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Date of publication:2002-12   Press: Education Press of Shanghai science and technology   Author:Tian Song   Pages:293   Words:296000  

Tian Song, associate professor of the school of philosophy and sociology at Beijing Normal University, was born in 1965 in Jilin siping. Doctor of philosophy, doctor of Science (Science). Read undergraduate and postgraduate in Jilin University, Nanjing University.
taught physics at Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, editor in Chinese "mining", a PhD in China Academy of Sciences and China Academy of Social Sciences, planning to do in the CCTV, in the Peking University Philosophy
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Illustrated catalogue preface how to understand, improve scientific and cultural objective misunderstood -- between science and humanities is absolutely correct misunderstood science Roast Chicken and Socrates on science spirit: wither in the holiday fishermen sunset nature how not bad man dance Quixote spear concern a specific leaves feed science, ALLO. HELLO? Scientific humanistic east west rain also in touch, Liu Huajie scholar poet prophet Yi Wen harness Saint pilgrim heart the meaning of Einstein's scientific life -- the significance of Einstein's son as Feinman moral balance genius mind the Milky Way and two personal life chicken and duck and Joseph Needham -- China ancient have scientific chicken and duck and Joseph Needham "book of changes", computers and thought inheritance appendix: prodigy does not necessarily like the old man (Ge Ji) to Mr. Ge Ge reply China ancient science and Qin Buddhist thought two civilization two systems -- much about science fans civil science fans waiting for Hardy -- from Zhu Hai's art and magic appendix: read "Zhu Haijun force -- lovers folk science two" (Zhu Haijun) the moon shines on the road is the truth -- product catalogue after confrontation and love meet the moon shines on the road is the truth, I believe that what I said? Singing in dreams and creativity of the natural law of exchange solemn vows and pledges not stun all the astonishing hypothesis touch God wonderful pulse physicists and God pulse and human from the trust to understand -- science dissemination of popular science: from traditional to modern science and modern concept from popularization to communication, from the trust to understand hard translation Chinese lost in Chinese the Schrodinger cat chicken and egg grandma royalties, royalties and scientists; index, the index of quality and speed, who are you? The monkey and the people all face field change science and science teacher of physics in the same system from which to compete and strategy generating -- academic scientific discourse right only science, anti science and pseudo science from the construction of the hall of Supreme Harmony experience, the relationship between technology and science to realize and end visual art of the third technological revolution @##@ generation -- a comparison between history and Science Full Movie myth from the Constitution How to understand science, how to understand the relationship between man and science, how to understand science plays in the relationship between man and nature in the role, no doubt, is the human survival and the future is closely related to the problem. "One of the selected Bamianfeng series", the author published in different periods about science, sociology of science, history of science, science communication, science and cultural essays, book reviews and academic papers. Divided into 8 parts: Part one, misunderstand scientific -- between science and humanity; two, the significance of Einstein -- scientific life; three, chicken and duck and Joseph Needham -- China ancient have science; four, invincible -- lovers folk science; five, the moon shines on the road is the truth -- in six, from the product; trust to understand -- science communication theory; seven, Tian teacher physics; eight, to generate -- academic texts from the constitution. Discuss the scientific nature and spirit, science and the human survival and the future, China ancient without science, popular science and science communication problems around the overall.
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