Tutorial of corporate culture

Date of publication:2003-10   Press: Renmin University of China press   Author:Wang Chengrong   Pages´╝Ü249  

This book tries to absorb the latest achievements of the research of corporate culture at home and abroad, research ideas into their own, more complete era background and theory origin of enterprise culture of discipline development, expounds the basic connotation of enterprise culture, system and evolution, reveals the corporate culture in management science, illustrate the different effects of different subjects the construction of enterprise culture in enterprise culture construction from the perspective of practice, and the construction projects of enterprise culture construction method, at the same time, the corporate culture of innovation and development in the future were prospectively analyzed. This book can be used as the business and financial undergraduate class teaching material, also can be used for related professional graduate student reference book, also can be used for business professionals, senior managers and enterprise culture training.
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The first section theory of enterprise culture in the first chapter the background of the formation of the theory of enterprise culture in the second quarter China dissemination and development of the third section of enterprise culture theory academic status and academic nature of the second chapter enterprise culture enterprise culture: the first section from phenomenon to theory in section second, the concept of enterprise culture and characteristics of third corporate culture classification the fourth section and mode of enterprise culture basic function and value of fifth section of enterprise culture theory the third chapter the basic corporation culture system the first enterprise values in section second section third enterprise spirit of business ethics section fourth corporate image fourth chapter enterprise culture evolution first enterprise culture origin, accumulation and dissemination of second section of enterprise culture conflict, choice and innovation in section third, the integration of corporate culture and the transformation of the fifth chapter of the subject of enterprise culture construction in Chapter sixth, the core of the corporate culture construction engineering seventh chapter enterprise culture construction of the extension project of the eighth chapter of enterprise culture comparison and reference of the ninth chapter of innovation of enterprise culture and the prospect of the reference
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To explore the management of enterprise, quality is good or bad, can not just look at the system, method, to go deep into the underlying system and method to study various cultural gene and its combination. Only in this way, can from a higher level to grasp the pulse and the rise and fall of enterprise operation. Enterprise culture should be an offer application fields such as a way of thinking and practice.
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