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This is the "crystalline Southern Metropolis Daily, read the weekly" the essence of the book, the evaluation object is the excellent books in the past three years have important influence in many fields of literature and art, academic thought, history and science. At the same time, this is also the "Nanfang Dushi Bao" start publication 11 years reading version first published articles. In the past 10 years, "Nanfang Dushi Bao" cultural supplement has been overturned and break through the traditional supplement small minor moan and groan without being ill, fast food and leisure ecological, with fresh and refined style, enlightenment mind tastes, carefully examining the real feelings, tracking trends of sharp, new modules to construct urban supplement and showing a self pattern, have your soul. While reading edition, is the cultural personality and the choice of value on the southern metropolis daily supplements of the most open and most active specimen. Independence and judge depth, whose professional conduct and expression of height, is to create "the symbols pedigree south metropolis newspaper" cultural influence and credibility most sharp and most heavy.

This is a "Southern Newspaper Reading, reading magazine" featured book review of the collection. It covers many fields of literature and art, academic thought, history and science. The comments set by academic, cultural and art as the base, rich in content, language diversity, unique style, can be called the essence of the crystallization of book reviews. It not only helps us learn literature review good experience, can also provide a good reading for readers guidance.
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The first series of the dark peak Doris Lessin, female writing and political life / generous to the born power / Jiang Guizhen sun reading White joy to one / Sun Zhongxu silent school master / garden I is the peak / the dark Ling more from now until the great / Ling more Islamic Tan Bao, Hu worry the country / the dust plume healing reading / Liu Zijie fine New York, only New York / Lin Ye Wang went one, the only one / Fei Changfang children's artists / Wang Jia second series of tonight's Paris screaming why Paris / Yan Fei rock more than gold / Zhang Xiaozhou remember you tonight / a scream! Another time / Qing Tarkovsky Zhou Chenglin finally a hand hold camera storyteller / Xu word I see! / West flash let Almodovar tribute Pina Bausch / Wu Xingwen China why not Landon own house / Li Pai walk in between the past and the present China / Li Tai on Beijing street / Peng Liqing China texture Village: old people to create cultural heritage / Chen Zhihua third series the mists of history written by foreigners China history textbook / Qiu Ming Chinese room. What happened / just as speech to The Freedom Trail, blood paved / Cai Zhaoyang the monkey like to see / one eyed the master Guo Ting Zhang Jianjun in the early Republic of China constitutionalism to / try / Chen Xiahong to relax the Anti Japanese War History limits / dimensional boat Huang Renyu of the "first pot of gold" / Su Xiaohe can talk about the "big brother" / Liang Jie from west to East Hongkong / Lu Xiaomin old Hong Kong Story / Shen Cengyun "Ming Pao" secrets of the Kingdom / Fu Guoyong in Spanish history through the mist / Liu Weiming by rational interpretation of crazy / fan Yun after the storm, only the void / thousands of star fourth series independent speech Yu Yingshi: knowledge one way / Chai Ziwen rely on what out of the Middle Ages / Park of Hu Zhengzhi's talent and character / Jia Xiaohui find the hearts of the Red Legend / Li Gongming culture is better than national / Yang Xiaogang monologue by dialogue / Peng Liqing Wu Jinglian / Xiao Shu on China law dream people death concepts of the enlightenment / Sun Yunliang democracy is not only "so good" / Wang Xiaoyu poor economists Soto advice / Su Xiaohe prevent the worst, expect the best / Liang Jie migrant workers according to the dream into reality / China Qiaodong not revolutionary, but evolution / Li Hua Fang sat in the first row to see Chinese / Fu Li warming, who did it? / Huang Yongming
