The poetic Xiangxi

Date of publication:2006-12   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Chen Sue   Pages:346   Words:296000  

Chen Sue, Tujia, graduated from Jishou University in 1987 Chinese department, associate professor, vice director of Department of Chinese Normal College of Jishou University, engaged in the research of the aesthetic cultures of the minority nationalities. Have independent presided over the State Sports General Administration Subject "of national traditional sports in the square culture construction in the aesthetic value of", the Education Department of Hunan province project "Xiangxi Yang opera inheritance and its aesthetic characteristics", at the national level, provincial Journal
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The first chapter of Xiangxi aesthetic culture of the theoretical background and the significance, method of Xiangxi aesthetic culture of the theoretical background of the two, Xiangxi aesthetic culture and the significance of the research methods. The second chapter Xiangxi aesthetic culture basic characteristic and character, the aesthetic culture of Xiangxi unity in diversity of two, Xiangxi aesthetic culture is the living fossil of the Chu culture three, Xiangxi aesthetic culture of Oriental Aesthetics embodied the third chapter Xiangxi aesthetic thinking the cultural soil, Xiangxi aesthetic culture ecology tracing two, cultural ecology of Xiangxi's aesthetic thought has fourth chapters of reproductive worship and day one of Xiangxi aesthetic culture influence, reproductive worship of Xiangxi two, the influences of aesthetic consciousness "oneness of heaven and man" philosophy of Xiangxi aesthetic thought influence the Xiangxi cultural aesthetic fifth chapter history carrier emotional representation -- Xiangxi's clothing aesthetic one, Xiangxi soil family, Miao costumes overview two, Xiangxi costumes aesthetic characteristics of three, Xiangxi Miao embroidery sixth Zhang Yishun natural poetic existence -- Xiangxi residential aesthetic a, Xiangxi residential architecture culture meaning two, residents of Xiangxi poetic Habitat concept the seventh chapter Chong acid is Hot rough heroic -- Xiangxi dietetic aesthetic one, unique food culture of Xiangxi two, the Xiangxi diet culture characteristics and Genesis three, the aesthetic connotation of Xiangxi diet make system of Xiangxi cultural aesthetic eighth chapter divinity and poetic acappella -- Xiangxi's religious aesthetics ninth chapter 真善 beauty -- Xiangxi people's ethical aesthetic tenth chapter. Running the world -- Xiangxi Festival eleventh chapter of life aesthetic awareness of high -- Xiangxi's funeral in Xiangxi aesthetic cultural aesthetic chapter twelfth life beautification wise show -- Xiangxi process chapter thirteenth illusory reality really the soul -- the myths and legends of the Xiangxi chapter of life aesthetic fourteenth aria emotional catharsis -- Xiangxi folk song the fifteenth chapter of the surging emotions aesthetic rhythm of life -- Xiangxi dance aesthetic sixteenth chapter the aroma always close feeling -- Xiangxi folk drama aesthetic seventeenth chapter Xiangxi aesthetic culture of the modern development of postscript @##@ bibliography "Poetic" mainly expounds Xiangxi: Xiangxi cultural aesthetic, cultural and aesthetic spirit of Xiangxi Xiangxi system, cultural and aesthetic. Firstly, the author discussed in four chapters: Xiangxi aesthetic culture of the theoretical background and the significance, methods of the aesthetic culture in Xiangxi, Xiangxi, the basic characteristics and the character of aesthetic thinking generated culture soil, reproductive worship and the oneness of heaven and man of Xiangxi aesthetic culture. The four chapter, embodies the theoretical framework and aesthetic point of view of the author, the viewpoint and the method is a novel. After that, this book with thirteen chapters to discuss the aesthetic features of Xiangxi is rich in material culture, system culture beauty in aesthetic values and cultural spirit of Xiangxi. It is in this framework, the authors to examine its comprehensive exposition, multi-level and make a careful and detailed analysis of the aesthetic phenomenon of rich, which makes people feel the structure of book painstaking and academic component and the book of. The most prominent feature of this book is its comprehensiveness. The author not only from the cultural and aesthetic characteristics of exploration and mining Xiangxi multidisciplinary perspective, specifically discusses the aesthetic characteristics of all kinds of Arts of Xiangxi representative of the. The art of class discussion although somewhat simple, less space, however, can make the art aesthetic theory and specific categories to confirm each other, each other on, this is a difficult, but also meaningful work.
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  •   Although the villagers, but for Xiangxi's interpretation is not in place, make persistent efforts!

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