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Date of publication:2005-10   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Wang Zhenzhong   Pages´╝Ü522  

This book is a collection of academic Chinese ancient origin of civilization and the history and culture of ancient times, visited the civilization and state of origin, the Dongyi culture, Liangzhu civilization, totem culture, Zhou City and a series of cultural history. Collection is divided into two series, the "early origin of state and civilization," with my PhD thesis in 1994 by the Shaanxi people's Publishing House of the "origin China civilization comparative study" a book to each other. Essays in the "clan culture and religion", a collection of twelve articles about the clan culture and religious worship of the article. In view of the cultural connotation is rich and colorful, it contains the cultural significance of civilization, but also includes social sense of civilization, the clan culture and religious content in this paper, and the title is consistent. In a word, the research Chinese ancient civilization, which should be thought and the theory of innovation, should also be to study specific corresponding based. Each of the regional culture and civilization connotation aspect in the detailed study and should be considered.
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Wang Zhenzhong, born in 1957 in Yulin city of Shaanxi province. Doctor of history. Now Chinese researcher, Historical Research Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences Academic Committee, doctoral Institute Professor, Academy of Social Sciences Research China tutor, Commissioner of Qilu Culture Research Center of Shandong Normal University campus full-time researcher and academic committee. Author of "Chinese origin of civilization", "a comparative study of the China formation of ancient civilization and state", "national culture", "walk", "International Sinology pre Shang culture and Shang city" etc..
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On the current situation and origin of the origin of the early state and the origin of civilization China civilization from symbol to text -- about the origin of the word study on pottery and "fire" star and fire civilization and state -- Dongyi civilization origin of worship, war and national China origin of civilization and the formation of the state -- from settlement to the evolution of national Liangzhu the first form of society civilization's Western Zhou Dynasty cities national civilization from the country to the Kingdom and Empire: the evolution of the pre Qin country clan culture and religious worship Gong Gong's main areas of activity of Dongyi prehistoric history and brilliant culture of Xia Shang Zhou Culture of Oriental origin of "Longshan culture" unity and Dongshanzui altar and the diversity of the original China ancient society and worship of totem and long on the "tiger cannibalism Jiyou" bronze theme meaning is not the beginning of one's ancestor Oracle Bo Yi of the Shang and Zhou Guan Yi Shang kings new test at the beginning of the "social" and "Zuo Zu right agency" on how to study of ancient myth and history -- Comment on "the origin of gods" postscript
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