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The 1994 book by Xu Xiurong brothers had Liren press published. Years such as vector, a book also sold out, because now the school continued for complement, issue, I will say a few words said: the late Ming Dynasty, is a social and cultural changes of the times, in the past eighty years is attached much importance by the academic circles, the related research is an immense number of books. But basically is a mistake, not only no value, stock of misleading the latter entail woe, infinite. These researchers believe that: the late Ming society is permeated with anti tradition, anti authority, anti Confucian thought, pay attention to individual life, affirming the passion, emphasizing Confucianism should be implemented in real life; and by this thought, is the entire social asset class consciousness development, capitalism, Wang Yangming's theory of popular etc.. I reject these views. So to study literature, review the various explanations, from the point of view that capitalism in late Ming is gone the wrong way, during the late Ming Dynasty, Wang Yangming also non mainstream, the Wang School Development and public security in Taizhou as a clue to observe more inappropriate in late Ming dynasty. Moreover, has always been to Taizhou and the understanding of it is absurd stacked heel pseudo, unbearable smell ask. Therefore, I urge the adjustment strategy, expand horizons, to understand this era. The eleven chapter is old, and put forward a new explanation and detailed analysis of the late Ming thought. But this discussion, so the errors of the past and the traction, trying to break the evil to significantly positive, while the mainline and only fell on evil error has been disturbed areas. And added "Feng Menglong's spring and Autumn Annals" chapter. Some other topics, and the late Ming, Taizhou public security, no association, it is not easy to insert a discussion. For example, the late Ming literati's social image and living condition, which can only be included in Appendix treatment. These problems, is actually very many. In recent years, because the machine should edge, I have been to the late Ming Dynasty is great, but also because of poor inserted into the original thinking, so this appendix with income. The Bulu, one is the spirit and activities in late Ming to swim, I have "tour cultural history" a book, devoted to this issue, the reader can cross reference. The other one is talking about Fu Qing. The late Ming thoughts are always set in the South and slightly north soil, I also quite considerable to the north. The old thought Yan Chai Xi, this article only the Lord Fu Qing, and certainly not enough to see the panorama of the northern style of study, but the order, or may be in the future. In addition to the two outside, still on the wrong, Chuanshan's history of late Ming scholars for the rule of law, say some reflection at the time the hero worship and female phenomenon, in other books in the series, please readers to see. Reading is learning, not easy. Product to break hard and to the gods 朗彻, only in the fog is not confused by secular sound outlet. But know fame and vulgar, so as to do research for high reading, I do not know the academic mainstream opinion is vulgar. Mediocre Customs said, plastic wrapped viscosity on the body style, and pity pity but think of ancient and modern knowledge but not, not wrong! For scholars, earthly cannot abandon, the customs may not cure. May read my books, but also in the Shangyou ancient occasion, tall and its spirit, self vibration in common.
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Reprint order from the order of the first chapter deny self and return to propriety way -- late Ming thoughts development third second chapter Luo Jinxi and late Ming Wang to learn chapter perturbation way to Buddha Confucian: Jiao Hong fourth chapters and sentiment cut: yuan Zhonglang Buddhism and literature, the fifth chapter overcome all worldly thoughts and enter sainthood: Yuan Xiaoxiu landscape travel essays essay seventh chapter Police School of literary theory and Li Zhi the sixth chapter in the ordinary between child said the eighth chapter of Feng Menglong's spring and Autumn Annals of the ninth chapter Confucianism question: by Yan Yuan as an example in Chapter tenth, classics, retro, liberal arts and other eleventh chapter twelfth chapter Huang Zongxi and Taoism South northern hegemony appendix a pedant, remember Bai Ding, the scholar in late Ming Dynasty -- acid a study in Appendix two of visitors travel notes -- essays of the late Ming Dynasty to late Ming Confucian appendix three. Fu Qing
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Review of the late Ming thought way -- the first chapter of the first section to deny self and return to propriety "deny self and return to propriety about 复旺 et al in Chinese literary theory history": "in the late Ming literature ideological trends...... Li Zhi exposes the so-called 'administrative punishment years' feudal political and feudal moral anti humanity and nature...... Feudal courtesy, but is one of the few rulers of the world from yourself to talk, but is the prelude to violence as a means of punishment." This paper, probably also filled in all kinds of literary history in late Ming Dynasty, in the history of thought, almost always be the eyes and ears of ocean. But, if you really believe that one sentence, you finished, you couldn't understand the late Ming thought the development of live. Li Zhi and others don't oppose propriety, and even can be said that they are very stressed. In Li Zhi's closest friend Jiao Hong as an example, "Jiao Shi Bi Cheng" sequel volume said very clearly: me: "unjust and immoral and virtue, benevolence, benevolence and propriety loss." Me not know that? Gu from speaking? The party name glue device number, and I mean, non Road, Hebei and also the. For while the contract, then know outside the road, Daowai rude, via non rough life, non precision, while the nominal device number, can not be enough. The Confucian ceremony and not the vulgar also, Zhuang column. So the day: "those evil ceremony?" To know and do, but due to the ceremony, and also is not true. Is there between the extremely wandering path, and can grow walker? This way, the pain also laodan, micro unique sub? This paragraph of word, shows that the coke with not only against the Confucian theory of rite, it attempted to reconcile the conflict between Lao Zhuang and Confucianism in the relevant law problems, think and rites. He pointed out: the ritual and the road, etiquette and life, should not be separately: life wandering situation rude, but can not do the right to life. So the gift is Dao, external law actually is the inner life. But Li has two kinds, one is this can lead to real life harmonious state of ritual, another is the general Shi Ru the glue that holds to pure number name is external. He objected to the latter, that the "don't know" rite ", and warmly calling for the restoration of the former. Most speak Ming's friend, the mind is too simple, and lack of checking literature, and saw their criticism of Confucianism in the world rubber, in which several, immediately praise them is the daring vanguard rebellion of feudal ethical code, think they expose law essential ruler clamp. Some people even conclude from this: Li Zhi et al say "childlike", is opposed to the Neo Confucianism "keep justice based on, to the human desire", so to "the people's natural desireLook, such as goods, lewd, rich and powerful, as what is right to advocate "(Zhang Peiheng, Tan Beifang Yuan Hongdao Ling said," "literature analysis) of Ming Dynasty the first stage). It is nonsensical. Coke is cited by previous remarks to observe, Jiao Hong et al of the ceremony stressed, is incapable of further increase. People generally think the ritual is moral and behavioral norms outside, I would li coke internalization, body, said: "the ceremony, the heart body" and "ritual, body also" ("pen" sequel was seen by volume). Therefore the salute, and not to comply with an external standard, but the life and the moral one, is to get rid of life desires known as block, let the mind body can restore the clean. The so-called "deny self and return to propriety": rites, body. Ren cannot be named, and false in the ceremony to name....... I have this gift, "see" live there is ambiguity. Grams, so also in the ritual. Audio visual language, but not to the indecent assault, is the return to propriety....... Zi Chan cloud: "such as human eyes, and bright. Doctor: I but have no the medicine and drug screen. Clear as can be and, also should be "", the world order, and Nebula, or less?
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