On the humanistic on Science

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Henan University press   Author:Qin Yingjun   Pages:374   Words:300000  

Qin Yingjun, a professor at the Capital Normal University, "Journal of Capital Normal University" editor in chief, and Beijing University Journal of social science research association.
major works: "modern", "China a concise history of the people's Republic of China", "mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore", "Jiang Jieshi", "China histories criticism of civilization and the world", "contemporary China philosophy history", "East West moral transformation and ratio
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The first chapter is about the science and the humanities of western culture to the East -- the end of the nineteenth Century, science and humanism, the western culture -- an eastward early missionaries to the input of western culture two, from the "barbarians technology" to "take the western world by the party --" early Western cognitive three, "Tao" and "body -- the Westernization faction" Western cognitive four, "introducing the West into the Chinese" -- the reformists Western cognition five, change from "is" to "change" road -- revolutionary Sun Zhongshan on the Western cognitive six, scientism head -- Yan Fu on the Western cognitive second chapter scientism publicity -- at the beginning of twentieth Century scientific and humanistic thought, science and Democracy -- Chen Duxiu cries of scientism, the spread of two experimental spokesmen -- Hu Shi's scientism, "the universe is a three cut, can be scientific explanation" -- Wu Zhihui's scientism four, science and Education -- Cai Yuanpei's five "the spirit of science, scientism, and truth is the scientism in Chapter third, the science and the humanities has the opposite" -- Ren Hongjun -- the twentieth Century twenty or thirty's Science and humane broken boom, Western science and humanistic spirit of opposition -- Zhang Junli, Ding Wenjiang and others "science and life outlook two" debate, "Westernization" -- Hu Shi, Chen Xujing's cultural radicalism three, cultural conservatism response -- Du Yaquan, Wu Mi, Liang Shu et al. Fourth chapter of Cultural Conservatism science and humanities will pass -- thirty or forty years of the twentieth Century, science and humanism, a "new science" -- Feng Youlan on Humanistic ontology system reconstruction in two, "new realism" -- the bear is on Humanistic ontology system reconstruction in three, "the new mechanics" -- He Lin's humanism theory system four, the reconstruction of "Tao" and "theory of knowledge" Jin Yuelin on scientific, humanities...... The fifth chapter of science and Humanism -- the twentieth Century sixty or seventy's distorted scientific and humanistic thoughts in Chapter sixth, the spirit of the Western Humanism -- the science and the humanities in twentieth Century 80's broken tide chapter seventh oriental traditional regression -- 90 years of the twentieth Century, science and humanities, the eighth chapter Science, humanities almost -- Chinese since modern times reflect the culture orientation of the main reference postscript @##@ bibliography Since the modern times, China culture is facing challenge and choice of hitherto unknown. Is the choice of scientism, humanism or choice? Hundred years around the cultural orientation debate always. The history of China cultural orientation for hundreds of years, the pros and cons of reflection China cultural orientation selection of 100 years, and properly handle the relationship between science and the humanities, and to understand the future China culture, has become the focus of attention of many scholars at home and abroad in recent years. The book is the central issue of science and humanities. Remember the famous scholar Wang Guowei said: "the credible and can not love, feel the lovely but not letter, the biggest this year through." This "cute" and "credible" is not in the book of the Humanities (Philosophy)? · Mr. Wang Guowei finally with this confusion and jumped into the Kunming lake, alas, this damn "metaphysics" and "down" so so -- with the boredom away (off to Wang Guowei from the reasons to say many, here). Chinese since modern times, the dilemma about the science and the humanities has in the past century choice, to provide some references to the twenty-first Century, this is this book will place. The culture conflicts between East and West fusion process has entered in twenty-first Century, and on the scientific culture and humanities concern and debate, still seemed puzzled people. Science, humanities are? From the comparison between Chinese and Western to transcend, human civilization is always advanced driving backward, and then backward beyond, this is the law of the development of civilization, hope beyond the age of China culture coming soon.
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  •   Analysis of the scientism and humanism in twentieth Century detailed, refining

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