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The first series of the dark peak Doris Lessin, female writing and political life / generous to learn that he has Nobel award, 87 year old Doris Lesingon from the hospital to see his son back. Door round a lot of journalists, she sat down to their level, the highest honor the reaction is bold and bright, as in the past, did not understand the gentle way. "I have won all the awards in Europe, all the awesome Award (every bloody one)." She said, "I'm glad they got it all, one will not fall." She also easily broke a world record -- in October 22nd of this year, the old lady will usher in his 88 birthday, which made her become one of history's most senior Nobel prize winner. The previous record holder, but German writer Theodor Mo's award in 1902, he was 85 years old, and died the next year. Of course, between longevity and Nobel prize not necessarily linked, but does not mean that if you live long enough, you will be the Supreme glory. But for the past 107 years, the death has not heard the glad tidings of Stockholm writers, then why not sigh to finally had the last laugh? Since his debut in 1950, Ms. Doris Lessin has been a continuation of the literary career spanned 57 years, has not felt pen heavy hand soft, this time even more than many writers "physical" life long. Although there are ups and downs, experience the wave trough, but eventually she is one of the most influential is the second half of the twentieth Century, the reader the most extensive British writer, even a "Golden Notebook" only in 1962, would be sufficient to enable her to have a foothold in the history of literature. Black Africa experienced in October 22, 1919, Doris Lessin was born in Persia (now Iran a Shah Barker Talan), her family name was Taylor, but the British bank clerk Alfred Cook Taylor and Emily Maud. McVeigh couple's first female. In 1925, Taylor couples with Doris and her two-year-old brother Harry went to the south of Rhodes West (now Zimbabwe), a farm, but never succeed. Doris's father was a dreamer, corn money after they become unable to get up after a fall, detest the world and its ways. Her mother at home to become powerful and intransigent, but still inLittle Doris does not do, so he wanted to run away from home. In 1994 with the publication of the autobiography first under my skin "in" (Under, My Skin) begins, she remembered her childhood spent on the farm. Although no one Catholic family, but she still went to the Salisbury (now Harare) a Catholic convent school at the age of 14, but due to diseases of the eye drop out, never to return to the classroom. According to our Chinese saying, great writers of future and Nobel prize winner, a lifetime only junior high school culture -- but she is "my university", through be learned in books, self-taught. At the age of 15, the girl Doris left dilapidated farm, migrant workers, give people a nanny, then to Salisbury, catch what dry what, but to write and copy text work mostly, then form the writing habit, secretly write novels. In 1939, miss Doris married a little clerk Frank Charles Wisdom, soon gave birth to a son and a daughter: John and jane. The marriage lasted only four years. In 1945, Ms. Doris married German Jewish refugees and Marx, Gottfried Lessin, Peter. ShuLiao second marriage is not for a long time, Lessing couples divorced in 1949. Gottfried later made the Democratic German ambassador to Uganda. The same year, Doris returned to had not yet recovered from the war in Britain, from Africa accompany she arrived in London, only the literature dream, little son's head is full, and the second husband of German surname. In 1997, in New York to accept the "Salon" magazine interview, she said, she is a "heterogeneous" in any case, it is so early in the Rhodes West Asia, not only because of her two marriage, but because she is a "love nigger man (Kaffirlover) and red", and in that society, the black shows like when the "red bandit" worse "one million times". In 1950, Ms. Lessing published the first novel "the grass is singing" (The Grass Is Singing), to the tragic story of white into the housewife and the Negro between impassable, try to write Africa colonial and racial discrimination of evil. Officially set foot on the way of literature, the writer's professional identity, based in British literature and the metropolis of london. This year, she was only 30 years old, but have great experience: divorced two times, had three children, head is full of strange stories Africa prairie. Not only that, she is a energetic Marx doctrine. As early as in the Rhodes West, Doris attended Marx's team, returned to England, truly "to find the organization" -- in 1952, she joined the Communist Party of Great Britain, opened a "8 to 10" Party branch meeting, although in 1956 that an eventful year back after the party, but maintained a long-term political enthusiasm and the attitude, constantly appear in the anti imperialist and anti nuclear demonstrators in the streets. Lessing's "Western progressive writers" status, which was that the Soviet Union and the new China literary circles, her short story began in the Chinese publishing, as early as in 1956, "the grass is translated into Chinese singing". Since then, China readers know the two Lessing, one is the eighteenth Century German dramatist and critic Lessing (1729 - 1781), "Laocoon" and "Hamburg drama" author; another is a British writer of young, accusing the imperialism and colonialism