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Date of publication:2003-6   Press: Jiangxi people's Publishing House   Author:Zhou Luanshu   Pages:381  

Bailudong college, began in the Tang Li guests hidden reading, Sheng in the Southern Song Dynasty Zhu Xi revival, shawlong in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there are thousands of years of history, the book from eleven aspects of history, architecture, regulation, teaching, worship, "the best in all the land of the Academy" made a comprehensive, profound introduction. Bailudong college is located in Jiangxi 10 kilometers south of Jiujiang Mount Lu Wulaofeng at Pingshan South after. The West has left the mountain, South Mountain Mountain ring, the drow, a water (Guan Daoxi) stream, no street noise, Quan Shi's victory. The Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) was a reclusive Li Bo brothers when reading at. According to the literature, "Bo Yang white deer deer, said mr.". Later, Li Bo Ren Jiangzhou Cishi, revisit one's old site, here Xiu Lou Jian Ting, the spring planting flowers, has become a tourist attraction, named bailudong. Southern Tang and Five Dynasties Sheng Yuan, in the establishment of "Mount Lu Ancient Chinese Literature Search"; the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1127 years) beginning for the expansion of college, and officially named as the "Bailudong college". Bailudong college is Chinese history the first complete college, and Yuelu, Ju Yang, Shigu and called "the world four big academies", was known as "the first domestic college", "the world the first". It has a quiet environment, spacious homes, strong teachers, hungry for knowledge of the students; it has the complete canon, effective teaching methods for students, reading books, teaching funds required field. Therefore, it has been in education, lasted for more than 1000 years, has cultivated a large number of talents for the feudal society.
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Order a good mirror, White Hart Resort and scenic spots two neighbors, the Millennium institution Tang to the Five Dynasties educational activity of Song Dynasty Bailudong College of Yuan Ming Qing Dynasty Bailudong College Bailudong College of Bailudong college three, building four, five characteristic bailudonggui teaching forms, teaching purpose curriculum hole and imperial examination teaching method six, ritual sacrifice the object system of sacrifice ritual funeral oration and the other seven books, books collection source collection management library catalogue eight, school funding academy field formation and source book of the expenditure of funds nine, inscription inscription inscription inscription cliff inscriptions, selected ten poems collected poems and selected eleven, the figure twelve, Bailu spirit Bailudong College History status Bailudong college in foreign influence
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Ming Masanori thirteen years (1518), Wang Yangming was appointed governor of South Jiangxi, after suppressing the peasant uprising, the county school, strengthen ethical education, maintaining the feudal rule, according to "reveal" Bailudong college spirit, a "training effect" and "teaching about", collectively known as the "social doctrine". The provisions of "now teaches the young lad, but when the loyalty and filial piety and integrity for specialist". ("Wang Wencheng public works, training effect of teaching reading Liu Bosong" Kung Fu ") daily, first Kauder, endorsements read, second Xi Li or class instrument, re read book, Song poetry, where learning 礼歌 poetry like, are so often the heart, so happy learning spirit to the evil. Teaching that is known, so the application ". And said: "although this may also, mysterious, is between the person" ("Wang Wencheng complete works", teach the public about), to edify the role of people. The "doctrine", although is to strengthen the feudal ethics for the purpose, but some teaching methods, such as demanding attention characteristics of children's physical and mental development, physical punishment against "lashing rope bondage", pay attention to the daily quality inspection requirements, as well as separate classes, reflecting the development of teaching methods, there are lessons to be learned from. Zhengde years (1506-1521) Jiangxi vice Gao Benheng, visits to Europe, "Ten Commandments" had made a hole Science (Li Yingsheng "Bailudong college records" volume eight). Its content is: one, to humble. A sage is not for the things, to give up the conscience, Gan since abandoned, only to the words, he memorized for bo. Two Yue to bully the absurd. That I study for oneself, for big words, eulogize each other, dressing up looks, fame. Three, against the saints. That such as small into the Confucious'temple and the temple, sit giggling, and the Oracle is Maxim burlesque language, do not wash comb like reading. Four Yue Ling and friends. That like meet disrespect, back then slander, responsibility good not from, such as reforming is angry. Five Yue Group play. Where to, after the interview, although be, but also have a section, non guild, especially uncountable. If the group travel, set wine show, I play, not only hinder the waste academic, stock down against nature.......
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