The study of the Ming Dynasty official selection system

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Peking University press   Author:Pan Xinghui   Pages:316  

This book is based on academic achievement, in-depth exploration to start all-round on selection system of the Ming Dynasty, in order to scale with empirical, reveal the stages and levels of the literary system in the dynamic development of the politics of the Ming dynasty. The book points out, the Ming court to avoid the over centralization of power and the justice, efficiency principle, creatively attempt, but ultimately failed; and selection system as an important component of the system of the Ming Dynasty, is still on the understanding of historical characteristics provides a valuable perspective.
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Pan Xinghui, native of Guangdong Panyu, born in 1971 in Liaoning, Shenyang, in 2001 received a doctorate of Peking University history department. He taught at the Hongkong Open University, City University Hong Kong, and is currently a lecturer of Department of history, Shanghai Jiao Tong University College of humanities. Committed to the Ming, Qing study, published "the Ming Dynasty", "Dongyang uprising on from behind the cut -- from" the law "in Ming Dynasty, the Qing regime evolution", "distorted and humiliation of Ming history -- on the formation and evolution of the" and other papers.
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The first chapter is the introduction of "official things, Wen GUI Li Department of Ming Dynasty" -- civil service selection mechanism section history department structure and functions of a history department established functions two history department perfect second day history department personnel at all levels with a "division of labor with" two official department secretary elected Sanli department level division the third day of the rest of the official department chose a two Nanjing official department and official appointment of two chapter "permanent, Xuan, gradually follow qualification" -- candidate background and qualifications for a first born "three way and" schematic two recommendation three favour shade four tax and donation households talent section second candidate qualifications examination, Juren, relationship capital, native level, year, two investment book, reviews and Book Recommendation three selected lattice third chapter "(Chang Xuanguan). In addition to all selected moved, a Jinshi official department" -- selected section conventional selection to choose two chose three clerks for tribute resigned four election and acute and selected in the Ming Dynasty selection of a Ming Dynasty selected schematic schematic two five on the second day a special selection of channel selection two faculty chose three choose four distant third section the method the method of two out of the birth and development of law section fourth candidates and vacancy of the fourth chapter "Zuo 铨法 less, and Division officials "-- the right to recommend, pushing the push the senior civil law diagram derived...... The fifth chapter selection power balance theory under Appendix references postscript
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  •   This is the teacher recommended us to read the book. Although like history, but in the generation of various political system, official selection is not very understanding, through this book can be on the civil service selection system have a certain understanding. Worth reading.
  •   Although the language is not vivid, but not boring. What style of history, do not need gorgeous, but fluent nature is very important.
  •   Good good, really good
  •   To get his hand on the good. This is a specialized academic works. Learning related knowledge, students can look.

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