Study on the cultural landscape

Date of publication:2007-6   Press: People's Publishing House   Author:Yu Wenxiu   Pages´╝Ü301  

"Study" the research of cultural landscape tend to think of as the Research Institute on a common background and general characteristics of three kinds of culture consumer culture positioning, which can better grasp the essential characteristic of contemporary society and culture.
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The first chapter of popular culture and television literature section of mass culture theory, landscape analysis a traditional British cultural elitism theory two, popular culture critical theory of Frankfurt school critical theory of mass media in three, four, and Yue Han Fiske's pleasure and meaning production theory in section second the mass culture circumstance, literary representation of a popular culture background and intellectual literary position two, "hero of the masses" -- Interpretation of Wang Shuo phenomenon three, secular writing phenomenon -- new realism literature four, martial arts and romantic novel heat -- on Jin Yong and Qiong Yao's novels as an example in section third of television and popular culture, television culture entertainment and secularization in two, TV entertainment program "the popular" -- in the "super singing girl" as example three, to celebrate the New Year piece four, cultural interpretation of the image of hegemony and the crisis of literature five, vain and poverty -- the contemporary literary circles. In second chapter, network culture and network literature the first light of the future and the existence dilemma -- network and the network culture, network myth two, looking for cyber home -- network culture connotation and characteristics of three, network life cultural connotation of network culture, four The second section is literature encounters.Com -- E era of network literature, network literature, network literature to define the two spiritual characteristics of three, the network language four aesthetic features, network literature, network literature in postmodern complex five problems in Chapter third, youth sub culture and youth writing section of youth culture, in a moment the meaning of the two youth culture, youth culture, three essential characteristics of the post-modern culture and youth culture four, Chinese contemporary youth culture five, the overall characteristics of contemporary youth culture development trend of the second day the young pop culture phenomenon, click a "Korean wave" phenomenon of cultural reflection of the two, "animation thought" and "childhood" three, standing in the material and the spiritual heaven on the group BOBO third youth sub culture of literary representation...... Postscript @##@ references The new millennium the curtain has been opened, the dawn of the new century is blossoming, be a trend which cannot be halted the tide of globalization, a new human living and cultural circumstances forward us. The next century human society will more is an economic, culture as the dominant mode of society, therefore, at the turn of the century, facing new culture circumstances on the China investigation and discussion is necessary. The China cultural landscape as a macro perspective, the mass culture, network culture and youth sub culture, has become the dominant culture Chinese society, in-depth study of these cultural landscape, has the important theory significance and the practical significance. Popular culture has with the market and the media's footsteps diffusion flourish all over the world, together with the modern culture after strong penetration, mass culture has become the most dazzling globalization secular humanistic landscape. A scholar once said, in the "mass society twentieth Century" (Mass Socicty), the mass is to perceive the world through the media construct knowledge and image, they have practical experience. The popular culture as the public daily mode of consumer culture, have their own characteristics, and the mainstream culture, elite culture lays particular stress on the cultivation of different aesthetic, it emphasis on entertainment, showed more shape, pay attention to secular life, the pursuit of consumer first, pleasure first features and. In the western developed society, scholars are not very fond of popular culture, often have the words will punish the potential.
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  •   The book was read, analysis of popular culture event, for us to correctly understand the cultural landscape are helpful, and the times closely is one of its characteristics. And we have a lot of 70 young people, a lot of feelings are interlinked. I think this is a good book!!
  •   The current cultural analysis of the good benefit, have a look.
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