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"Reading" was founded in 1979, is a book to the book as the center of the ideological and cultural review. "Reading" the book book about people and things, to explore the social and cultural issues relating to the big book, independent thinking and recommendation of different fields of knowledge, to reveal the complexity and diversity of all kinds of sound, to lead the thought to have any. Is Chinese thirty years of cultural changes of witness.
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The order of Archaeology and Chinese historical background of local China contemporary picture of architectural scholars say big age of transition of traditional Chinese medicine and the way of oral tradition album dragons and fishes jumbled together how globalization? Political economics of intellectual property rights and legal transplantation discussions on the reform of university reform, where is the way? The right of spouse, sexual relations outside of marriage and the legal feminism and nationalism "city" forum to discuss the summary of ecological and environmental problems and Scientific Outlook on Development drama "three sisters" waiting for Godot "life space, media and documentary movement seek for the life the literature forever hekhov Phu Ke, Rawls and the University, humanities and democracy in three a new global international relations theory of war and state terrorism Empire, globalization and post socialist political editor
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"Reading" witnessed Chinese reform process, but also continue to participate in various kinds of problems -- economic, social, cultural, international relations and other aspects -- discussion. Through a variety of topics in the book collection of discussion, we can see Chinese intellectuals in thought and debate reform era.
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