Sichuan family and academic essays in the Song Dynasty

Date of publication:2005-9   Press: Sichuan University press   Author:Zou Zhonghua Su Pinxiao  

14 papers written by 8 authors well written composition, aims to explore the history of our country family and academic and cultural development. The Song Dynasty is the Chinese traditional society had the significant transformation period, family system and academic culture has a significant change, has laid the basic features of the traditional society. And Sichuan is one of the developed areas of economy and culture of Song Dynasty, in the country has a typical and representative of Sichuan, family and academic culture can reflect the general picture. Though the book is a monograph, but in arrangement is not arbitrary, but quite particular about. Can be divided into three parts: the first paper is outline properties, mainly is briefly discussed the academic situation of Sichuan in Song Dynasty mainly family, to concentrate on the main points of the book to the role; followed by the ten papers as a case study, the method, the Chen Su, spring, Chengdu, Meishan, fan Su Yang Wang Renshou, Yu Shi, Pujiang Jingyan Lee, widmanstatten, Jane, Liu Shi and class Guang'an family and academic were discussed, and generally on the basis of the family's rise to later arrangement; the last three chapter is comprehensive, focusing on education, academic network and the collection of these families were investigated.
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Zou Zhonghua, born in 1955, chongqing. In 1985, received a master's degree in history from Sichuan University, a doctorate in 1997 Hongkong Chinese education historiography. A former American Harvard University Yenching visiting scholar (1993-1994). Now Sichuan University Institute of religious studies professor. And at the Beijing academic exchange center (Hongkong). His major works include "Song Menglong (yuan) to study the relationship between", "Rong Meng (yuan) relation history" etc..
millet 品孝, born in 1969 in Dazhu, sichuan. In 1997 he received a PhD from Sichuan University history. Associate professor at the Sichuan University School of history and culture. His major works include "Song Shu studies", "Zhu Xi and Song Shu" etc..
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Ordering song Sichuan main academic family in the Song Dynasty, the study of the Song Dynasty spring mark Chen Su's analysis of Song Dynasty "Shi Xian Confucianism" Chengdu Fan family in Meishan family and academic of Song Hua Yang Wang family of imperial examination and official in the song and Yuan Dynasties Renshou -- Chongren Yu's family in Song Dynasty Jingyan "four Li" on science contribution reading housekeeping, science noble -- Shiyuan Liu Guangzu home Pujiang Song Wei family in the state of flow in anbing family on "Mr. Xiang" -- a neglected private education role and into the academic exchange circles: a history of academic research from the perspective of offbeat folk collection and local cultural Development Relationship: the Sichuan area as an example of: Book Biography
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