imposed on the African people sin. Also, because of her as a communist and anti racism campaign, Rhodes South West Asia and the South African authorities announced in 1956 that she "no entry". Red political life she recalls the social atmosphere, the atmosphere of the cold war "into everything", it is a "highly toxic", "much like the paranoid freak" atmosphere, "it means that every person's reaction is extreme, either for or against it." In 1997, her "Salon" to explain the political orientation of their own: "capitalism is dead. It has finally come to an end. But the future is socialism or communism. In a short period of time, we will have justice, equality, women, the disabled, the black -- all the people of equal pay for equal work. This talk about the intelligence of the people by letter, let me interested." But her political disillusionment soon appeared, and see more and more failures and terrible things. Track and the idea that the majority of left-wing intellectuals of the Western journey is no different. This is an era: search, confused, depressed, despair. Her works have been involved as a dream and life experience of communism. In 1962, she published "the Golden Notebook" (The Golden Notebook), this is Lessing the most important and influential work, today has been recognized as the post-war feminist literature classic. To some extent, it can also be regarded as the Lessing of this period full of conflicting thoughts portrayal, the "red notes" the record, she is the "Uncle Stalin" from the worship to the spiritual journey of disillusion. "The Golden Notebook" success, has established the Lessing thereafter reputation. She is reputed to be the contemporary Jan Austin, George Elliot gradually, or Virginia Wolf. Nobel literature prize, her publisher, Harper Collins group of female boss Jan Friedman is Germany to participate in the Frankfurt book fair, she "New York Times" said: "regardless of the women, or on the literature, Doris Lessin is one of the mother of all of us." In early 1960, Lessing in the drama, co founded the civilian art project "42 center" (Centre 42), but also the beginning of drama creation. The late 60's, she was Idris Xia (Idries Shah), and Sophie's harmonious idea keep close at home, self-cultivation, there are nearly 20 years no longer show one's face in public, writes science fiction (herself more like "space fiction and non fiction called"), till 80 time metaphase, only to return to Lessing the public vision, speech, symposium, continue visit abroad. His novels, from outer space to the earth, to regain the realism, occasionally to the pseudonym Jane. Summers publishing, intentionally hide identity, test the only writer fame, do not care about the quality of works publishers. In 90, she began to cut open the number of activities, willMore time writing, but is still in the 1993 May visit to the Chinese. Lessing claims to have been the European literary awards round son said, probably not blow one's own horn. She received the Maugham prize (1954), the Medici Foreign Fiction Prize (1976), Austria National Award (1981), WH Smith prize (1986), JT Black biography Award (1995), the Losangeles Times Book Award (1995) and Prince A Stu Rias Award (2001) and a lot of flash flash Medal and certificate, light but, but with the local maximum Book Award -- the Booker Prize three times just miss the person or opportunity: she successively in 1971, 1981 and three 1985 was nominated, but did not win. At the same time, she refused the queen knighted. The irony of the "free women" in Doris. Lessing's literary world, there are three major scenarios: Africa, Britain, and the space. She sometimes wandering in the Africa grassland, and back to the apartment to meditate in London, while talking about life in the Milky Way system, a return to the world to look at the sky. Her literary career long and colorful, almost 60 years has not been interrupted, also be the most changeful style and technique, and widely involved in a variety of themes: analysis of feminism, racism and colonialism, communism and the world revolution, spirit, and even mysterious Sophie doctrine, and sometimes in the creation, into the personal learning environment, to forget sometimes, by man, in a frenzy. She is very diligent and prolific, has published about fifty books, including novels, short stories, plays, poems and essays, autobiographical. Her works have been translated into many foreign languages, published in many countries in the world, has become a great writer has the world influence. Lessing's early works for the background to Africa, after the first "grass singing", from 1952 to 1969, she has published the "children of violence" five tunes, describe protagonist Martha Quist in politics and female consciousness awakening. During this period published "the Golden Notebook" (1962), the