Post modernism and the process writing theory

Date of publication:2008-6   Press: Fudan University press   Author:Shen Huizhong   Pages´╝Ü276  

"Postmodernism and process writing theory: an analysis of" cross-cultural examines the effects of postmodernism and the process of the teaching of English writing from a different perspective, and seeking the source, reveals the cause of these theories and models of the outlook on life. "Postmodernism and process writing theory to analysis:" cross-cultural theories including the postmodern theory, teaching method, teaching English, social linguistics, sociology and Chinese philosophy. The book is divided into 8 chapters, each chapter from the analysis of different levels, the formation of postmodernism and teaching process on characteristics, defects and impact. "Postmodernism and process writing theory: an analysis of" a cross-cultural perspective is novel, reference data rich, has great academic reference value. Available in English, English teaching, social linguistics, education (Psychology) science, philosophy and other related professional teachers, graduate students, undergraduate students and theoretical workers.
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Dr. Huizhong Shen, is Associate Dean andDirector of the China Education Centre at theFaculty of Education and Social Work, theUniversity of Sydney. He is a widely experiencedteacher at school and university level in Australia, having also taught at Fudan University in the1980s. He had served as Senior LanguageAdviser for Education Queensland before hejoined the University of Sydney in 1999 Dr. Shenhas undertaken researchAnd publications inlanguage teacher education, teachingpedagogies and ICT in language teaching andlearning. He has supervised a number of PhDstudents in EFL Teachers Perceptions andPedagogy, Reading in an ICT-based Classroom, and Pragmatics and Pedagogy for EnglishTeaching and Learning. Dr. Shens currentresearch interests include cross-cultural issues inEnglish pedagogies and researching ChineseEnglish as an emerging variety of English.
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Table of ContentsIntroductionChapter 1 An Overview of the Writing ProcessTraditional Views of the Writing ProcessCurrent Views of the Writing ProcessShifting Views on L2 Writing InstructionChapter 2 Post modernism and Process WritingPostmodernismConcept of Process and SubjectThe Postmodern Notion of the 'Other' Sense of DiscontinuityDecentralizationAnti 'UniversalismChapter 3 The Yin-Yang ParadigmWhy the Yin-Yang Paradigm? Origin of the Yin-Yang ConceptionElaboration and Development of the Yin-Yang ConceptEast-West Convergence in DialecticsCharacteristics of the Yin-Yang CategoriesChapter 4 The Interactionist and Reflective ApproachCharacteristics of the SelfSelf as SocialTwo Phases of the Self:the' I 'and the' M e 'The Genesis and Development of the SelfChapter 5 The Interplay of Language and ThoughtLanguage and Thought as a Reciprocal RelationshipSocial Origins of Higher Mental FunctionsTwo Phases:Interpsychological and IntrapsychologicalVygotskys Conception of Egocentric Speech "The Zone of Prox ImalDevelopment "The Dialogical Experience of M.BakhtinChapter 6 A Re-examination of the ProcessTheories of Audience AnalysisThe 'Other' as an Indispensable PartnerQ.D.Leaviss Research and Other 'Literary Indebtedness' The" Re-surfacing "of Interpersonal InteractionConclusionBibliography
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