Study on the policy of war

Date of publication:2004-12   Press: Chongqing Publishing House   Author:Xiong Xianguang   Pages:380   Words:306000  

Book in the broad background of the pre Qin history and culture, mainly from the political thought, advocate, philosophy of life, social policy and other aspects, in-depth study of the "Warring States" "pan from the road by the" ideological trend, revealing its heavy needle, heavy, heavy, heavy strategists thought characteristic of self. With historical and aesthetic point of view, this is also discussed Shi Yiwen's masterpiece made by leather and Fable Literature in the aspects of characters, language arts, literary achievements and influence. Also discusses the "Warring States" in the talent theory, and the basic characteristics, and some famous made analytic original. The new ideas, a lot of achievements, enough to give people inspiration.
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Xiong Xianguang, male, born in September 1942, Chongqing, Professor Chinese Department of Southwestern Normal University. In 11981 Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University graduate school. Southwestern Normal University Professor, Department of Chinese office, teaching and research of ancient literature tutor. Suzhou in the school part-time professor, China Ancient Literature Association and China ancient prose Association, President of Chongqing ancient literature. Has long been engaged in teaching,
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Preface preface "pan from the road by the letter" and "Warring States" -- on the ideological tendency, Chong "meter" -- the highest political thought, strategy two is "Yin" -- 举贤使能 with claim three, "Li" -- for profit and philosophy of life, "four respect" -- Ming the potential target male as EMI prose masterpiece -- on the "Warring States" literary achievement, with a different figures two, cross the debate Korea language arts three, long style, become an independent school for leather four fable literature appendix: "Warring States" fable "ZhanGuoCe catalogue" the talent on the "length" and the basic characteristics of the rhetoric and the aspect of a "dead" analytic "King Wen Zou Jifeng Qi advice" on a three, carefully outline the ideal drawing two, distinct tendency to eight words of the three, an aesthetic judgment "Tang" and have succeeded in carrying out an assignment of literary characteristics one, the ideal figure two, the legendary story three, strategists language style reading "Warring States" the proof of the new notes: Warring States chose Qin Ce Shang Yang Qin Su Qin to transversely said Qin Chen Zhen on the Chu asked Zhang Yi if the vast Qi Chu in one fell swoop and two tiger Qin empress dowager Xuan love Wei 丑夫 Fan Ju said Qin yuanjiaojingong dogs for bone said Cai Ze fan Ju retire after winning merit middle Qin Han Wei said do not light cross into Qin 帝从 into Chu Lu Buwei phase Qin Gan Luo twelve to the death of Han Fei Qi. Chu Ce Zhao Ce Wei Ce Han Ce Yan CE Song Weice postscript
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