structure of profound self-examination and subtle, become a true classics of modern literature. Carter (Ronald Carter) and Mccrea (John MacRae) in the British literary history "love" (Routledge History of Literature in English Britain and Ireland, argues that, Lessing's "children of violence" series, "may be the young women in the novel the most abundant self exploration work." "The Golden Notebook" is one of the most awarded "1960's famous works". The Swedish Academy in Lessing's creation path, a special tribute to the "Golden Notebook", known as the twentieth Century perspective, reveals the relationship between men and women is rare "a pioneer work". Compared with Lessing later claimed that "space fiction", Margaret Drabble (Margaret Drabble) in the "Oxford English Literary Companion" (The Oxford Compan ion to English Literature) wrote, "the Golden Notebook" is Lessing's "spiritual space"". The hero of the novel is the writer Anna Wulf, in order from the chaos of the sum, she recorded four note, with black, red, yellow, blue four color difference, relates to her in the Africa life respectively, involved in Communist activities of political experience, another self for a better understanding of her own made up, and recorded dreams, 13 normal life and relationships personal diary, finally integrated into the "golden" fifth notes, which is full of feminine literature in the face of a creative bottleneck when inner struggle, but also about love, sex, love and politics. The novel also appears in the four note repeating and overlapping structure book, showing Anna's inner conflict, thought the pain and multiple personality. She sees herself as "free women" (liberated, men more to blame, but unwilling to endure a new generation of women), as each part of the opening and ending, although from her words and deeds, the so-called "free women" not without irony. "A lot of praise" the Golden Notebook "is Lessing's feminist manifesto...... But underestimate it to communism and Freud the twin gods criticism." Carol Simpson Stern (Carol Simpson Stern) in the "contemporary novelist" (Contemporary Novel-ists) wrote a book. High hat and Lessing himself against the critics gave her to wear a feminist. In fact, her feminist stance is very reserved, even as a feminist a trend of thought and social movement itself is full of doubt. The novel structure of the complex, silhouetted against the chaos of modern women in the spiritual life, also verified with Lessing on the feminist movement in the complex question to get "too simple" of the accused. From Martha Quist to Anna. Woolf, have more than one memorable female image in Lessing's works, they are neither the victim and the damage being insulted, heartbreaking, nor hand blade bad, or around bragging how much sleep a man of radical women soldiers, but thought consciousness, political action, but so deep in the maelstrom, freedom and non freedom, liberation and the liberation of women has not wander. Such women, although you find in the side is not easy, but not from them and see them through social, including times? Their plight, why not all of us -- men included -- collective dilemma? Space fiction in twentieth Century after 70 years, Lessing style mutation, begin to turn science fiction creation -- that is what she called a "space fiction" (space fiction). From 1979 to 1984, Lessing even the four books, set in "the Canopus in Argos archives" (Canopus in Argos:Ar-chives) under the general title, the human species development after writing a nuclear war. This a series of influence by how much the Sophie doctrine of one one born in ancient Persian Persian seems to let her get a certain self suggestion, she even escape the boudoir, concentrated practice. But critics and readers of herStage works do not buy it, they miss the rooted in the reality, the courage to challenge the new writer stereotypes, full of wit. In 1915, Lessing returned to the earth from space, to a "good terrorist" (The Good 7errorist) return to realism. In 1994 and 1997 has published his autobiography "under my skin" and "in the dark" (Walking in the Shade) "marks a new peak of her writing career". The Swedish Academy Award in the word, "Lessing back, not only her personal life, but also the entire era: the last days of the British empire." Published in 2001, "sweet dreams" (The Sweetest Dream) despite appearing in fictional form, but should be a continuation of the two books, have written novels, probably for the living taboo. Other important works of Lessing and "the dark before the summer" (The Summer Be fore the Dark, 1973), and "fifth children" (The Fifth Child, 198t), the latter is written quite Storm Giant Baby "this", from the womb to the school, the destruction of family, harm to society, in the traditional Gothic British horror fiction under the coat, and even