Useless operation

Date of publication:2005-10   Press: Oriental Press   Author:Kato Tetsu   Pages´╝Ü209  

The so-called useless, but is relative to the utilitarian function, is a kind of invisible effect. This is inspired by the ancient Chinese gave me. I found that, in Chinese ancient, hidden deep wisdom and power, only in-depth study, experience, with its connotation in the sentence with words, we can obtain its wisdom and strength. In modern society, most people only pay attention to English, accounting, computer these immediately useful knowledge, and do not like the ancient Chinese, including the knowledge of humanities. The pearl is unknown, although this kind of knowledge is not immediately apparent, but its meaning is endless. This book is for readers to write in japan. In order to help the readers to understand, in this book lists a number of other national literature, comparison and China prose.
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Kato church, was born in 1963 in Tokyo, University of Tokyo under the graduate, in the same University doctoral course at the College of Chinese literature, studied at Peking University Chinese department, associate professor at Hiroshima University. The main works include: "Peking Opera", "Empress Dowager" etc..
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The first part of the preface to China readers real snow is white? The first chapter ninety-nine percent of sadness and one percent of the remaining second chapters with depression cannot encourage the third chapter you are but a little soul to find a corpse. The fourth chapter how to measure odor fifth chapter has no mouth Hello Kitty second part before death the doctor nose two or three chapter dark bottom found my face the second chapter the dead not rest in the grave in the third chapter and the fourth chapter elephant dead time mouse fifth chapter obasuteyama and twenty third part not fire hot Bai Gouhei chapter heaven no mercy second chapter volute angle for the left and right third chapter cochlear angle is assumed a lamp fourth months once rated and Shangyou first chapter this number, second chapter general education and professional education third chapters will be good because the authority of the fourth chapter reviews have Cao Cao fifth civilization. The first chapter is a political monster second chapter civilization bright and dark third chapter I have quoted Confucian books.
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