The Qing Dynasty drama culture history

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Peking University press   Author:Wang Zhengyao   Pages:295  

Wang Zhengyao, born in September 1942, the Hebei province Wuan city. College of Humanities of Renmin University of China the Institute Professor, Postgraduate Tutor, "research of Qing history" deputy editor in chief. As president of the Peking University study in Ming and Qing Dynasties heart researcher. In 1966, graduated from the History Department of Peking University professional, China ancient history since 1978, engaged in teaching and research work in the research of Qing history of Renmin University of China. His major works include "the Qing Dynasty biography release" the third and eighth volumes (co authored), "Huang Zongxi", "Qing", "the Qing Dynasty drama culture history" and so on more than 10 department. At present, is engaged in research on cultural history of Qing dynasty.
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The first chapter of Manchu and early Qing drama culture section from the Kunqu Opera first grand performance see Kang Shun period court drama culture second Qianlong Imperial Palace drama culture unprecedented third continue to a new situation in the early Qing Dynasty folk drama is the mainstream culture of the second chapter Jiadao court drama culture the new found the first section Shengpingshu no Dynasty years "will file" and important section second "unwieldy drama" the earliest record and two volumes of "no problem" in year third chapter at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty and Qing drama culture ideological trend of first quarter real reform: a new research topic second section Wang Xiaonong: drama culture reform in the late Qing Dynasty leader section third history: "people with make snap to improved the old drama" the fourth chapter archives and the late Qing Imperial Palace opera first active in the late Qing Dynasty imperial palace of the xipi and Erhuang play second Guangxu thirty-one to thirty-four years Guangxu Shengpingshu "will file" and other related files of the fifth chapter of Guan Yu worship and "play" the development of the first section Guan Yu of the Qing Dynasty the worship of "play" section second "close influence court play" section third "of Folk Customs show" continuous development "fourth day care thing, borrow From the sixth chapter you Meng "Manchu in Qing Dynasty and Baogong drama section from the" race "to Pipi floral Baogong Drama Festival second behind worship third Manchu Qing Dynasty Opera artist of Baogong drama outstanding contribution to the seventh chapter applying paint," the play "," Shi Gong An "first day" moment of action "the Nantang poems" and "second" the official is the best in all the land "third section from" Shi Gong play "to" the eighth chapter "Shi Gong Qing Dynasty scholar and scholar play on the first day in production and in the stage of the profound influence of second day colorful legend of Qing Dynasty, Zaju play third day written champion champion champion. Other related works in section fourth Ci Xi value of" thunder "the ninth chapter floral masters three said the first festival Opera master Wei Changsheng second skin yellow to Liu Gansan third" youth for Zhang Erkui -- "Zhang Erkui died in the tenth chapter," Yan Xing Lu "and the Qing Dynasty drama culture first magnetic scholars under the pen of the Qianlong emperor birthday festivals second" every state town city square bloom all Opera House "section third comprehensive review daoguangnianjian the show live fourth savings on Appendix foreigners in Qing Dynasty @##@ drama. Since the Qing Dynasty ruling class interests and advocate, the Qing Dynasty drama culture is very developed, today Chinese national opera opera was born in the Qing Dynasty, various local operas are a riot of colours of the state. The study results in this book the author for many years study of the Qing Dynasty drama culture. Content can roughly be divided into three categories: one is the Qing Dynasty drama culture in different periods of development, the Qing government's drama policy and influence; two is the Qing Dynasty drama some famous actor, artist's life story, art history; three is the number of foreigners at that time in Chinese theatre word records, today it is precious historical data.
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  •   This is a familiar with the art of Beijing Opera decades Qing experts, according to the palace archives material, the drama history research monographs, academic sex is extremely strong, and have stronger readability, but also to some historical problems (such as Zhang Erkui died) put forward their own ideas, it is recommended to the professional and non professional people!

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