The Chinese tea ceremony (four volumes)

Date of publication:2008-11   Press: Thread bound book   Author:Liu Mingzhong, Zheng Hongfeng.   Pages:全4册   Words:1180000  

This book systematically introduces the origin, the development history of tea; tea brewing and communication; the classification of tea and drink tea; tea; tea brewing techniques and tea tasting tea; traditional and celebrity and tea related knowledge. This book focuses on the interest and practical, with pictures, let the reader in understanding China tea culture at the same time, enjoy tea culture.
Catalogue of books

The Chinese tea ceremony: the first volume of the first chapter of the origin of tea history the first tea (a) the origin of tea second tea communication history (a) dissemination of tea in China (two) tea spread abroad the third section of Chinese tea history (a) the leaf collecting for the cake (two) Tang steamed cake Song Dynasty tea (three) (four) in the Yuan Dynasty, dragon and Phoenix Group tea steaming green leaf tea (five) in the Ming Dynasty (six) for the loose leaf tea in tea new development of fourth Chinese tea drinking history (a) the original fresh leaf chewing (two) in the spring and Autumn period of boiling soup to drink (three) of the Tang Dynasty tea (four) some tea in the Song Dynasty (five) (six) of the Ming Dynasty, tea tea Chinese tea culture history section fifth (a) of the Qing Dynasty ancient tea culture (two) origin of "tea" the word (three) tea call, shape and communication (four) origin English "tea" (five) -- "tribute the sixth section Chinese tea" tea tea culture of crystallization (a) the origin of tea tribute (two) dynasties tribute tea of tea as well as in section seventh (a) tea origin (two) (three) the tea ceremony tea classic beauty (four) tea ceremony (five) (six) the tea ceremony tea spirit world (seven the eighth Festival tea and tea type) Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism: (a) the tea and Chongli heavy "music" and "product" (two) tea and Buddhism: tea zen flavor flavor with (three) tea and: category nature emerged second chapter tea first tea second tea (a) Green Tea (two) Black Tea (three) Oolong Tea (four) and Huang Cha (five) and Bai Tu (six) and black tea (seven) re processing of tea (eight) and third Chinese tea tea tea (a) what is tea (two) what is the history of tea (three) of the Tang Dynasty Song Dynasty tea (four) tea (five) the name of tea (six) of the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty famous tea tea (seven) (eight) China ten tea third tea with water, fire, first day tea with (a) the origin and development of tea...... The Chinese tea ceremony: second copies of the Chinese tea ceremony tea: third volumes: fourth volumes
Chapter excerpt

The first chapter long tea history the first tea origin of the discovery and use of tea, as well as create accumulates in the course of drinking tea culture in China, is a great contribution to the progress of human civilization. According to records, our ancestors first is the use of wild tea, after a long period, before the emergence of the artificial cultivation of tea. Artificial cultivation of tea in 3000 years ago. According to "Huayang • Ba Chi" records, 1100 years BC, Wu of Zhou, the country has to tea and other precious items, pay tribute to King Wu of Zhou, indicating that the artificial cultivation of tea. Cultivation and tea from Bashu area south and East Yunnan Guizhou area, Hunan Hunan, Guangdong Jiangxi Fujian into turn, and then, the northward moving of the Huaihe River Basin, the formation of China's vast tea producing area. (a) the origin of tea Chinese ancient tea Jiamu South "". The name of ancient literature of tea, "tea" word shape, sound, meaning is determined by the China. Evolution of character and determination of tea, but also from one side to tell people, is the origin of tea Chinese. For thousands of years, tea has become the world's common name. In China, tea has a long history, related to tea culture is also very rich, such as the ancient tea, the ancient tea, the ancient tea books, ancient tea painting, appropriate water springs and ancient ruins about tea culture throughout the world. Tea culture and tea drinking customs Chinese in Han, Tang, Song Dynasty had been China radiation to the surrounding area, after the Ming and Qing Dynasties spread to Europe and America, have a great influence.......
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