Thinking of the future

Date of publication:2004-10   Press: CITIC Publishing House   Author:Lawrence Lythgoe (USA)   Pages´╝Ü277  

Author: Lawrence Lythgoe (American) translator: Li Xu Lawrence Lythgoe, now a professor at the Stanford University School of law, Stanford University Center for Internet and society founder, the world's most prestigious network of legal experts, is "New York guest" known as "the age of the Internet the most important intellectual property rights thinkers", "business week" was called "the age of the Internet.", "network law with the most original ideas on the Internet,", the most influential one of 25 people". He is involved in almost all major controversy; AOL a Time Warner merger, Napster music copyright wars, Russian hackers event, DVD crack case...... He USA Microsoft antitrust trial results have an important effect on.
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Chinese edition order Prof Lessig and monographs. The first part of the Internet, public resources of the first chapter "free" the second chapter explanation: "public resources" and "layer" the third chapter on the network of public resources chapter fourth web surfers public resources to the fifth chapter of public resources and the radio spectrum Sixth chapter public area resources and the second part is the enlightenment the Internet, compared to seventh chapters in a real space creation the eighth chapter from the Internet innovation third part of Internet, control the ninth chapter the old and the new chapter tenth chapter eleventh control network control worms twelfth chapter control spectrum thirteenth chapter here is what the fourteenth chapter to the fifteenth chapter of public resources @##@ Olin. The Internet revolution has come, some people say it has in the past, revolution and why? And why go? Lawrence Lythgoe on the Internet revolution, why is there a counter revolutionary forces of destruction and consequences of explained. Creative boom, because of the Internet to protect public resources innovation. Because of the Internet and protect the public resources innovation. The unique design of the Internet to create a neutral platform. The wide range of authors can be performed on this platform test. The legal framework of this platform to give protection to the free space, so that the free flow of culture and information of our time -- thoughts, so as to stimulate the unprecedented widely thought achievements. However, this architecture design is changing -- whether it is legal, or technical level.
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  •   As the highway, you can open up that I can open up, not differ from man to man. Through many examples, illustrates the importance of open, very enlightening.
  •   A very good book, want to read, the electronic version of English version has been downloaded, save to NetEase SkyDrive. Need I can find QQ871863191
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  •   If only from the perspective of market economics simply, then surely the world is full of fair and beautiful world; but if you stand on the height of global political economy, it is the real final decisive factors.
  •   I recently was confused the issue, mainly to see the social networks and jobs Steve point of view.
  •   Teacher Wei, the top ^_^
  •   Logic is very rigorous book
  •   Read it. That development should not limit free stuff.
  •   So how to protect the interests of copyright owners, such as the promise or how to encourage developers to creativity.

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