The pre Qin school origin

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Chongqing Publishing   Author:Feng Tieliu   Pages:276   Words:240000  

This book, is at the dawn of twenty-first Century, by the study of pre Qin for half a century, Feng Tieliu, with a new argument. The author in the past half century, focuses on a question, that is: as early as the pre Qin era two thousand years ago, Confucius, Mo-tse, Chuang-tzu, me, all schools, are produced in China, if we can not rely on the old traditional said today, but only according to the pre Qin reliable historical materials, by empirical methods to them, the pre Qin philosophers that we see, it is a theory of how like? The origin and development of these schools were formed through, and how it will be displayed in front of us? With the same people say? In the two thousand years since the Qin and Han Dynasties, these schools of thought and culture, has evolved into the modern transformation to see the so-called "Chinese traditional culture". But it is also a kind of evolution process how? The author put these after the new research conclusion, all written in this book, want to Zhuzi studies another new direction.
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Feng Tieliu, whose real name is Feng Jinyuan, was born in July in Changzhou City, Jiangsu province in 1927. The Sichuan, in 1944 he settled in Yuzhou, years of studying pre Qin scholars and history so far.
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  •   The author clearly belong to the amateur wanpiao nature, as for the level I don't know. But the preface presumably derived from the author's hand, then a lot of shock the common customs. Have a look again to read the text, postscript, it seems really dare not flatter the author.

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