The cultural history of the plague

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: The Star Press   Author:Yu Fenggao  

The evolutionary history of the development of human and with bacteria, viruses, are extremely hard and bitter struggle with the disease history, medieval across Europe "Black Death", once blocked the Panama Canal cut the progress of the works "yellow fever", the beginning of nineteenth Century ravaged American influenza, malaria, and AIDS, SARS and so on, people are afraid to talk about cause great damage to human plague. Author from the cultural point of view, the origins of the plague, harmful to humans and the human struggle history of historical analysis, detailed, vivid, the victims of the plague when innocent cast with sympathetic eyes, and with great respect to remember the great deeds, that they dedicated, died of scientists and medical workers to fight the plague. The society is in progress, in the progress of medicine, but the battle continues, how to change the idea, realize the harmony with mother nature, is must be solved in front of modern subject. The author is of the opinion that comply with the natural rules, do you think?
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The fifth chapter of lice dark stay forever in the face pock chapter fourth state in the first chapter of the Pandora in the box the second chapter to the third chapter of human from animal ecchymosis, dark blood in the sixth chapter in the punishment for a blasphemer chapter seventh swamp, mosquitoes, cinchona eighth chapters worldwide pandemic like autumn leaves the tenth chapter ninth chapter USA, unforgettable one nine one eight the eleventh chapter "white man's grave" twelfth chapter "kiss of death" thirteenth chapter of history has never had the fourteenth chapter is not the end of the plague: follow the laws of nature
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  •   Our country ancient times because of the plague caused so many superstitions and taboos * is writing a Book Chinese literary history *
  •   Bought a series of diseases, plague, medicine, pregnancy and other cultural history, trying to concentrate to their literacy
  •   Don't think you far away from the plague, a country neighbors also starve to death at the beginning of a lot of people.
  •   Very like a
  •   To see the child, good
  •   This is a low profile books, worth a visit.
  •   This book basically is simply introduced the history of the outbreak of plague. But there are reasons for the individual plague is actually not so identified, such as the plague of athens.
  •   Writing is quite general, layout is very poor. From the point of view of translation traces of heavy, from translation... How to say, is not rigorous, not smooth, and the lack of the related knowledge. A patchwork of books, recommendations carefully before buying.
  •   It seems is not culture, but plague popular narratives, as the data retention.

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