Snow Lu, soot, threshold

Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Shanghai literature and art   Author:Sun Yong   Pages´╝Ü606  

The three novels in the book, with the fate of the intellectuals as the main line, and the time span of first Century. Synthesis of a book now, may provide a hundred years of life in Shanghai.
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Sun Yong, member China writers association. Born in Shanghai in 1950. 1968 to Chongming clothing field. In 1982 graduated from the East China Normal University Department of Chinese. He served in the Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House, the incumbent president, director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of press and publication, vice chairman of Shanghai Writers Association China version assistant manager thing. The main work is reflected in the Shanghai intellectual history and current status of the three novels "Lu", "snow dust", "threshold", two of them won the Shanghai novel award. Another cultural essays "gossip" and other books publishing thinking.
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Snow cottage smoke threshold
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  •   Because once had an interview with the sun dude, so we buy his book, feel the intellectuals rich atmosphere, permeated with the book in Shanghai style, like!
  •   People's life is to write a book about his family and his summary of the book of life. On their behalf, this is a very good explanation. The three step, a director Sun family's shadow, also has his own breakthrough.

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