The new industrialization

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: People   Author:Zhang Haixiang   Pages:256  

Provides a new perspective for the study of book of new industrialization in minority areas, the author to the field from obscure books, from a lonely studio into real life, in combination of theory and practice, beyond simple from the economic research industrialization model, proposed a series of point of view has certain theoretical value for promoting new industrialization practice in ethnic minority areas and reference. In the course of the entire study, the authors insist on dialectical point of view, puts forward industrialization development to establish the modern concept of ecological civilization, pay attention to the protection and construction of ecological environment, but not in favor of "ecological and extreme ecological feminist ecological"; clear development to establish a concept of national culture, pay attention to the protection of cultural diversity, the development of national culture industry add new content for new industrialization, but do not advocate "cultural mechanical materialism and protection" for the protection of industrial development; stressed that to establish the humanistic values, giving new industrialization in a fair, justice and humanity connotation, but does not deny the principle of competition, the principle of efficiency as the core of the market economy.
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Zhang Haixiang, born in 1956 in Yunnan Kunming. 15 years into the factory, honed their skills in the roaring sound of the machine for 9 years, and thus cultivate love for the industrial economy and attention. In 1980 the management professional enterprise system was admitted to Yunnan University economy, from the practice of industrial economy into the economic theory of hall, after the graduation has engaged in teaching, party, administrative work. In 2000 the promotion for the economic
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The first chapter is the introduction section background reflection Myth: the abuse of traditional industrialization appears day by day two values: from the pursuit of pure GDP to a comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable development three to reflect the reality: the reform and development of the domestic present new trends of Four Misunderstandings: new industrialization theory scotoma second domestic and foreign new industrialization review of academic Abstract: the main results of existing studies lack some deficiencies: two's third research objectives, methods of existing research and innovation of research objectives: To explore a new road to industrialization in minority areas from the viewpoint of two research methods: literature analysis, case studies, participant observation three expected innovation: new perspective, new areas, new path, the second chapter to the basic theory of the new strategy of new industrialization first industrialized classic theory from the traditional industrialization: industrial meaning and characteristics of the light of thought: two the development economics theory of industrialization development of judgment: three practice division second section industrialization stage of industrialization and the defects of traditional industrialization China: looking back at the history of the development process of the world traditional industrialization two experience summary: the traditional industrialization development three History: the choice of contemporary China traditional industrialization development pattern of industrialization of third section of new industrialization -- a breakthrough of the traditional interpretation of the new industrialization: the necessity of two propositions: three strategic connotation and characteristics of New-type Industrialization: research point of the third chapter of new type industrialization meaning of new industrialization in the first quarter of Scientific Outlook on Development and new type industrialization...... The path of new industrialization special chapter fifth special section third new industrialization special second section of new industrialization goal second section of new industrialization, nation and human ecological view of the third section of new industrialization index under Chapter fourth multi ethnic. The particularity of new type industrialization first new industrialization of ethnic minority areas the sixth chapter security mechanism of the new type of industrialization in minority areas of the seventh chapter is the conclusion of case investigation
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