Shi Tong, Wen Tong, Confucian orthodoxy

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This book is a study on the transformation of the Tang and Song Dynasties, literary concept works. Transformation of the Tang and Song Dynasties, literary concept, expansion in history view, orthodoxy, the view of three aspects, change of literary concept correspondingly experienced three stages: the early period of the Tang Dynasty, with and, in the history of the influence, by contrast, literary concept is lattice and the history of the concept of "quality culture variable". Two, the middle Tang Dynasty to the Northern Song Dynasty, under the influence of the Confucian orthodoxy, "matter" is interpreted as the Confucian "Tao", "paper" concept has undergone a phase change. "Quality", "text" of the resolution into "the", "Dao" struggle, eventually led to the "paper", "Dao" separation. Three, in the late Northern Song Dynasty to the late Song Dynasty, after stripping off the influence of historiography and philosophy, "intrinsic properties of paper" can be fully shown. In the "text" of factors dispelled. "The system consciousness constantly strengthen", "the system" in the internal style at the core of the formation of "positive", "change" concept, become the main problem affecting the literature idea, thus "co evolution" view of literature is "style" is the alternative view, realize the great transformation of the entire Chinese ancient literature concept.
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Introduction the first part of the concept of literature history under the influence of the first chapter outlines the historical first festival organized and style of rigorous second day history by tending to one by the third quarter with more quality and early Tang Dynasty, the second chapter of the relation between literature and history as the compilation and "paper" the continuation of the first section of collation of ancient books and in section second of repair and arrangement of the "selected works" the rise of the study of the third chapter of heavy history and its impact on literature idea of the first section of the "quality" and "quality of retro Manjusri rail" second day history book compilation and "quality" on third day because the history of literature and the south north wind integration the fourth chapter "the historical separation and half from" literature idea of setting the first section of the Liu Zhiji "history of different track" section second "said the four" Wen Dao Shu source thought third "the character" and "the half take" concept, the second part orthodoxy under the influence of the literary ideas are summarized in the fifth chapter the first section academic atmosphere inside transition section second studying methods from teaching to explore and righteousness from outside to inside third section five change and view the establishment of fourth section "orthodoxy" concept "under the" "Tao" of the sixth chapter "the relationship between the probability "" Dao "and the literary concept first festival" culture "the connotation and the change of" Wen "and" Dao "section second" the nature of the relationship between division of its meaning, not the division of their speech put forward the view of "literature section third" old new words "poetics concept and split the seventh chapter in the late Tang and five Diovan road from the first day the literature idea of Confucian theory of deepening and" Wen "and" Dao "between the new variable section second" orthodoxy "and" the broken "section third" Wen Sheng gradually "thinking and aesthetic features of literature to fully show fourth day late Tang and the Five Dynasties literary concept transition significance of the eighth chapter said the period literature section" teachers "evolution and the saints personality second" orthodoxy "and closed with" Wen "and" Dao "relationship deviates from third party struggles in the" Wen "and" Dao "the connotation of the third part of the system under the influence of the literary ideas...... Also on the yuan "a generation of literature" view of the invention mainly bibliography postscript
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Analysis of the article, I'd rather deeply reading style, never let any one word. -- Luo Ligang
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