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Date of publication:1998-06   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Wang Jinyuan, Sheng Zhiguang   Pages´╝Ü97  

The disintegration of the feudal system of the 1 tyrants tyranny from thirteenth Century to sixteenth Century, Italy has had many large and small despot autocratic regime. Most of these tyrants, autocratic overbearing storm with transverse syndrome. Such as the thirteenth Century southern Italy and Sicily, Norman Empire Friedrich S carries out the tax system, limit of national to marry foreigners, limit the subjects of commercial, rely on the inquisition authoritarian rule. His agent Ezlino Da Romano prince, the public use of mass murder and atrocities to establish the throne. Milan in Fourteenth Century the tyrant Baer that Bo to hunting as the most important affairs of state, who hinder hunting will be tortured to death. He tried to collect the money, seven daughters each receive one hundred thousand gold dowry and collected a lot of jewelry. Many small authoritarian countries in fifteenth Century are often big evil rulers to fight for power and money, family, trigger happy superpowerdom, maintain the bloody rule. The bloody conflict between Perugia local regime frightful to the ear Pali stinky family and Austria's family is a typical example. Moore fifteenth Century Dynasty of the kingdom of Naples Alagna Dynasty, the Principality of Milan, is full of many sensational crime. The tyrant still in the feudal autocratic rule, but history makes their political behavior to bring non feudal color. As Friedrich S's early developed completely and objectively with all affairs in the judgment and action habits, and imposing not by virtue of the "holy Rome Empire", his agent Ezlino Da Romano, to achieve the purpose, use unscrupulous divisive tactics, its essence is to tear the shrouded in the feudal relations on the sacred veil, which is the modern bourgeois an important feature of politicians, so the author called him for future political typical characters of importance. In Fourteenth Century the Italian liner, the size of the national forest, dark and complicated struggle against. In such a situation, to live is to completely rely on their own strength to exist, and for this purpose and tightly organized. These factors all have in common and the modern state. Fifteenth Century is an important period of the disintegration of the feudal Italy cases, can see a lot of the disintegration phenomenon, mainly has the following several points: (1) the "holy Rome Empire" of the emperor were ignored, think they are useless, they come to Italy tour is regarded as "shameful political comedy". (2) the Holy Rome empire began to settle disputes interference theory in modern times, when both sides Each sticks to his own stand., third to take advantage, axiom and justice abandoned side. (3) direct inheritance is no longer considered unchangeable, a lot of monarch concubine. "Personal capacity, price and capacity than at all laws and customs of other parts of western traffic are more important." (Nineteenth pages) until sixteenth Century, due to the influence of the Counter Reformation, the legitimate right to inherit to put on the sacred cloak. (4) as the evaluation of people no matter traditional, there is no longer a semi religious devotion to a legitimate monarch, and Mercenary Captain attempted to establish their own independent Dynasty, because no matter what origin, Mercenary Captain might become an independent ruler, their army has become one of the most early to leaders personal prestige as the only power of the army.
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A, Jacob Burkhard's life and works of 1 from the pastor's son to art historians 2 cultural history research fruits two, "the civilization of the Renaissance in Italy" the significance of the three, the Italy Renaissance almost puzzle 1 "Renaissance" and "humanism" meaning of the 2 Italy Renaissance in the historical background of the emergence of 3 early Italy literature and art 4 the late Renaissance revival of Italy 5 Italy four, "the decline of the Renaissance has been almost completely get rid of the feudal system" Italy 1 tyrants tyranny and feudal system collapsed in 2 modern nation 3 tend to be secular Pope country five, "modern Europe's eldest son among 1 individuals to the development of the cause of" 2 personal development manifestation of the 3 personality development lead to wit and satire of pop, classical revival of culture is not six but 1 new imitation of classical culture renaissance movement characteristics of 2 ancient culture is the source of knowledge and power of 3 ancient culture has nurtured the humanist 4 ancient culture of humanism creation influence on 5 sixteenth Century seven, the decline of humanism world the discovery and the discovery of human eyes to the outside world 1 The 2 reveals the rich humanity social life eight, the vivid descriptions of 1 "class equality" social life 2 a riot of colours Festival nine, moral crisis and religious beliefs of the break-up of the 1 noble personality appear together 2 religious secularization changes to postscript @##@ spiritual life with and extreme degradation Various classic accumulated in the course of development of civilization in the world, representing the different stages of development of "the human essence of culture. They have what kind of position in the real life, what kind of role to play, often reflect a nation cultural vitality exuberant or fading, the national spirit of the work or dejected. After the founding of new China, especially in recent years, our country published a large number of studies for the masterpiece, has China are foreign, ancient and modern, are warmly welcomed by readers. Eighty's mind emancipation of young people queuing to panic buying famous academic scene, ninety in the commercial tide occurred in the reading of classics still persistent pursuit of love, all show the unique charm of classic thought. All this, whether for stealing fire their motivation, or the need to culture hungry, in order to cultivate and develop the self quality, or to display one's skill to the full in the coming new century...... It is always a theoretical interest or intellectual interest, always shining national pull Xing light of hope, encouraging, comforting.
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