The classical Greek mythology

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Greek mythology is the first European oral creative people, some produced in the twelfth Century BC to the eighth Century bc. After its centuries of the ancient Greek pass from mouth to mouth, passed on from generation to generation, constantly art processing, preservation, historical, literary works of Philosophy in the future. Greek mythology includes two parts of God's story and the legend of heroes. And the general system etc. God's story relates to the origin of the universe and humanity, god.
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World beginning with Titan protoss Jose and Olympian god Prometheus human four times big flood and Deucalion Jose and IO son of the sun god and his beautiful young girl Oro Bacard Moss fought the Dragon King Pentheus and Dionysian hero Perseus Appollo child ion Daedalus and Icarus Tantaros eternal punishment Pelops and Olympic proud mother, Russia Bai Pu Procne and Fromelamelaat Los and wild boar Bellerophon and Pegasus Argonauts expedition I Asong and Per Leigh Aas Argonauts embark on the journey Argonauts in rem Nourse Island Argonauts in the kitch Kos Heracles stayed polydeuces and bebrycia king Phinius and Lady Bird two huge hit rock Jason in Aeetes. The palace Medea and Ethiopia Eritrea Philoctetes A Lgos suggested Jason and Medea I Asong completed the mission Medea obtain the Golden Fleece Argonaute to get rid of the Argonauts in the way a man Cole chase and Argonauts the adventures of I Asong Hera Keller, ending The story of Heracles life originally heroic acts against the Nemean lion kill Hydra Hydera Liqin moment law NIEA mountain deer alive Erymanthian boar cleaning the Augean stables to drive the stymphalian birds uniforms island of Grete the bull man eating mare to conquer the Amazon Women led back to the giant herds gather Golden Apple back to hell dog Hercules and eurytus queen Omphale service Hercules and Niesos Hercules Theseus story ending, Hughes was born and raised in Athens to kill the monster Theseus Minotaur Russian Di Fu story Russian Di Fu killed father Russian Di Fu marry mother as his wife was revealed the secret story of Troy Troy established the city of Paris abducted Helen. The expedition A Gamenon and Iphigenia Paris returned war began, Tero cross the death of Hector ear death to see Achilles Achilles' death, Death Prophet proposal Trojan horse Troy city to destroy Munerao J, sea Lun, Bo Luc Sena way back in the disaster the story of Odysseus Twiller Marko J and Twiller Marko J in the Pilos Twiller Marko J suitor in Sparta suitors plot Odysseus left the Calypso Odysseus meets nausicca Odysseus and Phaeacians Odysseus tells the story of Odysseus drift to Phaeacians farewell Odysseus returns to Ithaca Odysseus and Twiller Marko J return to Ithaca swine herd Odysseus told his son that the identity of Odysseus came to town archery to suitors revenge reunion of husband and wife A Gamenon family the story of the A Gamenon family A Gamenon ending Orestes to avenge his father Orestes and nemesis Iphigenia and Tauris people
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"Greek mythology" is the ancient Greek nation about stories of gods and heroes. It will be in real life and fantasy intertwined, creating a beautiful world of a cover and contain everything for the people, vividly depicts the view of social life of the ancient Greeks, many stories such as Jason steal the golden fleece, hero Hercules, Tero established twelve meritorious war have become make known to every family story. Until today, the Greek mythology still with its beautiful appearance and strong poetic long stay in people's consciousness, and as the eternal theme of literature and art handed down.
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