -- the research of visual culture: psychoanalytic experience reveals the "I" of the functional configuration on gaze as small to shape society of spectacle fitting objects like process visual essentialism and visual culture in / difference space: an introduction to visual culture of ghost writing: the visual culture of the French colonial the exhibition's gaze to the center of the word and the thing: narrative, self construction
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  •   The book looks very fashionable, my love, thought is the popular culture. Unfortunately, this book is very professional. So many professional terminology, translation blunt. Is this major for beginners, to read more laborious. As a tool book fair.

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