The rural culture

Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Version first (January 1, 2007)   Author:Wang Wenshan   Pages:63  

The party's sixteen plenary session explicitly proposed the significant historic task of building a new socialist countryside. Agricultural Publishing House China according to production development, well-off life, rural civilization, clean and tidy village, democratic management, adhering to the "three rural" service to do social purpose, timely planned launch of the "construction of new socialist countryside" series.
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Published that now the farmers Xilinmen son (and song) battalion commander Explorer (fast writing) prime minister let many cattle (single head) new dowry (and) special wedding (and) new sister to marry (and sell) bowl to save his wife (and) and advised wife (and) kiss (sketch) double approval (sketch)
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The battalion commander Explorer (fast writing) Liberation Army battalion commander Wang Zhigang, enlisted in Xinjiang, did not return 杏山 Bao five years, now the family to turn. The past soil road bog all disappeared, the white rushing newly built cement road over streets; the old tile roofed house dilapidated cottage could not find, the street Guangsha with new buildings; streets size car any dealings, lined with pine green with flowers. Suddenly the bus to the village committee office, see a piece of advertisement: "Xing Shan Bao Li door achievement of new rural construction exhibition", attracted the crowd surging noisy. Visitors have men and women who are young and old, a theory is There were many discussions. Some said: this exhibition a great, is a comparison of education in the great some said: reform and opening up to apricot hill fort in the golden wings, this year unusual changes Wang Zhigang heard this mind thought: why don't I visit. Under the car with people progress hall. The announcer at the pictures on busy: the Party Central Committee "twenty character principle" refers to the direction of the party members and cadres, apricot hill fort example, set the planning and construction of new socialist countryside, public servants to benefit the people built home. Build a section on the village road, the people were trying to clap, the hard road ended the history of. The villagers of production and life have a guarantee, new rural area and city a kind, farmers into factory workers when young, on the Internet to surf, mouse click from all sides to do business. Agriculture has great harvest, farmers days as the red sun rising, farmers new like pearl splendor, it seemed as if ink painting a picture. You looked that, village pylon stand towering disc dragon, long Xing's flourishing more prosperous, Tengda street is also wide, classroom.
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