bring some magic color. The summer of 2007, Lessing new novels "fracture" (The Cleft), once again put on the science fiction coat, the ancient Rome historian in the early stage of primitive society, about a world without men. All humans that were female, with unisexual reproductive success breeding female, and male appear, but abnormal dolls were to fall to the ground. After several generations of fighting men, women finally accepted: not only find sexual beauty, also relegated to second-line, leadership delegate men, in addition to animal type pure sex, gender and breeding out of friendship and love, and then found the men and women need each other significance. Real feminists cannot tolerate such "reactionary" works, they would fight not harmonious. Lessing retorted, "crack" no intention to "political correctness". But the word also appears in Harold. Bloom on this year Nobel prize for literature review. Professor Bloom said, the Swedish Academy's decision is for "pure" political correctness ", although MS Lessing Ceng Yiyi a rare excellent quality began his writing career, but I found her in the past 15 years works completely unable to and read...... The flow of the four science fiction." Of course, he just said "over the past 15 years", because in his list of the famous "the Western canon" list, Doris. Lessing's "the Golden Notebook" impressively in the head. Born to power / Jiang Guizhen 2003, Yang Xianhui's "jiabiangou Chronicle" publishing, bring us a great reading experience. It is a description of jiabiangou farm right book, on the right is not only concern about the fate of Shirayo Akimegumi, he is characterized by his inherited from traditional historical attitude and courage, "is not empty the United States, no hidden evil." Yang Xianhui in his book, that unique history and embodied in the novel strongly feel real to attention, also points out a new possibility for style and doctrine in his weary Literature: the development of the new subject and the old techniques of reversion. In 2007 February, another masterpiece "Yang Xianhui's orphanage in Dingxi Chronicle" published. In a wave of literary trend of short off again rapid failure, seemingly trends and techniques of pattern have been exhaustive literature, these two books is different, is correct. Since the beginning of the mainland literature since the mid 80's to the "how to write" the steering, making numerous works basically abandoned in digging new subject efforts, drawn from the public familiar with the field of vision, has become the most writer's choice, literature on "fiction" and "form" is gradually consumed. These two works seem natural to get rid of the "how to write" confusion, with everyone long suppressed too realistic style, showing a full of original Cang Lu's literary world. The form of the pursuit of gradually exhausted, close to the ground wings slowly lifted, if "jiabiangou Chronicles" also exist some disadvantages, so in the "Bottom Writing" and "realistic shock wave" disclosure after the true calling and yearning, after Yang Xianhui in a more restrained style and more clean style tamed his specific subject, we finally ushered in the real world, thick, oriented and historical masterpiece: "the chronicle of an orphanage in Dingxi". This is about 1958 to 1960 Gansu Dingxi area famine orphans story, is also a rediscovered forgotten memory book, is one in literature has a special style and the achievements of the novel. A book about the famine, death, memory and other major themes and literary works. From 1958 to 1961 three years of famine in the right to famine in the orphan, Yang Xianhui's novels have a strong humanistic care, but also has a very distinctive freshness. He is always described is the forgotten history, obscured the real, because "jiabiangou Chronicle", the ditch became one of the most important events of the fate, because "Chronicle" Dingxi orphanage, people to recall those screened forgotten famine years, remember the tragic events of the past those people with food. Yang Xianhui is always from the reverse trend of the crack depth of history, at the bottom, dig out the truth of the cornerstone. He described the theme, not only literature workers paid little attention, even the history workers for various reasons not salvage. He not only re discovered literature territory, also refresh the memory of people.
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"Wind and rain" the sound of reading is a ship, start it -- literature, art, architecture, history, science of marine as you swim...... It is a window, open it -- a wonderful explanation, independent speech, thinking enlightenment in the...... It is a key, rotate it -- insight into the world, grasp the Guomai, recognize people, resonance and invite you to dance with.
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