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Date of publication:2005-2   Press: The people of Ningxia   Author:Liu Lishan  

Liu Lishan, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, stay with the doctor of letters, Northeastern University professor. The main works include: "Japan Shirakaba school and Chinese writer" (Monograph), "ethics consciousness of Japanese Literature" (Monograph), "love is any win -- Yujima Takero's thought of literature and art." (translation), "Showa history final witness Zhang Xueliang" (translation), "the complete works of Akutagawa Ryunosuke" (Translated), "East Asian modern philosophy" (Translated), "Lu Xun: the coordinate of Sino Japanese cultural exchange" (co authored). Otherwise the Sino Japanese cultural essays two papers.
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The origin of the preface Shinto Shinto germination and development of "Shinto" on the origin of Japan "created the" husband and wife god evil that Iraq Qi Ming and Izanami life "root" of the God susanoo land management God okuninushi life in Japan as the "Huang Zu congenital heaven sun" Qiong Qiong pestle statue of himself high 天原 mythological Shinto schools and change of plain ancient Shinto deities fusion two Shinto "Bendichuiji" Mountain King "Shinto anti Bendichuiji" ISE Shinto root leaf flower mixed Ying Yoshida Shinto Confucianism Shinto selected drive Yoshikawa Shinto Zhu Zixue fusion of Shinto in vertical and call the ancient Shinto Shinto Shinto Meiji political practice Buddha separation motion state Shinto formation state Shinto and the expansion of overseas Japanese in creating national Shinto shrine Shinto religious school collapse of thirteen 暼 Shinto characteristics of political philosophy on a realistic view of ethics on the clear view frequently dress up dolls in Shinto the shrine, shrine...... In Shinto worship Shinto and art of daily life and production of Shinto Shinto now and in the future the main references. It @##@ publisher Shinto, Shinto is known, it is Japan's national religion. Shinto is the root of Japanese culture, the Japanese history and culture development, plays a very important role in. Shinto as Japan's unique religious belief, like a inexhaustible cultural River, in the era of climate under the influence, and the disaster caused by flooding water, sometimes gentle, flowing bottom in the Japanese national spirit, about the Japanese to face themselves, human, natural, social and uphold the self feeling. In twenty-first Century the Sino Japanese cultural exchange further, we need to have a better understanding of Japanese traditional culture. Reading this book helps readers China objectively understand the Japanese mind world.
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  •   This book, also can
  •   No way, in the school library to borrow this book, do not know how lost, we can only buy a back, concrete is not take
  •   A good book, is to write a bit like paper, slightly hypnotic
  •   The author of his own to the Shinto and understanding of Japanese culture into a book, for the reader to understand Japanese culture, history, custom help. Japanese Shinto originated from the worship of nature and ancestors, have great influence on the Japanese national character.
  •   People say Chinese culture has been integrated into the bone marrow of japanese. Read this book will know, no matter how backward people, as long as the cultural foundation, will not be influenced by other people. Chinese never actually can influence the Japanese heart.
  •   Can be a very good understanding of religion in japan.
  •   In fact, the book that I just got... The book introduced the small Japanese mythology and history.. But not detailed enough... Or you can have a look... Packaging is a bit retro... The paper is also a kind of.. I personally like the type....
  •   Printing quality can also be, well, very helpful.
  •   The content of the general, but binding like

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